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The Amazing Race, Oct. 7 – Familiar Foe Takes Down Another Team

At 8 AM the gate opens. Trey and Lexi call the Express Pass option huge. Daniel says he and Amy slipped up on the first leg, but they're not going to let it happen again. They're going after the Express Pass. James2 are wondering what's going to happen on this challenge since they see whips and there are bulls around.

This challenge will be racing against the bulls while on a motorcycle with a professional driver, participating in an exhibition. It's purely for the fun of it. Josh has no idea how fast the bulls can go or how fast he and Brent can go. Brent reminds him they have been dieting, so hopefully it won't take that much horsepower to beat the bull. Josh corrects him that it would be cowpower.

The first team out are James and Abba racing in the motorcycles. The bulls outrun the mopeds, which Lexi calls incredible. Despite losing, they still get the next clue, to make their way to the Genteng Kali Bridge to find their next clue.

Amy and Daniel are next, followed by Abbie and Ryan. He says he was holding on for dear life, hoping he wasn't going to fall off in front 10,000 Indonesians. James2 are next to race the bulls.

James and Abba arrive at the next cluebox and find a Roadblock. One member of each team will have to pedal a portable machine that gives four children a merry-go-round ride while also making eight pieces of balloon art. After the children get a ride and get their balloons, one of them will hand the racer their next clue.

James decides he will do it, and his first job will be to choose four kids. He finds the kids and explains he assesses the situation “as only a rock star can do.” He keeps the kids entertained and pedals while he tries to blow up the balloons.

Amy and Daniel are the next to arrive, and she decides she'll be doing this Roadblock. James is still trying to blow up a balloon as Amy chooses her four kids. Even though she has prosthetic legs, she snowboards, jogs, road cycles, and mountain bikes. She knows she and Daniel are a team to beat.

Abbie and Ryan arrive next, and she decides to do the Roadblock. James2 arrive, with Jaymes deciding he wants to do it. Or rather, James deciding for him. Trey and Lexi arrive, with him deciding she'll do it. Jaymes chooses his four kids and knows he must seem a little scary to the kids. He keeps popping his balloons, as does Amy.

Gary and Will race the bulls, calling it exhilarating. Rob and Kelley race the bulls in last place and ask their cab driver to go very fast to get to the Roadblock. Lexi is doing well on with the Roadblock, saying she's always been a big multitasker, and she thinks that's a big part of being a woman. Amy doesn't have a problem with the pedaling and is just focusing on making poodles out of the balloons. James keeps hitting his knee on the pedaling mechanism, while Jaymes is a big kid person, so is having a lot of fun with this.

The sisters arrive, and Nadiya decides to do it. Natalie explains that while the clue asks “who loves to party,” if it were a real party and she needed to down thirty bottles of tequila, she'd do it, but since it's The Amazing Race, Nadiya was the better choice. Lexi already has five balloons finished. Cadiya gets two done right away. James works on making balloon hats.

Josh and Brent arrive, with Josh agreeing to do the Roadblock. Caitlin and Brittany arrive, and Caitlin decides she'll take this one on. Lexi can't seem to stop saying yay. Amy has six of her balloons done, and thinks the kids are probably getting nauseous on this ride. Gary/Will and Rob/Kelley arrive, with Will and Rob taking on the challenge.

Lexi is the first one to finish, and she and Trey get a clue telling them to travel to Wijaya Motor Shop to find their next clue. Nadiya has six balloons completed as Amy finishes all eight of hers. Nadiya finishes her balloons just after this. James/Abba, James2, and Abbie/Ryan all finish as well.

Brent says there are just some things that gays are better at, and balloon animals are one of them. He says this just as Josh finishes … very quickly. You would think substitute teachers would be good at this too, but Will is struggling. Caitlin has three of eight done. Will is still struggling, and Rob seems to be having difficulty as well.

Amy and Daniel are searching for Wijaya Motors, as are Trey and Lexi. The latter team are the first ones to find it. The sisters arrive next. The teams find a Detour – Ice By the Pound or Fish By the Barrel. In Ice By the Pound, teams will gather ten 65-lb. blocks of ice, slide them through the factory and deliver them first by truck, then by using a special cart. In Fish By the Barrel, teams will go to a market and and sort through the fish by hand and set up a stall.

Trey and Lexi decide they'll do the Ice, as Trey has the guns to do it. The sisters will be doing the fish. Trey and Lexi start moving the ice. The sisters find the barrels of fish, and while they're heavy, they say it's manageable, as they grew up tomboys. They believe themselves to be the most badass Sri Lankas you'll ever meet.

Rob, Caitlin, and Will are still working on balloon animals. Gary has never seen Will like this, shaking and sweating profusely. He makes him take a sip of water. Caitlin finally finishes, and she and Brittany take off. Gary urges Will to take a deep breath, and Rob finally finishes. Will still has zero balloons done and feels like the whole world is on his shoulders. The sweat is making it hard to grip the balloons, and he believes, looking back on it after the fact, that he was having a breakdown. Gary keeps his calm, which is encouraging to Will. He finally gets one done.