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American Idol Final 24! 2/16/2005

by Annie

Tonight is the night that the judges will be choosing the final 24. Randy, Paula and Simon review tapes of the remaining contestants’ previous performances. It’s not made clear what criteria they use to further determine who will and won’t stay – but the decisions are in.

Tensions run high as the contestants wait in a holding room with no idea how long they will be there or in what order they will be called. After Ryan Secrest gives us a tour of the elevator the eliminations begin. One by one the contestants take the elevator to a large, nearly empty room. At the far end sit the judges. In front of the judges is a single solitary lonely hard wooden chair in which the contestants sit to hear their fate.

The first seven to sit in the chair do not make it to the next round. They return, one by one to the holding room and their bad news hits the other contestants hard. Tears abound. Hands are shaking. Tummies are turning. It’s clear tonight’s theme is D R A M A.

Among the ones that make it through is energetic Mikalah Gordon (is this Barbara Streisand or what?) with a bubbly burst of excitement and bruising strength hugs.

Sweet Carrie Underwood enters the decision room. Simon admits to her that they’ve had to turn down people they shouldn’t have had to merely to keep a balance. Carrie buries her face in her hands but quickly flashes her gorgeous smile when Simon lets her know she made it through to the next round.

Surely all of America was holding its breath as Mario Vasquez :heart: stepped up to hear the decision. They give him a unanimous YES. *whew* Time to celebrate! :clap: Party at my place (hint hint, Mario!).

The Final 24 are:

Men – Anthony Federov, Anwar Robinson, Bo Bice, Constantine Maroulis, David Brown, Jarad Yates, Joseph Murena, Judd Harris, Mario Vazquez, Nikko Smith, Scott Savol and Travis Tucker.

Women – Amanda Avila, Carrie Underwood, Celena Rae, Janay Castine, Jessica Sierra, Lindsey Cardinale, Melinda Lira, Mikalah Gordon, Nadia Turner, Sara Mather and Vonzell Solomon.

The ones that did and didn’t make it came as no big surprise, with one exception. Crooner Jamie Paul Koehler. I thought his voice was smooth and a treat to listen to. I will miss his gentle personality.

So now it’s up to us. Next week the real entertainment begins and we get to vote! I look forward to the good music and hopefully the overdone forced drama of tonight’s episode is a thing of the past.



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