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Survivor: Philippines – Episode 2 – C Is For Cookie

At the challenge, the fiasco of last week’s challenge is still fresh for Matsing. Swan pushed Angie into puzzle management that time, so this time the same mistake will not be made. The challenge required two team members to pull a sled carrying puzzle pieces through the sand. This had to be done in three legs – with the first and third legs pulled by the same duo. Before beginning, both Angie and Roxy say that they don’t want to do the extra leg. Roxy uses the amazing excuse of not having had enough water to drink. What? NOBODY has had enough water to drink. Jeez. I am also curious why they had to have one of them do the extra leg? Was it that heavy that two women couldn’t combine to do one leg, freeing up Swan and Malcolm to do double duty?

So we have another Matsing loss – and their first loss really factored in. I wonder how much they could have used Zane in this one. And the decision comes down to the young women. Swan wants to keep Roxy as he gets info from her, and he rightfully realizes that he’s next. Malcolm wants to keep snuggle bunny. That leaves Denise. She is allied with Malcolm, but her logic tells her that Roxy is the one to keep. What will she do? Logic should also tell her that breaking up the couple will make Malcolm more dependent on her friendship. So, of course, she will vote to boot Angie.

Or not.

But the super stupidity took place during Tribal. It was almost as if Roxy and Angie were battling to see who could go home first. In fact, I was hoping to see Probst say that the tribe was allowed to take them both out. He first asked them what the tribe needed. Roxy said they worked too hard at camp, which is why they lose challenges. Sigh. So her explanation was that they needed to lie around and rest more. Essentially admitting that she doesn’t want to work to gather wood, keep the fire going, and you know, survive. Angie can’t be dumber than that.

Unless she suggests that what the tribe needed was cookies. Cookies. COOKIES!!!! I was hoping that was code for something. No. Cookies. Probst was almost speechless. Malcolm actually defended her! You know, because he wants to get in her pants once they both get voted out and head to Ponderosa. Roxy said he was falling for a literal booby trap. And for that, I was hoping she’d survive. But no.

Meanwhile, we touched a bit on camp life in the other two locations, where really only three big things happened that need attention.

In Kalabaw, Penner needs an idol. Last week, it became clear that he was in trouble. He knows it. The problem is that with the insane rain, the tribe is stuck in the shelter…along with the hidden idol. When the rest of the tribe decides to take a run for a nearby cave to make fire, Penner springs to action. He crawls all around the camp, digging and clawing and trying to find it. Dawson comes back for the flint and finds him lying on the ground under the shelter. What up with that, she asks. Penner thinks quickly and says the rain washed out his lens and he couldn’t find his glasses. Good one. He walks to the ocean and we can literally see the moment where he realizes that the clue was literal. The idol is under your nose. Atop the rice container is a carved bull. Under the nose. He pries it off and boom. Instant idol. I like the hiding spot, and I am now curious to see if anyone notices that it is gone. Penner runs happily from the camp, yelling that he’s “on fire.” Hilariously, he runs right past Lydia the Tattooed Lady on the way.

In Tandang, we have two storylines of interest. First is the plight of Blair Warner. She is feeling isolated, and lonely. She sits sadly by the well and laments how hard the game is. She says she is an introvert – perfect game to go on, introvert. She’s used to being on her own – she moved to LA when she was 12 for the Mickey Mouse Club. Adding to things I just learned…Blair Warner was on the Mickey Mouse Club. The tribe is making fun of her behind her back – with Pretty Boy getting a line of dialogue for the week comparing her to a dog that needs to be shot. Nice.