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Top Chef Masters 4 – Episode 8 – Ok, Who Brought The Mime?

CC and Kerry are declared the Top Two, with CC winning it. Kerry and CC show immense surprise at being named the Top Two, which leads me to think there was some trick editing. Because based on the comments, it was obvious. I wonder if they told them upon entering the room that was the top and bottom – and then edited it into the end of the segment.

As for the ladies – one would be out. Of course, it comes down to these two and their pointless, puzzling feud. Regarding Yeo, Ruth liked her story but not the taste and flavor. Well, isn’t that the whole point of a meal? Lam thought it was not a good cold dish idea, and Stone agrees it was not picnic-worthy. Bert said the salad gave him a “mouthful of bitterness.” This is an insult I am totally going to use in all situations.

Regarding Lorena, Lam thought the potato was brilliant, but Ruth hated the chicken salad. She has very strong feelings about this. One might say, she had a mouthful of bitterness. Lam said she is a passionate cook, but she was not swinging for the fences here. Bert thought the mousse was too sweet – like toothpaste. I thought it was frosting? Frosting toothpaste? That seems like a bad idea and one four out of five dentists would oppose. That fifth one is still belligerent.

Anyway, Yeo gets the boot. CC is saddened. Even Lorena seemed surprised. If you misinterpret a challenge, and serve inappropriate food, it comes back to haunt you. Like a ghost dressed all in white.

Quickfire Hits
• No idea what happened on the way to Whole Foods as my DVR was garbled during that portion.
• CC at Whole Foods – “Shoulder 5, Belly 5.” That sounds like his body parts are just beginning to play a close game of ping pong.
• Strange bit of editing – one interview shows Lorena with her hair back, then 10 seconds later, she is talking with her hair down. Way to splice it together, editors.
• Again, we see Lorena alone in the kitchen while the other three socialize. I just don’t understand the dynamic this season. At all.
• I enjoyed the sprint of the chefs running with the bags down the promenade of the hotel. It seems just like an excuse to make them run.
• Why was there a mime? Is it because they are French? Why do the French love mimes? Of course, they probably ask when we like Larry the Cable Guy.
• Extra scene – we learn the NYC picnic had 1200 invites and received over 33,000 responses. I guess people just want to wear their best white clothes, and can’t get to Wimbledon.

Next week – The Final Elimination. We have mystery teammates and what appears to be a kid sous chef. Because the Masters deserve to be judged on the skills of a teenager. Sigh.

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