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Amazing Race 21 – Premiere Commentary – Have You Not Had Fallopian Tube?

The Bund – Find the Abacus – Have we gotten to this point in our technological society that no one knows what an abacus is anymore? Or even how to pronounce it? My favorite was Brittany pulling out a Roman God reference by searching for Bacchus. There were tons of other examples – I also liked Lumberjack Man’s “Ab-ASS-kiss.” Heh. You knew this would be an interesting one when the Hairs walked right by the location of the abacus user. Apprentice wants to know why she’s not using a calculator.

Amy/Daniel find the abacus and get the clue for the Pit Stop. It’s at the Bund Observatory and you get there on foot. They tell Apprentice and the Blondes where it is. There was not a very big lead at this point – but they did it anyway. And Apprentice passes them. No good deed goes unpunished, indeed.

As we later see, Magic Mike was denied info by both the Blondes and Fantasy Island. They are in it to win it. The Goats get some great luck and find a Fern who helps them get the abacus and move up to seventh. The Twins also made a nice comeback to overcome bad ping pong and hit fourth.
The telling shot of the night was Sheila looking right at the abacus and not knowing what it was and moving on. They would later lose the leg as Magic Mike hauled ass and caught them with about 15 seconds to spare. Fantasy Island’s intention of lying to the Chips to knock out the fit guys was almost successful. Let’s see if it haunts them later on.

Route Markers
• Should we really be talking about “iconic structures” in Pasadena? Other than the Rose Bowl? I wonder what the most famous fake residents of Pasadena would say about that.
• Ryan needs to stop talking about his dirty underwear. And Magic Mike has officially ruined rotisserie chicken for me.
• My favorite part of the ep – the mocking clang of the ping pong ball on the back of the saucepan.
• Abbie – “Papaya was my favorite fruit. Was.” HA!
• Loved the cheer from Chip James at the restaurant – “You’re my boy, Blue!” Nice reference.
• Nadiya’s nickname is Tweety. I want to know why.
• I liked how Daniel was able to appreciate the gorgeous Shanghai skyline.

Roadblock 1 – Ping Pong – Abbie, Chip James, Hair James, Caitlyn, Daniel, Natalie, Kelley, Lumberjack, Mr. Roarke, Goat Josh, Trey

Roadblock 2 – Frog Sex Organs and Fruit – Ryan, Abba, Jaymes, Brittany, Amy, Nadiya, Monster Rob, Lexi, Goat Brent, Tattoo, Sheila

Order of Finish – Apprentice, Amy/Dan, Blondes, Twins, Monsters, Hairs, Goats, Fantasy Island, Texas, Magic Mike, and Lumberjack (ELIMINATED)

Next week – – Not really sure. We get random shots of the season. Wikipedia tells us that we leave China after only one leg.
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