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Top Chef Masters 4 – Episode 9 – Where We Learn That Food Has To Be Delicious

Do I even have to say what happened at Critics Table? Was there any mystery? When The Sweater calls an aspect of a teenage-cooked meal the best he ever had, was there any surprise that Kerry won? CC’s style maybe created two brand new chefs, but Kerry used the two kids as tools and essentially cooked the meal himself. And Lorena barely got any attention this week – her elimination was telegraphed from a mile away. Although, we did get some Sweater Wordsmanship regarding Lorena’s salad – “a crazy quilt of flavors.”

So, she leaves and we go yet another season of Top Chef with a male winner. That makes eight of nine of the original, all four seasons of Masters and both seasons of Just Desserts with a male winner.

Quickfire Hits
• Loved the back-story of CC and how he was voted most likely to end up in prison. And then we get a scary looking photo of him resembling a Coen Brothers villain’s mugshot.
• Note how only Kerry’s car was all business? CC was holding a seminar, and Lorena is always fun. Kerry was making jokes from 1972. Although, I agree, those kids need to watch The Godfather.
• This was by far the best CC episode – his line of the night to those kids was about how this is just the beginning for them.
• One correction – JoJo’s diabetes mattered for producing Lorena’s line about teaching kids to eat healthy. This, of course, coming from the woman doing Taco Bell ads.
• When Kerry told the kids they must go faster – I thought he was channeling Jeff Goldblum.

Next week – The Finale. If CC doesn’t win, I’ll be shocked. But we get the following snippets – There Will Be Blood (please let there be a milkshake), big balls, a sea urchin and makeup sex.

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