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captainD's Boot Prediction – Survivor Palau, Episode 1

I’m back! After a slightly longer off-season than usual, everyone’s favorite Prognosticator is back on the case. The number of castaways has been bumped up again (this time to a record 20), and there are absolutely no spoilers to go by as of yet. However, thanks to CBS and a TV Guide special, I have been able to piece together the two tribes:

KOROR (brown buffs) – Coby, Caryn, Gregg, Ian, Janu, Jennifer, Katie, Tom, Willard

ULONG (blue buffs) – Angie, Ashlee, Bobby Jon, Ibrehem, James, Jeff, Jolanda, Kim, Stephenie

If you were paying attention to the list above then you realized that there are two people missing. These are the unlucky losers who never got a chance to play the game. WANDA and JONATHAN

The tribal council boot is an even harder decision to make. During the TV Guide special they show a challenge in which 4 women and 4 men are competing on each tribe. This means, in order to keep the tribes balanced, if Koror wins immunity a woman must leave. And if Ulong wins immunity a man must leave. I predict that Koror wins immunity and the first tribal council casualty is JOLANDA.

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