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The Amazing Race, Sept. 30 – And How Do YOU Pronounce Abacus?

Gary and Will arrive at the stadium and Gary beats the young girl right away. Josh and Brent finally arrive with Josh deciding to do the Roadblock. He beats the young girl, and they take off for the restaurant. He's just impressed with himself for winning a sporting event, something he's never done, and winning against a champion, albeit a junior champion.

Back at the restaurant, Rob is choking down the rest of his tubes. He doesn't understand why he doesn't get his next clue until rereading the last clue, realizing he wasn't supposed to use his hands. He gets a new serving and says he's not eating it again. But he has no choice.

James2 start searching for the abacus, and Trey and Lexi arrive at the restaurant with her realizing what she's going to have to eat. Rob finishes his second serving. Amy and Daniel are searching for the woman with the abacus and run into Abbie and Ryan. Amy and Daniel are the first to find the woman with the abacus and get a clue telling them to make their way on foot to the Bund Observatory, the pit stop for this leg of the Race. They ask a local to pull up a picture of the Observatory on his iPhone. They tell Abbie/Ryan and Caitlin/Brittany where to find the woman with the abacus.

Abbie/Ryan end up passing Amy/Daniel on their way to the pit stop and apologize, saying it's for two million. Amy and Daniel regret helping them find the woman with the abacus. Abbie and Ryan land on Phil's mat to be team number one, finding out they could be winning two million. Amy and Daniel run in with Ryan saying she's amazing. They're team number two. He says they could have had the chance to walk up and get the two million, but it's the type of people they are to help others. Ryan sees Amy as a bigger threat than any woman or man running the Race. When they had a chance to pass them, they had to do it.

James2 follow Caitlin and Brittany thinking they're headed for the abacus, only to find them going to the pit stop, meaning the guys still have to go back and find the abacus. The girls wind up on Phil's mat and are named team number three.

Lexi is trying to finish her tubes, as Rob and Sheila arrive. Her mouth drops open to read what she'll be eating. Lexi finishes, and she and Trey take off to find the abacus. James and Abba are walking inside stores to look for the woman with the abacus. Natalie and Nadiya find her and don't want others to see they're there. Rob and Kelley yell over and ask if they have found the abacus, and they lie and say no. This pays off with the sisters being named team number four on Phil's mat.

Sheila finishes her tubes just as Gary and Will arrive. Sheila and Rob don't seem to know what an abacus is as he says it, putting the accent on the second syllable. Will works on eating the tubes, cheered on by Will. He finishes it quickly and gets the clue. They're feeling like rock stars to have all this attention. Rob and Sheila are helped out to find out what an abacus is.

Kent is tasked with eating the tubes, explaining on the farm they try to eat everything they raise toe to snout, and now he knows how good fallopian tubes are, so they can eat those too. He finishes quickly and they take off to search for the abacus. Rob and Kelley find the woman with the abacus.

James2 and James and Abba are all still looking for the woman with the abacus. Rob and Kelley fly onto Phil's mat to be named team number five. Rob and Sheila go into a bank to look for the woman with the abacus. James and Abba finally find her and start asking locals for the location of the Observatory. A local points out the woman in the red dress to Josh and Kent. James and Abba land on the mat to be named team number six.

James2 are still searching and can't figure out where they're going wrong. Jaymes says winning this money will change their families' lives. His dad is the only guy he knows who is fighting cancer and still works fifty hours a week. He wants to go home and tell him he doesn't have to work and can stay home and get better.

Josh and Brent are named team number seven, making a great comeback after trailing everyone else in the two Roadblocks. Rob and Sheila are still searching, now calling it an abacus with the accent on the last syllable. Gary and Will are searching as well. Rob and Sheila walk right past the woman, because of course they don't know what they're looking for.

Gary and Will find the woman with the abacus and get the pit stop clue. James2 are still searching, and Gary and Will lie about not seeing her. They don't care if they're the nicest guys in the world. They're between them and the money.

Trey and Lexi join the search and find the woman right away, taking off for the pit stop. Rob and Sheila follow them there. Trey and Lexi tell James2 where the woman is. Will and Gary jump on Phil's mat to be named team number eight. Trey and Lexi are team number nine.

Rob and Sheila are asking where the observatory is as James2 finally find the woman with the abacus. They have athleticism on their side. Rob yells at Sheila to run, and James2 are trying to catch up. The other teams want to get rid of the Chippendales, yet it's them who get to the pit stop first, just before Rob and Sheila. James2 are named team number ten.

Rob and Sheila are the last team to arrive and are eliminated. They're so out of breath they can't really talk. He mentions that in the Race, every second counts, and today fifteen of those seconds are responsible for them going home. It was a hard time to lose, but she thinks their spirit coming on the race was that while they might have conflict, they were still choosing to be on the Race with each other.

The ending was one that was easy enough to figure out. Rob and Sheila weren't featured in any “after the leg” interviews that played out during this first episode. Once they didn't know how to pronounce abacus, it was pretty much over and done with for them.

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