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Survivor: Philippines – Episode 3 – Skupin, Bleeding From The Face!

This really had little to do with the goings on in the episode – as the plot was squarely in Matsing yet again – but it may be one of my favorite Probstisms ever on the show. I mean – just take that out of context. How often in life could you exclaim that someone was bleeding from the face, and not have any responsibility to do anything to help that person? And seriously, is this going to be a thing this year? Skupin hurting himself? Was this season brought to you by the Irony Fairy? It makes you wonder if the fire incident was all that surprising after all!

But, it doesn’t matter much – at least for now – just how much Skupin bleeds from his face, because he was just a minor player in this rather disappointing episode. We had Miss Utah Angie and her Soon To Be Delicious Plate of Ponderosa Cookies. We had the budding Penner/Kent drama. And we had the implosion of the RC/Abi alliance. I think those are the important developments.

First, we head to Tandang and the worst Day 1 alliance in show history. RC and Abi got together at the start of the season and have since become frenemies. After this week, they are going to become enemies soon. Abi has turned out to be Single White Female crazy in some ways – I have to be honest, I watched the beach argument with RC twice and I have no friggin idea what they are arguing about. She’s a nutcase. RC walked away because, really, what can you do when someone is getting mean and vicious to you for no reason.

Then, in the middle of the crazy, Abi went and made a great strategic move. She gathered up Pretty Boy Pete and shared the idol clue with him. If RC was on the outs with Abi, she was going to go around her back to grab up the idol. She went all around the camp searching for it. Pretty Boy Pete – or PBP – asked if she stuck her hand in the rice to find it. Thanks for the help there, PBP; I’m sure they never thought of that one. And thanks for sticking your dirty hands in the rice, Abi. The best part was after she found it she went crazy and said she knew it was there. Well, why didn’t you START looking there? Was she trying to build the drama?

PBP was all for it, and really, why wouldn’t he be all for it. He made some weird comments about being on surveillance, which makes me wonder if he isn’t reporting to The Specialist on the side. However, PBP actually showed some game of his own – he found Blair and threw her a lifeline as part of a budding four-way alliance with him, Abi and Artis. Of course, she said yes because she was the next to go. If this foursome holds, Skupin and RC are all of a sudden in trouble, which is a shame because I dig RC. She was an all-star during the challenge. She dived down to get the puzzle pieces in three consecutive dives, and then later went back for more.

Meanwhile, on Kalabaw, if you were looking forward to hearing from Maria or Dawson – skip ahead and move on to the next section. They were not heard from. Carter (who?) was also barely heard from – he mentioned blindsiding Penner as part of a pow-wow, but that was about it. The Tattoo Lady didn’t speak either – just a few shots of her doing the diving challenge. So, it was essentially a two-man, two-act play between Penner and Kent. Penner starts off the play with one of the greatest first lines of any play ever written – “My ass hurts.” Thanks, Jonathan. While he opines about his painful butt, the tribe notices the missing part of the rice container. Penner plays dumb, but Kent instantly knows what happened. The idol has been found, and Penner has it. He chides himself for not realizing it, and that’s the brilliance of this hiding spot, it is just too easy. And we are left with the growing impression that Kent is actually more than stunt casting – he’s a player. And, he may actually be a villain.

After the tribe bangs out the challenge in workmanlike form, we actually head back to the tribe. I was wondering what was going on when we went to the challenge only 19 minutes into the episode – I suspected that lots of stuff at Matsing was about to go down, but I now realize it was two other reasons. First, it was the incredible lack of anything interesting on Day 6, and second, it was the Penner/Kent scene and the Abi Idol Search that provided the most interesting things on those tribes. Because we get a follow-up moment between the two last names. Penner realizes that Kent knows that he knows he knows. So he approaches him about working together. Kent agrees – why not keep the Idol Man close by, after all!

Except there was a catch to the deal after they shook hands and Penner went off on his merry way. It seems, Kent used the dreaded four-finger handshake. This is the long-lost cousin of the crossed fingers behind the back clause to any handshake agreement, so it seems. In the Book of Kent, only a firm manly handshake can seal a deal with the same permanence as the Unbreakable Vow. We will see how this plays out down the road, especially since the previews indicate a manly five finger handshake between the two next week.