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The Amazing Race, Oct. 7 – Familiar Foe Takes Down Another Team

There are differences of opinion out there on how great of a rule change this option of the this season's The Amazing Race winners getting $2 million is. Personally, I like it … at least this season. I like when these reality shows that have been around for so long change it up so that the players and the viewers don't know what's coming next. I might not want it again after this season, but for now, I like it.

The first team to leave from the pitstop in Shanghai, China, are Abbie and Ryan at 5:35 AM. Their clue tells them to fly across the South China Sea to Surabaya, Indonesia. After landing, they will travel across a bridge and make their way to the Alun Alun Stadium to find their next clue. Apparently the rule changes did not get rid of the Express Pass, as the winner of this leg will receive it. Ryan complains he's sweating behind his kneecaps, which he thinks is awkward. They're scared to be in first place, knowing it makes them a huge target.

Amy and Daniel are the next to leave, just one minute later. Remember, they told Abbie and Ryan where the woman with the abacus was, and the other team then passed them to reach Phil Keoghan's mat first. Amy recalls them being bummed that they just missed out on the chance for the $2 million. She also admits she is very strong, but says she has prosthetic legs, and she already had to learn how to walk again and start snowboarding, so she already knows she has that drive.”

Caitlin and Brittany leave at 5:41 AM and nearly get hit by a car when crossing the street. Natalie and Nadiya leave at 6:05 AM and have a hard time pronouncing the destination. They discuss their crazy background, saying their parents came from the two fighting sides of Sri Lanka. They think growing up in a third-world country benefits them, as they've done many of these things that the others are afraid to do.

Rob and Kelley leave three minutes later. He mentions that they met in the monster truck business. Her husband was his best friend, and was killed in an accident. She recalls Rob being very good to her during that time, staying with her and helping her with her kids. They eventually fell in love. He says she is the first person who made him understand with love is.

The teams start arriving at the airport. Amy and Daniel arrive first. Rob and Kelley book a flight leaving at 8:20 AM that will take them through Hong Kong. They're hoping to then get tickets while they're there to Indonesia. There has to be a way to find tickets to Indonesia in Shanghai, doesn't there?

Amy and Daniel get a flight leaving at 10:05 and taking them to Indonesia. She knows everyone is probably going to end up on this flight, but thinks that will be okay. Abbie adds that everyone will be on this flight unless they mess up. Rob and Kelley see the others all huddled together and are trying to hide from them, wanting to run their own race. Well, if you're making the right decisions, that's okay, but …

James and Abba arrive, as do Gary and Will. They're all getting the same flight. Kelley remarks that either they are making a good move or a bad move to not follow the pack. James2 arrive as well and get the same flight as the rest of the majority. Jaymes refers to it as “the cool kid flight.” They're excited to catch up to everyone else.

Rob and Kelley run to their gate and believe they are duping everyone else and that they'll be in the front. The other teams all catch the other flight and don't know what happened to Rob and Kelley, who they refer to as “Monster Truck,” but wonder if they pulled a fast one.

The flight carrying the majority of the teams lands in Jakarta, and their flight leaves at 5:35, but there's another one leaving at 4:25. It's full, but James and Abba are going to get on the standby list. The other teams are secure with their 5:35 flight. They hope that “Long Hair” don't get the earlier flight, but it turns out they do.

Rob and Kelley are waiting for their flight with a four-hour layover and are wondering if they are in the front or the back of the pack since they don't see any other teams at the airport in Hong Kong. Again, they're running their own race.

James and Abba's flight lands, and they take off for the stadium. The second flight lands carrying most of the others. The sisters, Natalie and Nadiya, really like Lexi and Trey and refer to them as the Texans, noting they're so far away from home.

James sand Abba cross the bridge and start looking for the cluebox. They find it, along with a note telling them to take a number. They see that whatever it is will open at 8 AM. Amy and Daniel get number two, and Abbie and Ryan grab number three, and this makes Amy happy to know that the team that started out the leg in the lead is beatable. James2 gets number four, Trey and Lexi get number five, and the sisters get number six. These last two teams end up making an alliance.

Josh and Brent get number seven, and Caitlin and Brittany number eight. They get upset about them not having air conditioning “in this place,” which is apparently outside. “It's hot as crap out here.” Gary and Will get number nine. They all realize that Monster Truck will be number ten an that they're not even there yet.

Rob and Kelley are on their flight on their way there, as she says she's not sure if they did good or bad. He notes there are some physically fit young people in the race, and when they burn out, that's when “Ma and Pop will roll right on by.” He still believes they're in the lead right now. Sigh.

Monster Truck's flight touches down finally, and they head out to get a taxi. They get to the bridge and take the last number available. The sisters greet them and ask what happened. Rob tells them they had a four-hour layover. He likes to be the last team, though, as what matters is who will be the first team to the mat. They're just gliding under the radar. They're lucky it's an overnight wait and that they were allowed to catch up as much as they were.