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Top Chef Masters 4 – Finale – Go Big Or Go Home

First Course – Love Letter

Kerry – Scallop and Spot Prawn “Korean Jigare” – Kerry had to sub in the prawn for the missed lobster not found at Whole Foods. GQ felt the Korean flavor was muted, but for Kerry, this was a huge expression of flavor. It seems GQ is so aware of Kerry’s work, he can discern his flavor style. Cool. Missy felt the smoothness and finesse of the dish won her over, and she’d go to “first base” with him if served it on the first date. Missy!!

CC – Heart on a Plate – Beef Heart Tartare, Foie Gras and Puffed Beef Tendon – Not only did CC make beef heart, he made it raw. The brass on this guy. Maddow was interested conceptually and her head liked it, but… Katniss thought it was a punk version of tartare. Stone agrees with my brass comment, basically.

Second Course – Apology

Kerry – The Warm Embrace – Flan of Sugar Snap Peas with Prosiutto, Morels and Chervil – Not-MIB felt it was the softest, most decadent flan he has ever had. Bowtie said the flavor pops, and Stone licked his plate clean.

CC – Scallop, Pancetta, Piana and Sea Urchin – Lam felt the sensuality and felt the broth really came together. It is the makeup sex of sea urchin. Maddow likes the strong, salty scallop. Ruth found it to be the sexiest dish ever, with the pork fat massaging the scallop. Really, that’s sexy? Ruth is a wild woman.

Third course – Thank you – Some kitchen drama – Kerry has to break out the immersion blender on his mustard greens and CC has to blast heat his dishes to keep them warm.

CC – The Gut Man – Trippa Napolitana – Stone is not running out of the room from this tripe. Bowtie says it is a truly extraordinary dish.

Kerry – Branzino with Clam Ragout and Mustard Greens – GQ said it was the least expressive of all the dishes. Maddow loves the fish, the bitter greens, the bacon’s salty/smoky flavor and the snap of the clams.

Fourth Course – Self Letter

Kerry – Dry Aged “Cote De Boeuf,” Short Ribs with Swiss Chard and Fennel Gratin – Not-MIB said it was awesome and he loved the super tender short rib. Lam thought the rib was dry and tough. Stone disagreed.

CC – Blood Sausage, Poached Oysters and a Fried Egg – He went with air, land and sea as his Last Supper. GQ felt it was embarrassingly bad – and was CC’s D game. Dr. Sweater disagreed and gave it a wow. Austin Powers Lady felt it was bold. Lam made an amazingly weird analogy about swimming the backstroke in the ocean and getting a pig backrub. Dude, those were not mushrooms. He calls it the best thing he has eaten in his 30 years alive.