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Amazing Race 21 – Ep 2 – A Big Yellow Taxi Took My Race Dreams Away

The real drama at the task came from Fantasy Island. Tattoo was doing the challenge while wearing his old man glasses. And when I say he was doing the challenge, I mean he was sitting on the bike breaking balloons. It was not good. He was sweating, he was nervous; his old man glasses were fogging up. Dude was having a panic attack. All the teams – even the Truckers – came and went and he still hadn’t done any of the eight balloon animals. Mr. Roarke yelled at him to stop, count to ten and calm down. This is very smart. And breathe. Eventually, Tattoo got through it, but they were far behind the others. Only a miracle could save them now.

Cue the horse sounds. Boy, if you never saw that movie, that clip must make NO sense whatsoever.

Despite finishing the task quickly, Amy and Dan and the Hairs were lost. Their drivers could not find the Wijaya Motor Shop to collect the clue for the Detour. The Monsters also had taxi issues doing the same thing. The leg basically came down to which one of these four teams would fail more.
As it turns out, Amy and Dan had the worst cab experience of all of them and were very far away from the challenge. The show tried to squeeze some editing drama regarding them vs. Fantasy Island, but anyone who has watched this show before knew they were doomed. What a shame. They were a good team – and yet another example (see Ethan/Jenna) of how this show is clearly not rigged in any which way. The show would have loved to have Amy survive for many legs rather than be out on Leg 2.

All in all, a bit of a letdown from a very good premiere. I think that the episode was done in by three rather mundane to bad challenges. At least there was some good elimination drama (basically between the Monsters and Amy/Ryan to see who would be more lost).

First task – The bull race. I got nothing else on that.

Roadblock The clown challenge, bro.

DetourIce By The Pound – hand load several ice logs onto a truck and deliver them to a marketplace where they must be loaded up into a stall. Or. Fish By The Barrel – Transport a couple of barrels of fish to the same marketplace, sort the fish into an exact display, crush a bunch of ice and make up a stall ready for sales. The correct choice was to do the ice – it takes some heavy lifting, but is one that has fewer chances of error. I found it interesting that even if the teams dropped the ice logs and broke them, it didn’t really matter in the slightest.

Of course, that said, the Twins were the only team to take on the fish and they actually managed to complete the task before Texas wrapped up the ice challenge. Good job by the Twins to do this, as I stand by my belief that this was the more difficult challenge. They did it fairly perfectly. Sloppily, no doubt. As Phil said, put your hair back when you stick your head in a barrel of fish. This team sure has a whole lot of personality – too much at times. I’d be ok with their volume at 8 or 9, not constantly at 11. And, as my wife correctly pointed out, we know you’re Sri Lankan. Please stop talking about it. I want to like these two – but man, fingernails on the chalkboard sometimes.

And not insanely creepy long fingernails like the Mat greeter.

Next week brings the Double U-Turn, so there may be some interesting action. Those rarely fail to deliver the goods.