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Big Brother 14, Sept. 6 – Make Tough Decisions, and Always Play Hard

The big question on everyone's mind tonight is if this will finally be the week for Frank to go home. This is their shot. He finally didn't win Power of Veto. Get him out of there, or he'll be sitting there against them in final 2.

After Dan took Jenn off the block and Ian put Joe up in his place, Joe is hoping Ian is being truthful about him just being a pawn and that at the end of the week it will be, “Bye-bye Frankie.” Jenn is relieved, saying it's like getting that dream apartment in NYC without it costing you an arm and a leg. Her closest ally is on the block though, so it's still go time.

Frank just needs three votes to stay and notes he's been working with Dan, Danielle, and Jenn since right after Dan's funeral, so he should have the votes. Dan thinks it's been a good week for him, as he added Jenn as an ally, and Frank remains clueless that he's the real target. As long as he stays clueless, Dan is going to get a lot closer to the half million dollars.

Frank asks Dan about being golden, and he assures him he is. Frank says it's all great for him then, as Joe goes home, and it's something he's been worried about anyway. Dan just thinks it sucks, because they can't plan the next win. Frank doesn't think it will be bad, as Danielle has already said she'll put up Ian and Jenn. Dan asks what happens if Joe pulls off a miracle and ends up staying. Frank points out the obvious, that that would mean Frank is going home.

Dan realizes he let something big slip and tries to cover while he's peeling a potato. Frank doesn't want history repeating himself of the last time he was on the block with Joe. He wants assurance that Dan still wants to take him to the end. Dan just tries to bury himself in the potato. Frank brings up how many times he's gotten burned, trusting someone new, only for him to end up on the block the next week.

Joe goes out to talk to Ian on his hammock, because he wants to make sure Frank is still the target and he's just the pawn. He asks if he should go on a campaign to Jenn, but Ian thinks if he just lays low for a week, he'll be golden. Ian tells the DR he wants to assure Joe that he's not going anywhere if he keeps his mouth shut this week. If he speaks up too much, he could turn the others against him. If anyone could screw it up, it would be him.

Ian and Joe compare Frank to Houdini with his number of escapes, but Ian points out that Houdini ended up dying young. Joe knows they can't let it slip by to have Frank in this position again. They bring up how great it would be for a tie, and Ian says he'd love to have that kill and have Frank's blood on his hands. Last time he misfired and shot a girl (Ashley). This time he'd have the twelve-point buck.

Dan explains to the DR that he plays this game like football. He always has to be a few steps quicker and smarter. Looking at the memory wall, he realizes his margin for error in the game is pretty tight. He's in good shape, unless Joe wins HoH. He needs to check in with him to see where his head's at. Joe, already in bed, tells him he would put up Shane and Danielle, as he knows he can't go to final two with them. Joe just threw out names, though, telling the DR the only person he really cares about putting up is Dan.

Dan walks back into the bedroom thirty minutes later and climbs into bed. Joe perks up and tells him that Dan followed him in there once he went to bed. Dan asks, “Who did?” Joe replies, “Dan.” “This is Dan.” Joe's response? “Whassup?” Oops. Dan tells the DR that he knows Joe thought he was Shane. In his head he was thinking “Am I talking to Barney Rubble? Because all that's upstairs is a box of rocks.” He's now worried that he can't trust Joe not to repeat all their conversations and wonders if the Quack Pack should just vote him out this week. Oops.

Julie Chen goes live to the houseguests tonight. She tells them that it's another double eviction and that two will be evicted tonight.

Frank gets the shot first to plead his case and tells everyone he's figuratively pouring one out for Mike Boogie. He wishes he were still there and figuratively makes a toast to the others still there. Everyone knows he's not competing in the next HoH, so he sees it as a reason for keeping him, as it means he might be on the block next instead of them. Most importantly, when you're down in the game like him, you're very vulnerable. If they reach their hand out and pull him up, he won't forget it.

Joe says he knows he's the single biggest threat in the kitchen, but he loves Frank to death and can't wait to hang with him on the outside. It's been an honor to meet everyone, and he cherishes every bit of time he's had with them. They have to vote with their heart, and he thanks them for what they do right now.

Dan is up first to vote. He votes to evict Frank and gives a shoutout to his website. Danielle votes the same, and Jenn votes out Joe with a heavy heart. Shane votes to evict Frank. No chance for a tie. The beast is out.

Julie reveals the vote. By a vote of 3-1, Frank is evicted. Dan says sorry to him and tells him he's a great competitor. Frank appreciates it very non-sincerely and only hugs Jenn on the way out. Frank gathers up Ted and walks out the door to many cheers. Ian hugs Jenn and apologizes.

Julie tells Frank he looks shell-shocked. He admits he was. He was a little worried, as it was deja vu for him depending on Danielle and Dan, and once again they lied to him. It was expected, but he's bummed. It's tough. Dan put his hand on the Bible and swore his allegiance to him. He's kicking himself for even trusting him a little. but he lost the POV so there wasn't much he could do anyway. He doesn't think the alliance was ever legitimate, and on the block for the sixth time, they weren't going to let him off the hook.

Julie wonders if being too trusting was Frank's downfall. He believes it was, but after the double eviction, he didn't have anyone else other than Jenn, and he knew he had to trust others to make it further in the game. Julie points out Frank spent years trying to get in the house, then spent weeks trying to stay in. Frank says it's been tough, having been on the block since week one and fighting every time. He fought just as hard to stay as to make it there. He wouldn't have changed anything but a few things at the end.