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Project Runway 10, Episode 8 – Fall Fashions, Sort of

On the runway, Heidi introduces the guest judge, Anna Sui, a fashion designer.  Heidi also reminds everybody that Christopher has immunity and therefore can’t be voted out.  She then tells everybody there will be no more immunity from now on.

Team 2 is first.  Their first look is Dmitry’s handiwork:  a little black cocktail dress with long sleeves and an asymmetrical collar, plus a gray, fringed shawl.  Elena and Alicia had worked on the second look, a sloppy-looking gray and black coat, skinny black pants, and a pale pink shirt.  Pale pink?  For a fall look?  Is Alicia crazy?  That’s more of a spring color.

Next up is Team 1.  Their first look includes Sonjia’s fitted hunter green jacket.  There’s also an ivory skirt with brown panels, plus an ivory scarf as an accessory.  The second look includes Christopher’s camel trench coat, which is oddly sleeveless.  Underneath is a long brown dress with long sleeves.  The dress has a leather panel down the front and the lower arms of the sleeves are also made of leather.

Team 3 is last.  Their first look includes Melissa’s white jacket, Ven’s  gray, knee-length skirt (which is plainer than his usual efforts) and another pale pink top.  The second look includes Fabio’s shapeless gray coat, which has 3/4 length sleeves, skinny brown pants, and another shirt made with that ugly, washed-out looking, pale pink fabric.  (I don’t get it.  When I think “fall,” I think deep, intense colors, like purple or that dark green Sonjia used.)

After the show, Heidi announces the winning team:  Team 1.  The winning designer will therefore be Christopher, Gunnar, or Sonjia.  Teams 2 and 3 did “less well,” and the loser will come from their ranks.

The judges then start with the winning team.  When Heidi asks who had made what, Christopher tells her that Sonjia had made the jacket, Gunnar had made the dresses and he’d made the sleeveless trench coat.  The team was aiming to make clothes that could be worn by a modern woman.

Heidi loves Sonjia’s jacket while Michael notes that camel hair is a notoriously tricky material to work with, so props to Christopher for doing so.  Michael also loves Gunnar’s jersey and leather dress.  Nina loves the tailoring on Sonjia’s jacket and the asymmetrical collar on Christopher’s trench.  Anna asks about how the team had worked together, and Gunnar tells her that the team members worked independently for the most part, but would touch base from time to time to ensure a cohesive look.  Anna calls this a smart approach as it had let them play to their strengths.  When Heidi asks who should win, Christopher names Gunnar, as he’d made two nice dresses, while Gunnar and Sonjia name themselves.

Next up are Team 2– and the judges are immediately treated to Elena and Dmitry fighting.  The judges do learn that Dmitry had made the dress and the shawl, Elena had made the coat, and Alicia had made the pants and shirt.  Elena accuses Dmitry of taking over and Dmitry declares that working with Elena was “impossible.”  Nina then scolds Dmitry and Elena for making the same things over and over.  He always makes dresses and she always makes coats.  Nina concedes that the dress is nice, but calls the shawl “matronly.”  Not only that, but it didn’t really go with the dress.  Alicia’s pieces are boring and lack details.  Anna says it was obvious that the designers weren’t working together and that lack of harmony showed in their clothes.  When asked who should go home, the two women name Dmitry, while Dmitry thinks Elena should be sent home.

Then it’s Team 3’s turn to face the judges.  They explain that their look was supposed to evoke a feel of “lingering summer,” as opposed to heavy winter.  Given global warming, that actually makes sense.  That’s still no excuse for their using that awful pink fabric.  As for who did what:  Ven had made the skirt, Melissa had made the white jacket and brown pants, Fabio had made the tops and gray coat.  Heidi dislikes everything except the white jacket and Michael calls Fabio’s coat “sloppy.”  The judges are appalled by the fact that Team 3 had had the biggest budget and had still turned out cheap-looking clothes.  When the judges ask who should go home, Team 3 balks at answering.  The judges then change the question to “Which piece of clothing is the worst?”  Ven names Fabio’s coat, and Fabio picks Ven’s skirt.  Melissa thinks Fabio’s pink tops were the worst.

The judges then have their chat, starting with the winning team.  Everybody likes Sonjia’s jacket, Gunnar’s dresses, and Christopher’s coat.

As for the designers they didn’t like… It was very obvious that Team 2 had had problems getting along.  Dmitry and Elena were too ambitious, and Dmitry had tried to dominate the challenge by doing a head-to-toe look by himself.  Alicia, by contrast, had been too passive and produced boring pieces.  As for Team 3, they had been too nice to each other and hadn’t challenged each other.  Fabio had made a coat and two shirts– and all of them were awful.  Despite their big budget, Team 3 had made cheap-looking clothes.

After the designers have been called back onto the runway, Heidi announces the winner:  Sonjia.  Her teammates, Christopher and Gunnar are also safe.  Melissa, Ven, Dmitry, and Elena are all in, leaving Fabio and Alicia in the bottom.  Alicia is out and Fabio is in.

Next week:  It’s the textile challenge, and Mondo guest stars.  Christopher panics, since he’s not used to working with prints.

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