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The Amazing Race, Oct. 7 – Familiar Foe Takes Down Another Team

Amy and Daniel can't find Wijaya Motors, and Rob and Kelley's driver doesn't know where it is either. Lexi and Trey get the ice loaded and deliver it to the market. The sisters are taking notes of what the fish display needs to look like so that they can make it look exactly right. They worry that their sweaty makeup will be all over the fish.

James and Abba's driver takes them to Wijaya Tire instead of Wijaya Motors. Abba tries to tell him he's wrong and tells him it's important for him to stop if he does not know where he's going. James2 arrives, as do Abbie and Ryan. Both teams decide to do the ice.

Gary encourages the kids to cheer on Will, and he finally gets these balloon animals completed. Will says it has to be one of the hardest things he's ever had to do, as he's not usually creative. He hopes they're still in the race.

Amy and Daniel are thinking they're way behind. They see Wijaya Brothers, but are still looking for Wijaya Motors. Rob is complaining that they need a driver who will just admit he doesn't know where he's going. He yells out, “You don't know” to his and Kelley's driver.

Josh and Brent arrive at the Roadblock and decide to do the Ice. James2 take off to deliver their ice, as do Abbie and Ryan. The sisters are still trying to set up their fish. One of them says she is so hot, she wants to take the fish and rub it on her face. Their long hair is going in the fish barrel. Gross. Lexi and Trey are delivering their ice as the sisters appear to be finishing their station.

The sisters finish first and get the clue telling them to search the market for the next pit stop. Texas finishes just after this and start searching for the pit stop as well. The first team to make it are Natalie and Nadiya. Phil tells them they stink, but also tells them they are team number one and presents them with the Express Pass. They've been thinking about it since day one, and it feels so good to reach that goal.

Trey and Lexi run in next and are greeted warmly by the sisters. They get named team number two, and Trey says if someone else were to get team number one, they're glad it's them. The sisters agree that it doesn't matter who is in first place, as long as they and Texas are number one and number two. Easy to say when you're number one.

James and Abba finally arrive at the Detour and decide to do the Ice. Caitlin and Brittany arrive as well and decide to do the ice, which they might struggle with. James2 start delivering their ice in the cart, as Abbie and Ryan arrive to do the same.

Will is hoping he didn't put him and Gary out of the game, while Gary is sure they're screwed. James2 work on delivering the ice and finish, getting the clue to the pit stop as Abbie and Ryan start delivering the ice and dump it, breaking the blocks. They deliver it anyway. James2 run onto Phil's mat and are named team number three. Abbie and Ryan are happy with team number four. Josh and Brent seem pleased with team number five.

Amy and Daniel are frustrated and know they're really going to have to move once their driver finds the right place. Rob is more than frustrated with his and Kelley's driver. Both teams get out of their taxis and start asking locals where this place is. Rob and Kelley's driver thinks he knows whee it is this time. Finally Amy and Daniel find a local who knows where it is.

James and Abba are still working on their ice, as are Caitlin and Brittany. James and Abba finish and start looking for the pit stop. Rob and Kelley arrive, just as Gary and Will are arriving. Both teams are happy to see someone else still there. They both decide to do the ice. Caitlin and Brittany are struggling to get the cart over a separation in the bricks, but manage it.

James and Abba land on Phl's mat to be team number six. Rob and Kelley get the ice and start delivering it in the cart, as Gary and Will start doing the same. Neither knows that Amy and Daniel are still out there. She's not ready for it to be over yet. They finally get to the Detour and start with the ice right way.

Caitlin and Brittany finish with the ice and start looking for the pit stop. Amy and Daniel load their ice quickly. Caitlin and Brittany are team number seven on Phil's mat. Monster Truck is pushing the ice in the cart, while Will and Gary and their ice are still arriving in the truck. Amy and Daniel are en route as well, hoping someone else is having as hard of a time as they are. Gary and Will drop their ice and break it, as Rob and Kelley finish and get the clue to the pit stop.

Rob and Kelley land on Phil's mat and are team number eight, and are elated. Gary and Will finish devierying the ice and start searching for the mat, believing they are last, while Amy and Daniel are delivering the ice. They are running, while Gary and Will are walking. The teachers end up on Phil's mat first and are told they're team number nine. They celebrate wildly.

Amy and Daniel land on Phil's mat finally, and he tells them they are the last team to arrive and are being eliminated from the Race. She cries and tells him it's okay. Daniel says they did everything they could, and he's really proud of Amy. She's heartbroken, as it's just been so awesome. They want to keep going. They were up front and really did have the potential to win the thing. She knows the stars just didn't align for them.

It's always hard to see a good team eliminated by a bad taxi driver, but for it to be a team that had a serious potential as a winner, and so early in the Race, really stinks. I was hoping for either a non-elimination round, or one of those where the leg continues after they meet with Phil, but that just wasn't the case. Perhaps next season should an All-Stars type show filled with teams who were eliminated by bad taxi drivers.

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