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Amazing Race 21 – Ep 2 – A Big Yellow Taxi Took My Race Dreams Away

Route Markers
• I didn’t even mention the Express Pass which lost its prime Leg 1 profile to the double grand prize. The Express Pass is a good tool to have – but it is just a tool. Don’t screw up a challenge – that’s a better plan. Now the Twins have the Pass, let’s see if they need it.
• Something I don’t want to talk about – Ryan’s sweaty knee caps. Ew.
• Blondes’ Snort Count begins – I have a feeling this will be looped into the ladies’ editing quite a few times this season.
• The Monsters’ story about getting together – she was his best friend’s wife – was starting to head into some uncomfortable territory for a moment there. Very soap opery. Instead, it’s more beginning of the story of “Homeland.”
• The Race headed to Surabaya, Indonesia. A city I never knew existed. This is the true beauty of this show.
• Good airport move = Hairs hustling to get on standby for the earlier flight. Bad airport move = Monsters failing to ask about their layover.
• Mr. Roarke on all the teams running to the bull racing entrance in the middle of the night – “We’re all going to the same place.” True, usually, except when there’s a number order.
• What was that tiny trailer that all the teams were crammed into? That seems like it would produce a really foul odor after a while.
• While I will miss Amy and Dan, I will not miss Dan’s fish hat.
• Ryan is worried about falling off the moped. Um, you’re riding on the back. This challenge couldn’t be any easier. It’s not like you’re competing in a motocross.
• Not many challenges include the instructions – “Choose four children.” Creepy.
• “All my sweaty makeup will be all over the fish” – Worst. Sushi. Ever.
• Tattoo freaks out “doing creative stuff” – um, this really wasn’t creative. It was twisting a balloon without freaking out.
• “I want to take the fish and rub it on my face, it’s so hot” – So many things about that sentence are disturbing to me.
• Team Texas is going to be THAT team this season – you know, the one that calls each other “babe” constantly.
• My favorite exchange – Amy – “Can we call information?” Random Indonesian – “There’s no information in Indonesia.”

Roadblock – The crying on the outside clowns. Hair James, Amy, Abbie, Y James, Lexi, Nadiya, Josh, Caitlyn, Tattoo, Rob.

Detours – Ice or Fish. Only the Twins do the fish.

Order of Finish – Twins, Texas, Magic Mike, Apprentice, Goats, Hairs, Blondes, Monsters, Fantasy Island and Amy/Ryan (ELIMINATED)

Next week – The Double U-Turn and some drama for the Goats.

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