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The Real World Philadelphia: Queer Eye for the Dating Guy, Episode 23

by DrivenAmbition

This week’s episode, I have decided to call Queer Eye for the Dating Guy. The show centers around Willie and his wacky dating exploits. The show opens with Willie dancing at Club Pure.

The next day, Willie talks to Sarah about his relationship blues. He explains to her that Dan, the free-spirited flight attendant, is always on the road. During a phone call that Willie had with Dan, Dan gave Willie permission to date other people, and he took it and ran with it.

While playing pool, Karamo and Sarah talk about Karamo’s attitude. Karamo then tells Sarah that he has a vicious mind. Sarah stares at him for a while, then she drops it. Later she talks to Mel and Shavonda, and they all agree that Karamo is weird. Newsflash: all of you freaks are weird, why do you think you’re on television?

At Club Pure, Willie finds a new love interest in Neil, or should I say a physical interest. While in a cab, Willie tells Neil, “I’ll make it worth your while, I promise”. Hey Willie, desperation doesn’t look good on you.

The next night Willie goes to dinner with Neil, and he tells him about Dan. Neil plays cool and ignores it, but we have to wonder, what will happen when the good flight attendant arrives?

Later that night, Sarah has a talk with Willie about how high her standards are for him. Willie gets another phone call from Dan, and this time Willie finds out that Dan is coming back to town.

That Mel is just like a cat, but we all know what curiosity did to the cat. She confronts Karamo about what he has been telling Sarah. Karamo sets the record straight, and justifies his comments by simply saying, “I was joking”. Obviously Karamo must think that we are all stupid.

When Dan comes back, Willie takes him out to dinner and tells him about Neil. Dan reassures Willie that he is allowed to date other people, but you can tell that Willie still felt guilty. While at Club Pure, the happy couple begins to dance, and I have to wonder if Club Pure is the only gay club in Philadelphia, because if it wasn’t, why would Willie bring his boyfriend to a club where his other boyfriend would probably be? I guess not everyone is as clever as yours truly. Confrontation is happening when Willie talks to Neil, and Neil reveals his anger about Willie bringing Dan to the club.

Meanwhile, Karamo confronts Landon, and they talk about the whole slitting his throat thing, and all of the snide remarks, but Karamo promises that he will change. Personally, I think that they all have issues.

At Karamo’s request, all of the roommates engage in a rousing game of dodge ball. I don’t know who wins, and I don’t care, because the subtext of the game was what was important. Karamo is probably the smartest of the roommates; he got all of them, none of which he gets along with, to play a game in which he was allowed to assault them with balls. That Karamo is no dummy.


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