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Top Chef Masters 4 – Episode 8 – Ok, Who Brought The Mime?

Yeo is up next – and after serving she talks about her sauce with the Eating Las Vegas author. Newsflash – best name of a blog/paper I’ve heard in a while. She also thanks someone for telling her about tripe. And if that telling was a warning, that’s ok. Otherwise, no one should be discussing tripe.

Yeo 1 – Daikon, Edamame & Radish Salad with White Bait – Bait? I don’t want bait. Anyway, Ruth likes the sharp radish and sweet pear. Aym also loves the summer salad.

Yeo 2 – Uyghur Spiced Bison with Chili Jam – Aym found the jam spicy. Spicy Jam sounds like it should be a rap compilation album. Sandy thought it was a funky dish. That too could be a compilation.

Yeo 3 – Sumac Dusted Flatbread with Curried Cauliflower and Red Chief Lentils – Lam likes the sumac, but Aym thinks the bread is pedestrian supermarket bread. Well…Whole Foods IS a supermarket…

CC comes to the plate next.

CC 1 – Swordfish Conserva with Green Beans, Tomatoes and Olives – Ruth says the swordfish is not too fishy, which it tends to be. However, Sandy found it dry, and Aym found it overcooked.

CC 2 – Marinated Wild Mushrooms with Toasted Pine Nuts

CC 3 – Pork and Chicken Liver Pate with Hazelnuts and Truffles – Stone raves about the pate and the whole hazelnuts. Ruth doesn’t even care for liver, but she will eat this. Aym calls it the best pate ever. From a Frenchman. Wow.

Last is Kerry’s three:

Kerry 1 – Chilled Cauliflower Soup with Saffron Coulis – Ruth likes the idea of cold soup, and the white color to match the very whiteness of the event.

Kerry 2 – Haricot Vert, Orzo, and Mozzarella with pesto – Bert thinks the pesto has a harmony of flavors.

Kerry 3 – Grilled Chicken and Kielbasa with Peppers and Paprika Coulis – Lam raves about the chicken and the smokiness of the kielbasa.

At the Critics Table, Ruth tells Kerry he ramped it up, while Lam liked his progression of soft and rich dishes with the chicken serving as the hammer. Bert asks Lorena about her mousse’s sweetness and she reveals she didn’t taste it. Ruh roh. Bert makes a comical face – one that is akin to someone placing smelly sweat socks under his nose. He tells her the dessert tasted like frosting. And I wonder if that was supposed to be an insult, because, mmmmm frosting. Bert tells CC he had a tureen of exquisite flavor layering. Ruth liked how he had a sea/forest/land theme. Isn’t a forest part of the land? Lam says Yeo’s jam was beautiful. Ruth thinks the bison would have been better warm. Yeo agreed. Bert said the bread was stale. This led to this brilliant exchange – Stone: Did you think of scratching the bread? Yeo: No, then there would be no bread. Um…right. Thanks Captain Obvious.