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Top Chef Masters 4 – Episode 7 – Sugar Ray is Sweet Enough

Quickfire Hits
• Who else wants to head to Milos in Las Vegas? You can’t beat really good Greek restaurants. And that giant salted plate? I want some.
• “Takashi, you get to be the daddy today.” That, my friends, is a scary thought-producing sentence.
• Kerry – “It’s like being naked. If you don’t look good…you don’t look good.” Funniest thing he’s said all season.
• Bert has never seen anyone shuck corn as quickly as CC – and in fact, it is impressive. Three rips and the corn is free.
• Yeo talking about the “macho glory of winning.” That phrase would be terrible in a halftime speech.
• Lorena gets excited for cilantro more than I get excited for virtually anything.
• CC – “How much sugar do you like, Sugar Ray?” Ray – “Just enough.” He’s sweet enough.
• Extra – the chefs get to talk to Sugar Ray about boxing. He liked to eat before a fight, he always knew before getting in the ring if he would win, and then he made tons of boxing/cooking analogies.

Next week – White Terrible Towels. Rice problems. Picnics. And Robin Leach?!?!

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