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Paranormal Witness August 29 – Beware The Dybbuk Box

On tonight’s episode of Syfy’s Paranormal Witness we discover an antique store with more than just old antiques in it! The antique store owner learns the wine box purchased from an estate sale is steeped in sad history. It belonged to a Holocaust survivor. She learns it is a Dybbuk Box, a box that contains an evil spirit,, and if we learned anything from Hellraiser it is never open any strange boxes unless you know where they originate from!

I imagine sitting in the dark and watching scary movies or shows; it can actually be scary for some people, but myself I find it relaxing. There is so much horror in the world that when you can chill out for a while and watch a show like Paranormal Witness you learn that there are monsters in real life that are far scarier than any movie monster.

Word: DYBBUK (Demon) – Definition: A malevolent spirit or demon in Jewish folklore.

We just get an interesting history lesson with tonight’s episode as the sadness of what happened during the Holocaust is something that should never be forgotten. The events took place in Oregon and Missouri between 2001 and 2004 and are retold by the actual people who lived through them as they are reenacted.

Kevin Mannis’ shop was located in downtown Portland in the heart of the city! He searched yard sales, auctions and estate sales. He found himself at an estate sale of a Holocaust survivor. Kevin bid on the items and was happy because he had gotten a few hundred dollars’ worth of items.

A young woman spotted Kevin with the items and said to him, “I see you bought the dybbuk box.” It didn’t register with Kevin that she had called it by that name. Kevin is Jewish and it never occurred to him that it could be anything more than a box with folklore attached that his grandmother used to put a little fear into the kids.

Kevin drove back to his shop and unloaded all of his treasures. The box was locked differently than a regular box. It had a brass clasp and a small brass padlock. Instead of cutting the lock off, Kevin used a small screw driver to open the box. Personally he should have left it alone.

Kevin found two pennies from the 1920’s in the box and a granite statue that had the word “Shalom” carved in Hebrew. He also found a candle stick, a small wine goblet and two locks of hair. Kevin did not think much of this. It was just a box to him with a few random items in it.

One day Kevin left Jane in charge of his store. She was a “fantastic sales person!” Kevin had a few errands to run and Jane Howerton, a sales clerk was down in the basement and felt like somebody was watching her. People always feel like this when they are alone in a dark basement! Jane said she had been there in the store alone several times and she has never felt anything like this before.

Jane got a phone call from a friend of hers, and the security monitor showed the box flashing! Jane hung up the phone and had a sick feeling as she began to walk around the store asking “Who’s there?” The light she turned off had switched on and a chair fell. Jane went for the phone and called Kevin!

Kevin was ignoring his phone and driving! He finally answers and Jane is frantic and there is glass breaking everywhere. Kevin tells Jane to “call the police!” Right as he said that his phone died. Someone or something goes through the entire store and slams the door shut leaving Jane trapped in the basement! See what happens when you open stuff you are not supposed to!

People should not mess with stuff that is not theirs. Some things should be left at peace. Finally, Kevin returned to the store and did not know what to expect. He found the rod Iron Gate locked and knew he had not lock it! The lights would not come on, so Kevin grabbed a flashlight! Finally someone who has a flashlight! I think I am going to cry, no never mind!

Kevin found Jane in tears and cursed Kevin out! She left and never came back! That is some “Swimming With Sharks” nonsense right there! There was no explanation for what happened. Kevin’s mother’s birthday is October 28th (Happy Birthday Kevin’s Mom) and he was going to take her to lunch.

Kevin’s mom came to the shop early and sat down. He told her he had an unusual gif for her and unwrapped it,  unveiling the dybbuk box. What a great son! His mom looked at the box and felt as if the box was staring back at her. She examined it and looked it over.

t seemed like Kevin’s mother was sitting in shock! The doors of the box opened, she felt a cold breeze, “pure evil.” She was having a stroke. Her mouth began to contort and her eye was sagging and pocketing. She fell back on the chair and wondered if she was going to die.

Kevin’s mother wondered if she would die before she would see her son because he was downstairs. She was frozen,, but managed to point at the dybbuk box. She is in tears even as she is interviewed now. She wanted to impress on her son that he needed to get rid of the box. It may not be Pandor’s Box but there was evil lurking and now causing more havoc than expected.

The ambulance came for Kevin’s mother, and she was paralyzed with fear. She had suffered a massive stroke and wondered now what the box would do to her son. He should have gotten her flowers. She felt the coldness and knew it was evil.

All hell broke loose, and now Kevin finally figured it out that it was the box. He decided to sell it to an old couple. A little while later the couple returned the box and left Kevin a note that said “this has an odd darkness about it.” It was getting hard to get rid of, so he decided to put it in his storage.

Kevin began to have horrible dreams that he would be with someone he trusted,, and suddenly that person would change into a gruesome hag, I am sorry but am I watching Drag Me To Hell? Or Paranormal Witness? So the gruesome old hag beat the living crap out of Kevin every night in his dreams.

Kevin would wake up covered in bruises. He did not believe what was happening to him, being injured at night! He decided that the box was cursed, and decided to get rid of it. He sold it on ebay! Good idea! Give the haunted box that gave your mother a stroke to a random person!


My name is Janel, I have been writing and published for many years. I wrote two poetry books. I was the Associate Editor of my college newspaper. I hope to write my life story one day and finish it.