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This Episode Brought to You By…, The Bachelorette 3, Episode 6

We’re winding down to the end now with Jen going on three overnight fantasy dates with her three remaining men. Wait, haven’t they all been fantasy dates? Well, this is Super Ultra Fantasy Date.

The first SUF date was in Bermuda with John Paul. First the couple spent some time on the beach until it started to rain, and then they went inside and sat on the couch, talking and drinking wine. Later that evening John Paul asks Jen if Andrew Firestone still plays a part in her life and her dating relationships. C’mon guys, haven’t we covered all this about five times already? Jen says no, they’re “friends”, but she doesn’t consider him when dating or anything like that. Apparently Jen isn’t too annoyed by the question, because she asks John Paul to spend the night as a couple in the fantasy suite. He accepts, then the two watch fireworks before going inside to make some of their own. Once in the suite, they sit on the floor and make out and then John Paul invites Jen upstairs. The two walk away and our overactive imaginations are left to fill in the details.

The next date is with Jerry in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Jen admits before the date that she’s afraid that Jerry will break her heart. The two picnic and then play a game of croquet. They sit down and Jen asks Jerry for three things that he likes about her. Jerry seems a little uncomfortable with that, but says that he likes the way she lights up a room, that she makes him feel nervous and comfortable at the same time, and something else that wasn’t very significant. The questions continue later on at dinner, when the two get a little loud with each other. Jen accuses Jerry of not being himself. She tells the camera that he seems too slick, and he just seems to skirt around questions and tries to schmooze himself out of situations. She wonders if he’s not used to being questioned by women, if they just swoon over him and don’t get to anything with substance. After all this, Jen still invites Jerry up to the fantasy suite. Yeah, Jen, we think he’s hot, too.

Before I continue on with the next date, I have to mention something that I found odd. Did anyone else notice this? After Jerry’s date, there are commercials (obviously), and the last commercial is for Oral B Brush Ups. Then, the show is back, and Ryan is standing on the beach waiting for Jen, and he whips out an Oral B Brush Up, sticks it on his finger, and does a quick brush up. What was that all about?!? Can I also mention that they did a close up of the package, so you knew for sure that it was Oral B? Is The Bachelorette now endorsing products? I was very disturbed by this and still am.

Back to the show. We next see Ryan on the beach in Cape Cod with his Brush Ups. He and Jen unite and share a brief kiss. They hang out on the beach, and Jen tells him that she was a little weirded out by his family. Ryan told her that he thought she should have asked his family more specific questions. Jen liked that Ryan was straight forward with her. Jen invites Ryan to the fantasy suite. They share dinner, and then champagne in a bubble bath. Don’t worry, folks, Jen was wearing a bathing suit.

Now the dates are done, and there’s a shocking twist: Jen wants to talk with each man privately before the rose ceremony. Whoa, don’t throw us too much of a curve ball! We’re still recovering from finding out that Ryan is addicted to Brush Ups! Anyway, nothing significant was uncovered by these meetings. Jen still is mystified by Jerry. That’s why she picks him and John Paul, and sends Ryan home. Jen walks Ryan out and tells him that her instincts told her that he just wasn’t the one. Ryan says he understands, but in the limo we find out otherwise. Basically he thinks she made a mistake and he’s very disappointed. You have to feel bad for the guy.

We’re down to the final two! But before we find out who comes out on top, next week we have The Men Tell All, where we’ll be reunited with Stu the Stalker, the Dueling Virgins, and Frenchie Fabrice, and the previews say that his sexuality will be discussed. This is going to be fun. The week after that is the finale. Both men will propose to her, and she’ll choose one. Who are you rooting for? Even though Jerry is yummy eye candy, I think she is best with John Paul (from what we see), which means she’ll pick Jerry. What do you think? Who will it be? What product will be advertised on next week’s show? Email me at Rachel@realityshack.com .


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