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Survivor: Philippines – Episode 2 – C Is For Cookie

Luckily for her, Matsing is terrible and keeps losing. She also does a good job serving as the caller during the challenge and helping the team win some badly needed comfort.

Meanwhile, the RC/Abi alliance has laid the foundation for becoming a future hot mess. RC has found the clue and shared it with Abi. One would think this would solidfy things. But no. It seems RC is not allowed to talk to anyone else – as Abi goes mental when she sees RC and Skupin chatting. She will not be ignored. She tells RC that if she screws her over, she will be dead. Seriously. Dead. I hope she really didn’t mean seriously, because that would be a threat. RC – listen up. Walk away. Slowly. Just walk away. THIS may be some serious foreshadowing for some eventual gameplay.

So, we are two eps in and have one tribe seemingly united against a TV star (although Artis has said nothing, so who knows), another tribe seemingly united against a former player (but Penner now has an idol to alter things), and one tribe united in its goal of being a total disaster. I assume a shuffle is coming soon – and for Swan, Penner, and Blair it will hopefully be soon. To use the closest example we can pull from – in All-Stars, with three six-person tribes, we had one tribe dissolved into the other two after four episodes. If the same plan holds, Matsing better turn things around and fast. That season, the first four players out were divided 2-1-1. Matsing could wind up being just Malcolm and Angie before too long. Not that either would complain all that much.

Treemail Top 10
• Swan joked about passing out. Skupin got cut again. Maybe fate is trying to tell these guys something – stop playing Survivor!!
• Weird families. RC says Skupin is like a father to her. After four days. That was fast. Even stranger family dynamic – Malcolm trying to say that Angie is like a little sister to him. I am with Roxy on this one, “creepy.” Maybe his family is like this…
• Loved Penner getting all superstitious. You have an idol now, it puts you in a good spot and you feel like you can go on forever. He catches himself, spits on the ground to cancel the jinx, and remembers that James and Ozzy exist. HA!
• Swan on Angie – “…she’s got some boob thing going on.” HA!!!! Never heard it put quite like that.
• Roxy thanking God for the sunlight after several days of rain. OK. Fine. My question to her – if God really was on your side on this weather thing, why’d he wait five days to give you the sun?
• In the challenge, the sled pull was dominated by Pete/Skupin at first. Skupin managed to not get impaled by it. Kent/Carter were right with them, with Swan/Angie stumbling. Malcolm/Roxy made up some time on RC/Artis, with Penner/Katie taking the lead. Blair, Denise and Tattoo Lady did the calling. And no one really did listen to Tattoo. Blair rightly points out this is basically live action Tetris. And they finish first. Penner sprawls out across the board and finishes just before Matsing for the 2nd place finish. Swan spikes the puzzle and goes off on his team for sucking. Interesting strategy.
• Angie after the challenge – “At least we were close.” Oh, if only that was the dumbest thing she said in the episode.
• I can do without the bitchy vote send offs after 25 seasons. So few of them are actually witty. Most are cringeworthy.
• Oh, and the obnoxious wave Malcolm gives Roxy on her way out? Stop it. Dude, it’s like you got 20x dumber in six days on the island. Are Angie’s boobs magical? Do they have some sort of poison that renders smart men useless?
• Oh, and I would much rather be talking about Annie’s Boobs , rather than Angie’s.

Votes – Roxy 4 (Angie, Malcolm, Denise, Swan), Angie 1 (Roxy). Swan just saw the writing on the wall with this one.

Next week – Skupin is bleeding from the face. Oh, and Oh, come on!!

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