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Paranormal Witness August 29 – Beware The Dybbuk Box

In Kirksville, Missouri, May 2003, Brian Grubbs was a student in college, and his roommate Sam was looking at ebay and saw the dybbuk box. Sam was telling Brian about the box and Kevin told the entire story of the box. They decided to purchase the box. WHY???? Why would you do this?

Kevin had noticed about 7,500 people watching the box on ebay. Brian had come back home and walked in the front door and it was the middle of June. He entered the living room and was hit with the overwhelming scent of urine. There were packing peanuts and newspaper all over his floor. Sam had purchased the box.

Brian wanted to keep the dybbuk box and Sam wanted to “sleep with the box!” Really, torment and terrorize an already pissed off spirit? Sam decided to start a blog about sleeping with the dybbuk box because there are not enough blogs about people who sleep with dybbuk boxes. They had parties and kept it in the middle of the living room!

They would tell people about the box and open it. Some of the girls got really upset and some people thought it was a hoax. They got a lot of laughs out of the box, but some people got really freaked out even though the guys were “just having fun!”

The fun didn’t last, though, because the box got pissed off. The lights blew out and the electronics were going crazy! One of Brian’s roommates came out of his room, and his eyes looked bloody, and he looked horrible. They had bugs everywhere crawling all over the sink, the walls, the toilets and everywhere.

Sam became more reclusive and spent time in his room. His hair started falling out, but he continued to blog. Sam had thought it was stress, and then for personal reasons, he didn’t want the box anymore. He was done and wanted to get rid of the box so he could recover.

Jason Haxton of the museum of osteopathic medicine saw the blog that Sam was keeping. Jason believes now that there was a warning on Sam’s blog that he should have heeded, but he looked at objects like a personal puzzle that he could unravel! He wanted the box so he could scientifically rationalize and find out if the box was what it was supposed to be.

Sam listed the box on ebay again,, and Jason threw out a bid. Jason made a commitment to buy the box. The bid jumped to $280.00 dollars, and Brian wondered why someone would spend that kind of money on something that could ruin their life.

Jason arrived and found the box and opened it, believing that he should treat the box as an “infection.” He put gloves on and took pictures and used a black light to inspect the box. He found candle residue and believed it could have been used ritually. In the moment before opening the doors, what would happen?

Well, don’t open the doors and maybe nothing will happen! Jason continued to examine and the box and opened it. He expected something to happen immediately and nothing happened … yet! He did not realize how wrong he was. Within days of it being in the museum, the computers were crashing, and they were losing valuable information.

The light bulbs all around the dybbuk box were going out, and the staff was getting sick. Jason knew he had to get rid of the dybbuk box. He locked it in his trunk and felt nervous taking it home. He went home and tried to sleep and had dreams about sunken-eyed old women whose flesh was being torn and ripped. Jason would wake up and go back to sleep and would have Drag Me To Hell dreams. He woke up with bloody eyes. His eyes were bloodshot and bloody.

Jason’s wife wondered what was wrong with his eyes. He was getting sick now. Jason’s son called him while they were watching television. Jason’s son saw a black shadow like a flame, and now it is taking over his life. He explored it scientifically and there was no explanation.

If there was something released from the box, Jason wanted to put it back in. Jason took it to a rental property to keep it away from people. He heard a loud sound, but there was nothing around him. He locked the door to the basement and believed it was gone. He needed to finish it and decided to take a bath!

That would wash away the evil. Jason was in the tub and his wife was doing wash. Suddenly something was tearing inside of him, and he was throwing up badly.  The dybbuk box was working its evil and was not done yet. I learned a lot watching this episode and some things are no joke. This is just like a Ouija board but worse.

There is no way to explain what was happening to him. His wife was yelling at him about poison ivy in jeans and her hand was swelling with blisters. Jason needed to find the original owner of the dybbuk box. He called Kevin, who at first Kevin hung up on him. Jason called back and begged him not to hang up. Kevin drove around looking for the estate that he purchased the box from. The girl advised him to leave.

Kevin heard someone say, “I know why you’re here.” There was a little old lady drilling Kevin with her eyes. She was Sophie, the cousin of Havilla, the owner of the box. They lived together in Poland and would have séances and ask questions of the spirits. While they were doing this they contacted a dybbuk who tried to take one of their souls.

They devised a plan to trap the dybbuk in the box. Sophie advised Kevin not to open ir. When he bought the box he unleashed something very evil and very real. Jason contacted Rabbis to seek their advice. The dybbuk box is now sealed in a secret location. No one knows where the box is, and it should stay that way.

Everyone that has come in contact with the box has suffered sickness, loss, horrific nightmares and more, as long as it stays locked, though, that won’t happen again.

Sleep tight, Folks, and don’t miss next week’s episode of Paranormal Witness, Wednesday at 10/9c on the Syfy channel. May your nightmares inspire you, and don’t open any strange boxes!

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