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Episode 6 – Danny Boy

by Goddess of Chaos

This week’s episode highlighted some issues with Daniel Baldwin. We all know from watching the show (or reading my recaps) that Daniel’s had some challenges. He’s had some serious back pain and hasn’t been able to exercise. However, he’s been a good team leader – he’s led by example and his team seems to respect him. He has lost weight consistently as well.

Unfortunately, Daniel has also been struggling as of late. His attitude (which I never particularly cared for) really stinks. He has been rude and late and some of the other Fit Clubbers aren’t happy with his antics. That includes some of the panel, the crew and the host.

At the beginning of the show, we see that there is one person missing from the East Siders’ team. It’s Mr. Baldwin. ANT replaces his seat with a sack of potatoes. He tells the contestants that the East Siders will be penalized and that Daniel will NOT be allowed to go on the scale at the end of the episode with them. The FB’s, which ANT prefers to call the Fat B&st*rds so he won’t get ‘hate mail’, is able to sit out one contestant as well.

Ralphie says he’s had a rough week and he’s bloated, so he chooses not to go on the big scales at the end.

Having settled that Mablean gets up to face the panel – and the weigh in. Dr. Katz asks her how she thinks she did. The Judge feels she hit her target and wants to know, if she didn’t, if the panel will be as nice to her as they are to the other team. She claims that they’re harder on the East Siders than the FBs.

Could it be, Judge that the East Siders have more attitude and give more resistance to the judges’ than the FBs? I’m just saying – that my mama may have been right when she says, “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”

Basically, when your attitude ‘stings’, don’t expect softness in return.

Can I just say that I honestly think that these celebs shouldn’t be so hard on the panel? I don’t agree with everything Dr. Katz, Ms. Peer and Harvey say, but – they are sincerely trying to support and help them out.

Mablean needn’t have worried because she lost 5 lbs. She hit her target and got kudos from the panel. She has retooled her eating and listened to some of the advice and she looks great. Way to go, Judge!

Next up was Biz. I have to say that I love me some Biz Markie. He’s just a goofball – and I mean that as a compliment. He’s funny, sweet and a bit of a trash talker. He’s the kind of person you know you could hang with and smile all day long. I’m rooting for him.

Biz has had a difficult time incorporating exercise – enough of it, anyway, into his plans. He’s been sticking to his diet, but the exercise was something that Harvey has been riding him on. Well, he lost 8 lbs and admitted that adding the workouts – extra workouts – has helped him out immensely. Way to be Mr. Mark—ie.

Mia was next up. Daniel still hadn’t showed. Anyway, the lovely Mia walked up to the scale. I could see that her dress was loose and her face looks noticeably thinner. Mia’s all about being proud of yourself and having self-esteem despite your size. She doesn’t believe that numbers on a scale define who she is. I applaud that.


I think that she could express herself with LESS ANGER. It takes away from the positivity of her message and it’s unfortunate. Dr. Katz brought up last week’s tirade and told her that he was sorry. She got all upset and he said, “I was just trying to apologize.” She wasn’t hearing it at all. She wanted the panel to notice that her body is changing and give her kudos despite the numbers on the scale.

It’s a disagreement that I’m not sure either side is going to win. They may have to agree to disagree on that. The lady did lose some weight this week. She was down 5 lbs.
We got to see a lighter side of Mia – she was doing her Harvey impression – it was quite comedic. She’s got some skills.

This week’s head to head team challenge had the FBs and the East Siders playing an Elementary School Style Olympics. They had sack races, egg runs and more. The East Siders knocked the challenge out of the park, continuing their tradition of beating the pants off the FBs with raw competitiveness – and some trash talking to boot.

At one point, Joe G – who was a former East Sider – himself, got ticked off because Daniel put his left foot in the hula hoop when he wasn’t supposed to. After much fighting and returning to the tape, ANT gave the blue ribbon for that event to the FBs, who said they’d take a win any way they could get it.

Of course, the extra hard feelings may have more to do with the fact that Daniel almost didn’t come out to participate in the challenge. He made everyone wait and got into it with a Vh-1 staffer. He was quite angry and made some of the other Clubbers angry as well.

It’s obvious that Daniel’s in some serious pain. You can see it in his face. It also looks like he may be taking some heavy duty pain killers. Given Daniel’s history with substance addiction, some of the clubbers seem to be dancing around the topic and saying (but not outright) they suspect part of his problem of late has been chemical.

(Disclaimer: I am only reporting what I see from the show and not making a judgment call on Mr. Baldwin’s usage of medication or any other substance.)

Back to the weigh-ins, however. Ralphie got up and he looked a little upset at himself. He didn’t have a spring in his step and admitted to being tired. He is engaged to the lovely Lahna and is excited about their future together. However, his schedule seems to be wearing him out.

He gained this week – 5 lbs. Ralphie looked like he wanted to cry. As a woman of size, I felt his pain. I’ve been there – a lot. The panel is going to work with him to see if there’s more that they can do to help guide him. Dr. Katz reminds him that he’s putting on muscle and that this could just be temporary and to not lose faith.

Ralphie admits in an interview that’s wanted to give up almost since the beginning. It’s hard work but he will NOT give up on himself or this process. He, most of all, inspires me to look at myself and my eating habits. If Ralphie can do it, I can do it too. Thanks, man.

Wendy weighed in. She lost 4 lbs. Her target was 6. She started tearing up and Dr. Katz says that he just can’t beat up on her. Beating up on Wendy is like “beating up on a marshmallow” because she’s so “soft and sweet.” It also wouldn’t motivate her but would have the opposite effect.

Ms. Kim Coles is taking the floor now. She looks more confident and a bit fitter. She started off slow and was pretty resistant at first – perhaps, even (dare I say it?) WHINY!

Kim took a pole dancing class. She joked that she may have to try her technique out on some telephone poles on the way home. All I could think of was – I wouldn’t want to have to take those splinters out! MEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUCH!

Kim lost 5 lbs this week. She says that the difference has been two-fold. First, she’s connected with Marisa. They had a really great session. Second, she had promised Harvey on her honor to do 5, 60 minute sessions of exercise at her target heart rate. She says when her honor was put on the table, she had to do it. She actually exceeded that.

ANT noticed that she has some confidence. They were talking about if men had noticed yet. Kim was like ‘I live in West Hollywood, honey. There ain’t no straight men around.’

That’s the moment roughly when Mr. Baldwin chose to make his entrance. ANT sent Kim, who looked really upset, over to her seat. Kim was like “y’all put up with him way too much.” She was upset that her time was cut short to accommodate him. In a way, I can’t blame her.

ANT asked Daniel why he was late. Daniel was very confrontational. He said that he left a note for the driver to wake him up. The driver said there was NO such note. Judge Mablean was like, “just take responsibility” and let’s get on with it.

Up until recently, he was a model Fit Clubber. Lately, they say he’s been exhibiting bizarre behavior. He was supposed to show up for an appointment with hypnotist, Marisa Peer. She said he never called her to cancel and she waited over two hours for him. She was very upset. Daniel said that she never confirmed the appointment with him.

Dr. Katz also asked why Daniel never returned his call. Daniel said he replayed the message twice and Dr. Katz never asked him to. Dr Katz asked him if he’s still able to function as team captain. Daniel said yes. Marisa said it was obvious that he was ‘on some heavy duty pain killers.’

Despite all these challenges, Daniel did lose 3 lbs. Dr. Katz is concerned that he does this a healthy way and thinks he may not be. They told him he looked terrible and he said, “This is as good as it gets.” He’s been filming in Ontario, Canada and between the pain and lack of sleep, he’s not doing well.

Regardless, there’s only one month left to go on the Fit Club. At the group weigh-in, the EastSiders won and that was without Daniel. They lost a total of 18 lbs (with Daniel that would have been 21). The FBs benefited from not having Ralphie on the scales this time. Without him, they lost 14 lbs, with him that would have been reduced to only 9 lbs. Overall, the FBs have lost more weight, though. We’ll see if the EastSiders can continue to close the gap.

There’s still lots of drama to come this season including:

*Billy “Tae-Bo” Blanks showing the Fit Clubbers how to kick butt while losing butt.
*Ralphie’s comeback
*Joe G gets on his the FBs nerves
*and more to come from Daniel Baldwin!

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