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Big Brother 14, Aug. 30 – Still a Judas …

Jenn mentions that her decision to take Dan off the block was probably the hardest move she's had to make thus far in the house. She loves Danielle to pieces, but it was a game move on her end. Julie has never seen anyone survive their own funeral before. Dan talks about feeling bad somewhat, but also says he's in debt to the rocker chick, and promises to not take it lightly, especially since his birthday is coming up this weekend, and he got an early gift from Jenn.

Julie mentions to Shane how he was shedding a lot of tears at Dan's funeral. He explains he was so emotional because of it being the Big Brother house. He knows Britney and Danielle were shedding tears behind him, and he got caught up in the mood. If you say so.

Britney talks about getting to fourth place on her season only because of the Brigade, meaning it's time to check in with them. There's Enzo, who created the Brigade, along with Matt, Lane, and Hayden, or Beast, Animal, Brain, and Meow-Meow. Enzo says they became brothers after this. They talk about what they did to Britney originally. Matt says he probably talks to her more than anyone else. Every year he has a big Halloween bash, and one year he decided to get dressed up as the creepy Britney pageant picture. Matt says if she didn't complain, they wouldn't love her.

The Brigade discuss the Quack Pack, and Enzo calls it a comparison between the Mighty Ducks and a tank. Lane would like to put Ian in a fanny pack and take him to a restaurant to do the math and figure out the tip. They trash Shane for wearing pink, and call Danielle a stalker because of her fatal attraction with Shane. They think Dan might win again as a werewolf in sheep's clothing. Enzo thinks Dan needs to shave his arms. The Brigade had loyalty, but the Quack Pack has nothing. Enzo thinks Britney needs to woman up and just battle it out. It might be too late for that.

Julie talks to Frank in the HoH bedroom. He's spent five weeks trying to get Dan out. He explains they were working together with Mike Boogie, and they thought it was him that ratted them out, but it turns out it was Ian. Finding that out, he just had to get Britney out. As far as his final two deal with Dan, he's just trying to build some trust in him, but might be getting him out as soon as possible. His relationship with Ian is different. He knows that Ian wants him out and he'll feel alone after Britney goes, and claims to have everyone on the bus to get Ian out. But he's forgetting he won't be HoH for the the next two weeks. Not a very good plan there.

Danielle gets to plead her case first. She says she has loved “the whole summer with y'all.” She wouldn't take anything back and would love nothing more than “to continue with y'all.” It has been miserable being on the block beside Britney who is beautiful inside and out, and no matter what, she'll always be one of her best friends.

Britney first says hello to her husband, friends and family, and the fans of Big Brother as well. To her fellow houseguests, she doesn't have the time or the big enough ego to host her own funeral, but she understands they all have to go in and do what's best in their game, and for no one else's. It's be a pleasure getting to know everyone. And to quote a very wise old man, “You'll always be Judas to me.” Slam on Dan.

Dan votes first. We know he will be voting out Britney, and he does. Jenn does the same. Ian votes to evict Danielle. Shane votes to evict Britney, and Joe does as well. Julie announces the votes, 4-1, that Britney is evicted. She hugs Danielle, then hugs Ian, Joe, and even Dan, and takes her leave.

Julie asks Britney about the Judas comment. As a lover of the game, Britney knows Dan had to do what he had to do to get off the block, but she's the one sitting out there so she isn't happy about it. Julie poses whether he is pure genius or pure evil. Britney claims both, and that because he's really good at the game and uses the Bible to do it. Julie notes Britney was Queen of the Castle just a few days ago then got the rug pulled out from under her. Britney figures her allegiance to Ian is what did her in. Neither Frank or Dan liked it. People thought it was threatening, and they were kind of an odd pair, but it worked. Britney doesn't regret it, because she knows he would have been good to her to the end of the game.

Julie asks how Britney could get blindsided again. Britney tried to be paranoid this time, but Dan's good. She wanted to prove this time she knew how to play the game, and did mastermind the eviction of two of the best to ever play the game. She didn't win, but she did do the best she could. They weren't easy decisions, but they did advance her in the game. She had a lot of influence over Ian and Shane's game. She thinks Ian can be a strong player if he just relaxes, while Shane is just going to follow someone else's lead. He's expendable, but he can't see that himself.

Boogie deserved Britney's goodbye message last week. Here's what the other houseguests left for her. Danielle tells her she is so sorry she had to leave, as she's her very best girlfriend in the house and she'll miss her every single day. Dan was in the Quack Pack until the very end, but what happened this past week made him have to stick to his guns and fight for himself. Her leaving isn't personal, and he respects her as a player in the house.

Shane knew from the moment she walked in and picked on him for wearing a woman's shirt, he knew they would be inseparable. This was a hard decision, but it's Danielle's first chance, and Britney's second in the game. Ian calls her one of the best people he's had the pleasure of meeting, and it's an honor to him have her in the house and be like an older sister to him. This season's true beauty has been evicted, and he will get the hairy orange beast out. (You to love that.)

It's an endurance comp for this next HoH. Frank is not eligible. They are hanging on swings while standing and are hovering around “the sun.” Thanks to viewers' votes, the first person to fall will have to open the box next to Frank and receive a punishment. Danielle and Ian already look like they'll be final two in his comp. The players start getting a spray tan while they circle around as well. Before the show is done, Joe has already fallen. Just as the credits are about to play, Jenn falls as well. Ian and Danielle still look very comfy.

Just one week ago, the entire house was against Frank. He turned it around this week, but to have given up next week's HoH as well doesn't bode well for him. Dan turned it around as well this week, and he's truly an amazing player, but he's not a comp-winner. He's a strategist. Without Britney, it remains to be seem if Ian can still run the show.

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