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The Amazing Race, Sept. 30 – And How Do YOU Pronounce Abacus?

Amy/Daniel and Rob/Kelley take off in their Escapes, as do Trey/Lexie, Abbie/Ryan, and Josh/Brent. Brent warns they need to go to China and come back with $2 million or come back dead. James and Abba follow in their Escape as well.

James2 get the first flight, along with Caitlin/Brittany, James/Abba, and Amy/Daniel, Natalie/Nadiya, Rob/Kelley, and Abbie/Ryan are running to get that faster flight. Josh lets Rob and Kelley cut in front of them, to Brent's disdain, as it makes them team number eight. While he bitches, Josh wonders if he's going to be like that the entire flight, because if he is, he wants to get a sleeping pill somewhere.

James2, Caitlin/Brittany, James/Abba, Amy/Daniel, Abbie/Ryan, Natalie/Nadiya, and Rob/Kelley are on the first flight. This leaves Josh/Brent, Trey/Lexi, Rob/Sheila, and Gary/Will on the later flight. When they arrive, they will proceed by taxi to Yuanshen Sports Center Stadium to get their next clue.

The first flight lands, and the teams take off for the taxi stand. James and Abba are impressed with their driver's English. James2 mention how hot it is and compare themselves to the rotisserie chicken on late night TV, cooked from the inside out. Ryan is complaining about wearing the same “underpants” for the entire seventeen-hour flight. I'm sorry; grown men should not be saying underpants. Amy and Daniel are comfortably in the middle of the pack.

James2 hit the cluebox first and find a Roadblock. One person from each team will need to play table tennis against a Chinese junior champion who hates losing. They must successfully score one point against this young girl or wait for another turn as she moves from table to table. After her initial bout with the players she will be using household items in place of her paddle.

James decides he'll do this first Roadblock, and Caitlin, Natalie, Abbie, James, and Daniel will represent their teams. Rob and Kelley are still searching for the clue. She's going to be slowed this entire time because she's dragging a suitcase on wheels. She'd be better off wearing a backpack.

Natalie thinks beating this young girl will be easy, but finds she's wrong and has to now wait until the young girl rotates back to her again. James is getting creamed, saying the young girl is too proficient with her paddle. The ball just goes zinging by. Jaymes tells him he just needs to beat a 10-year-old girl. She comes back out this time to play against him with a clipboard. He still loses and waits for his piece of humble pie.

Rob and Kelley are walking all over the stadium looking for the cluebox. Nadiya yells at her sister to just relax. Caitlin and Daniel both lose. Abbie finally beats the young girl, and she and Ryan get a clue to make their way to Cui Ping Jiu Jia Restaurant. James the rock star beats the young girl as well. He and Abba manage to nab a taxi before Abbie and Ryan.

Rob and Kelley finally find the cluebox, and he wants her to do it, yet she seems out of breath after dragging her suitcase on wheels all over the stadium. Half of James2 finally beat the young champion, and they take off to find a taxi. When she comes back to take on Natalie again she's using a small frying pan. Natalie still loses. Caitlin wins finally.

The young champion picks up a tambourine to play against Daniel who is begging for mercy. He finally beats her. Kelley loses quickly, and Natalie is beginning to get frustrated, losing again, with her sister yelling at her continuously. Natalie finally beats her and picks up the young girl and swings her around. Kelley shortly afterwards, and they take off.

James and Abba are the first to the restaurant and find a second Roadblock. This one will require the team member who didn't do the last Roadblock to eat a traditional Chinese dessert. It's frog Fallopian tubes inside a papaya. I'm sorry … dessert? Once they choke this down, they'll get the next clue. Abba will be doing this Roadblock. His instructions say he isn't allowed to pick up the plate or the papaya. He's disgusted and says it's like overcooked macaroni. It's hard to eat it with chopsticks, as the consistency doesn't lend itself well to that. Papaya was his favorite fruit.

Abbie and Ryan land at the restaurant, and he'll be doing this one. She tells him to just think of it like jelly. He asks if she's ever had Fallopian tubes, and she replies she has two, but is requesting that he not eat hers. Caitlin and Brittany arrive, with Brittany doing the challenge. Abba finishes, while Ryan still works on choking his down. James and Abba's clue sends them to the Bund to search for a woman using an abacus. Ryan finishes his tubes, and Abbie seems proud of herself to know what an abacus is. Amy is working hard to eat her tubes.

The second flight arrives, and the teams take off in the taxis. Josh is assuming the challenge is going to be athletic, prompting Brent to joke they don't have a chance of catching up. James2 arrive at the restaurant with Jaymes working on the eating. He starts gagging right away, then says it's for $2 million dollars, so he's giving it what he's got. Brittany is holding her nose to eat this. Jaymes sucks it off the table to finish it off and gets his and James' next clue. He says everything his mama taught him about eating went out the window.

Amy is able to finish her tubes. Natalie and Nadiya arrive at the restaurant as Brittany is finishing. Natalie cheers on her sister as these two are quickly becoming the most annoying of this season. It's not because of the cheering, it's just the way they do it.

It's back to the stadium as the last four teams arrive to play the ping pong Roadblock. Trey and Lexi arrive with him deciding to do the challenge. She doesn't think they could have a better challenge, because at home Trey rocks at ping pong. He wins right away. They take off for the restaurant. Oh boy, I wonder if she rocks at eating Fallopian tubes at home.

James and Abba search for the abacus while Abbie and Ryan are arriving to do the same. Ryan wants to know why she's not using a calculator. Really? Was this an attempt at humor? Because it kind of failed. Rob and Sheila arrive at the Roadblock with him deciding to do the challenge. He loses, but wins once the champion starts playing with the frying pan.

Nadiya is still working on her tubes with Natalie getting the whole restaurant to cheer her on. Rob and Kelley arrive with him knowing this challenge will be all him. Nadiya finishes, as Rob says the tubes aren't bad at first, until you start to remember what you're eating and it starts messing with you. He picks the thing up to eat it and spits it all out. Of course, picking it up is against the rules.

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