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Amazing Race 21 – Premiere Commentary – Have You Not Had Fallopian Tube?

Welcome back TARFans – and please, please, as always, read Laura’s recaps for the goings on in Phil’s World. I’m just here for backup. We have another Race! Before we go further into my take on the show – a quick meet and greet for the teams:

Jaymes/James – Really? James with a Y? I’m already mad at them. They are Chippendales dancers. Less mad, because, hey, it’s a living. Team Magic Mike have brought their collars with them – THAT will get annoying.

Caitlin/Brittany – A pair of tall blondes who were college buddies. They are athletic, beautiful, one snorts when she laughs, and I will never, ever be able to tell them apart.

Amy/Daniel – She had bacterial meningitis and lost her spleen, a kidney, part of her hearing and both legs. Damn. Now she’s a competitive snowboarder. I stand corrected. It’s not Phil’s World, it’s Amy’s World. We’re just passing through. Dan is the on-again, off-again boyfriend.

Natalie/Nadiya – Twin Sisters – Born in New York, raised in Sri Lanka. Well, really, that old story? They finish each others’ sentences, appear to play rugby and do yoga by iconic bridges, and broke up with boyfriends for each other. Oh, and they screech at each other. Hopefully that stops soon.

Josh/Brent – The Fabulous Beekman Boys. If that means something to you. I never saw it. They were NYC exec. Now they are goat farmers in Sharon Springs, NY. Life partners too. Very dry sense of humor.

Abbie/Ryan – Dating Divorcees. Uh oh. That is rarely a good combo on this show. She’s a dance instructor and he’s a jujitsu dude. He seems to think choking her is a metaphor for the Race. I think he’s been watching a different Race. Or he just remembers his stint trying to be Martha Stewart’s Apprentice. Really. He was on that show.

James/Abba – Both look like they played Hair Metal, but it seems only James has. With White Lion. Wait. That’s awesome. Abba – and that’s a nickname – is an entertainment lawyer. And I guess lawyers in that industry could get away with that look.

Rob/Kelley – They are both monster truckers. He’s a big dude.

Gary/Will – Superfans Unite!! They finally got on the show after seven tries. Gary’s a giant, Will’s a hobbit. They should be lots of fun. And judging by their shirts – they are from Michigan.

Rob//Sheila He’s a lumberjack, and he don’t care. She gave up her career to be with him. And apparently, to be dominated by him. So that’s a special relationship to watch on TV.

Trey/Lexi – Stereotype youngsters from Texas who could have come directly out of a rejected spec script for Friday Night Lights.

The big news for the Race took place right at the starting line – if a team wins Leg 1 and goes on to win the whole thing…they get $2 million. I’ve been wondering when Survivor and The Amazing Race would get around to upping the ante with the prize money. It’s been the same since 2000 & 2001 respectively. So many other format twists have come and gone – but not the prize. Personally, I would like to see one where it is a huge prize – five mil or something – and you only get winners on the island or on the Race course. Get moving Burnett and Bertram – get that cast, stat!

As we learn later on, one team’s generosity with information could wind up costing them $500,000 each should they win the whole Race. Which leads into the old share info or not share info debate. I think there is a place for both plans – and the decision to share here came solely from it being the first leg, with adrenaline kicking in. If this decision came after a few legs and they became hardened Racers – no way would info be shared.