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Big Brother 14, Sept. 6 – Make Tough Decisions, and Always Play Hard

In his goodbye message, Joe tells Frank he has the ego the size of Texas, but this time he just couldn't beat Joe. His biggest mistake in the game was not getting rid of Dan. He tells him to have a good time in the jury, and he'll see him in a few weeks. Shane appreciates his love for the game and enjoys his competitiveness. He wanted Shane out one week, and Shane wanted him out the next. It's nothing personal, but just the right time to get rid of him. It was a good game. “You say Preesh, I say Peace.”

Ian notes their ups and downs in the game, working together and against each other. Ultimately, he had to make decisions best for his game. Frank was the ultimate threat to himself or anyone else winning the game, and that's why he had to send him home. He's really sorry, “Peace out.” Dan says they've had a long history in the game, but he needs to know he really respects him. Week after week his back has been again the wall, and every time he avoided eviction. At the end of the day he's voting him out because he respects him and knows he can't beat him. He hopes there's no hard feelings.

Frank tells Julie there is absolutely hard feelings. He knew if he didn't send Britney home the other week, there would still be a large alliance against him, but if at least she was gone, he could try to get in in the middle and pick up a few people. But no matter what he was doing, he was facing adversity. Julie tells him after six times on the block, three times as Ho”, and three times a veto winner, it's safe to say he's played a heck of a game.

It's the live Head of Household competition. Julie will read a quote from an evicted houseguest made from their final plea. Their job is to identify who said it. For each correct answer, they receive one point. After seven questions, the person with the most right wins.

1. “Everyone underestimated me as a player.” The answer is Ashley, and Jenn is the only one to get it right. 2. “It's down to brass tacks and I need a vote.” Correct answer is Mike Boogie, and Jenn, Dan, and Danielle get a point. 3. “Nobody should let a bully dictate how they play this game.” Correct answer Frank, and everyone but Jenn gets it right. 4. “I came into this house thinking I was going to play a dirty game.” It's JoJo, with Jenn, Dan, and Danielle getting it right again.

5. “I've played an honest game.” Jenn, Dan, and Danielle get it right: Kara. 6. “If I can help your game out in any way, please vote to keep me in the house.” It's Janelle, and Jenn, Dan, and Danielle get it right. 7. “No one said the Big Brother game is fair.” No one gets it right: JoJo. With a three-way tie between Jenn, Dan, and Danielle, the tiebreaker asks how many minutes elapsed from the time Jodi entered the BB house to the time she walked out the door. Jenn says 160, Dan 363, and Danielle 230. The answer is 481, and Dan wins. He gets lost walking out, hugs the Quack Pack and you can literally see his mind spinning as he thinks about nominations.

The houseguests are asked to gather in the living room for the nomination ceremony. Joe sits in a nomination chair straight off the bat, and Julie asks if that's an assumption. Dan says he tells the football players that you have to make some tough decisions, but you always play hard. In this game there are no hard feelings. He has to nominate Joe and Ian, who hasn't been nominated yet.

For the power of veto competition, all the houseguests are playing. They will need to work a shark fin through a maze board to the end, and the first person to do so and return with the fin to the start and hit the buzzer will win the POV. This looks like Ian's game to lose, although he has to go back to the beginning. Joe gets pretty far, then gets stuck. Ian catches up to him quickly and looks to be leading. With Shane all the way back at the start, the others are all about halfway with Ian leading slightly. Ian advances to three-quarters of the way through and stares it down, getting very close to the end. He gets it, runs back, and wins. The whiz kid takes it.

Back from commercial break, Dan calls Ian and Jenn into the bedroom. Dan says he doesn't know what he's going to do . Jenn leaves and they start whispering about the Quack Pack. Julie starts the veto meeting and the others filter in, as she says, “Don't make me come in there.” Ian says he bruised his hand to win, and is now taking himself off the block, apologizing to Joe, wishing he had “two of these jokers.” Dan calls it a tough decision, and puts Danielle up. Woah. She looks shell-shocked, especially as everyone leaves her sitting there and walks out of the room.

Danielle is the first to plead her case. She says it's her fourth time being on the block. She loves them all and doesn't want to leave. She pleads with them to keep her there and cries. Joe notes he's back again and thanks everyone for being there for him. He wants to stress a strong ass loyalty and says he loves all of them.

For the live vote, Shane is up first and votes to evict Joe. Jenn votes to evict Joe … again. Ian votes to evict Joe. Julie addresses the houseguests and tells them with a vote of 3-0, Joe is evicted. He hugs Danielle who cries, then does the same with everyone else. He tells them all he loves every one of them and reminds them it's only a game. That's a cool way to go out. His reaction to the fans outside is even more so. Danielle pulls Jenn in the the arcade room for some private chat.

Julie asks Joe why he couldn't survive the second vote. He notes he just couldn't pull off that PoV, yet also says Ian absolutely deserves this. He believes he was voted out over Danielle because of a showmance. He says he'll rub Shane's back, but that's all he's gettin'. Julie notes they never saw him make big moves in the game and wonders if it was his strategy. He assures her it was facetiously. More seriously he says he tried with every ounce of his body to win a competition but has twenty years on the others. Instead he used his cooking skills and was just there for people. Julie asks what exactly it is on his chin and he explains it's his Mini Claus. She hopes it grows in by December 25.

Julie explains on Sunday we'll learn who the new HoH is, and on Wednesday, Julie will be back for a special eviction episode. On Thursday another will be evicted, leaving the final three.

Jenn is looking very vulnerable. She needs this HoH win. Danielle was obviously just a pawn, but we know Dan and know he would sell her out if it means he can make final three. And he can't be sure if the Quack Pack has really forgiven him. Ian laid low in the beginning, but is now looking more and more a threat. They all need this next HoH very badly.

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