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Top Chef Masters 4 – Finale – Go Big Or Go Home

GQ sums it up that Kerry focused on his craft, while CC focused on who he is. Powers said it was a Food Coma vs. I Dare You To Eat it. Lam chimed in on this metaphor – it was Push Me vs. Just Delicious. This is what happens when you get a dozen critics together – the Metaphor Slam Competition.

At Critics’ Table – More of the same analysis. CC is convinced that he lost, but it was clear that they were intrigued by his menu. If he didn’t execute it perfectly, he’d have lost. But he managed to do it right, and thus, by going big, he went home a winner.

Quickfire Hits
• Loved CC’s story about his great-grandma and her tripe. The horrid smell that would send him running for the hills, well, now he is known for making tripe as one of his signature dishes.
• Hysterical to see Stone do his walk through and ask CC about his surprise that his wife is not getting the apology letter. CC’s response, “Oh, she’s getting both.” HA!
• Stone cooking for the guys was a cool scene. Even if they made the obligatory strippers and Land Shark jokes at the door. Kerry even broke out a Rain Man joke. I would have preferred a Continental joke, since that hotel room reminded me of that sketch
• It was cool for Stone to make a meal inspired by both men, and Stone in an apron was really funny. He also made an interesting comment about his unease in being judged by critics in his restaurant since most critics are not trained chefs. I wonder what Captain Sweater and the Flying Critics have to say about that.
• I am trying hard not to make the obvious jokes about sausages coming out of the ass. And I think CC even made a “spooge” reference. That’s just too much for me. Check please!
• Promo – Padma dancing to promote Top Chef: Seattle. Sigh.
• Michael J. Fox got a lot of funds for his Foundation thanks to CC – and just in time for his new sitcom!

Next week – No Masters. We get some cockamamie show about life with Blais, Spike, Fabio and Jen. November 7 is Top Chef: Seattle. See you then.

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