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Big Brother 14, Aug. 30 – Still a Judas …

Dan is playing a very dangerous game. He did what he had to to save his butt this week, but is that really a game move that will get him to the end? Last time he got there by just being the guy everyone forgot about, but that's not going to happen this time. He needs a different game, and I'm not sure if playing the a-hole card is going to get him there.

After Frank replaced Dan on the block with Britney, she tells the DR she's shocked, as she thought she was at Dan's funeral the night before, but then a giant carrot put her on the block right next to her best friend in the house. It's interesting, to say the least. Ian asks the DR what just happened, and now has a strong suspicion that Frank knows he's been playing both sides since the reset. This is bad.

Britney asks Danielle if she knew this was going to happen. Danielle says she didn't, but she's just acting like she didn't, because if people know she's still working with Dan, they'll evict her, because they all want him out.

Jenn and Frank celebrate in the HoH, and Dan celebrates in the arcade room … alone. He asks the DR if they understand what just happened with Jenn using the veto on him. His crazy plan worked, and he's in the house to stay. He's back stronger than ever. He considers getting the veto necklace from Jenn his finest hour in the house. He's not sure how he would ever top it.

Ian heads up to the HoH and tells Frank he's not too pleased. He doesn't know what Frank is doing. Frank believes Ian thought he was covered by all bases, but now Frank is going to send Britney home, and Ian will be by himself. Frank tells him he should have never gone against him. Ian pleads that he was working with him when he didn't use the veto. Frank knows, though, that the reason he didn't use it was because he he thought Britney was going up. Shane enters as Frank tells Ian if he's going to raise his voice to step outside. Britney stops him and hugs him and tells him it's okay, but he argues it's not.

Britney joins Dan in the arcade room. He tells her it's nothing personal, and she asks if she's the new target. He suggests she discuss it with the HoH. She pleads with him to be honest, saying she's been nothing but honest. He refuses, and she tells him he's being so cold. It's just a game and to her, yet it matters how you treat people. She wants him to know she'll remember that on the jury. He promises he's not treating her differently.

Ian is walking around promising to avenge this. Shane asks where Jenn came from, then gives Danielle sympathy, telling her now she'll have to deal with Dan in the house for another week. If she stays, as she tells him she's about to have a real nervous breakdown. He tells the DR he's in a real spot, as he has to either now vote out his coach who has been with him since the beginning, or his best friend in the house.

Britney heads up to the HoH to talk with Frank and Jenn. She tells them it is what it is. Its a game, and she understands. Jenn explains to “Snowflake” that she wanted to keep a bigger target in the house for her personal game. Frank tells her that if he gets her out, Ian will be alone and not covered. She pleads that Ashley was closer to Ian, but he argues not so close that he couldn't put her on the block with him, and he can't help think she had something to do with it. She argues she's not responsible for everyone's nominations, then cries that she's going to just lay down and die, and if they're looking for someone to protect them, she can do that.

Shane, Ian, Britney, and Joe are sitting downstairs talking, and when Frank comes down, Shane tells him he knows he was in a tough position. Ian jumps in and says it was a tough decision that Frank had several days to think about. Frank yells back that Ian had several days to know about voting out Boogie. Frank wants everyone to know what Ian is really like. He thought the others were taking advantage of him because he's just a kid, but it turns out he was really being sneaky. Ian argues it wasn't easy to vote out Boogie. He cried all day.

As Dan sits in the arcade room laughing at what he created, Ian and Frank continue to argue. Frank points out Ian voted out Boogie who gave him a key and $3000 that Frank passed up. Ian announces to everyone that if they let Frank get to the final two, he will win 7-0. Frank just loves that he's having a “fricking toe-to-toe” in a carrot costume. Ian flips him off … several times.

Britney tells Frank she's not even mad at him, because if anyone showed they were only out for number one, it was the guy who elbowed her in the face during the claw machine looking for quarters. She just doesn't want anyone to be under the misinterpretation that Dan is willing to do anything for anybody if it isn't the best thing for them.

During Dan's funeral, she was passing out tissues, and she only wishes it really had been his funeral. She is the biggest idiot. Ian argues she's not. Britney begs everyone to not forget that Dan has already won half a million dollars but is willing to slit everyone else's throat. Frank says the best thing about all this is the heat is on Dan, not him.

Britney keeps going, mocking Dan for asking people to be in an alliance, preaching death or dishonor … but death for you. Have an apple pie … but made of arsenic. Oh Danielle, the first night I saw you, I knew you wanted to be be on my team … you're dead to me. Britney knows in the rational part of her brain he's just really good at this game, but she hates him. She asks Dan inside if he has anything to say to her and wonders if maybe sorry is the word he's looking for. She realizes her biggest mistake was ever believing anything he said.

Joe hits up Shane and tells him he's the only one he trusts now. Shane shares his dilemma of voting out his coach or his best friend in the house. Joe tells him he'll have to make that call himself. Last week Joe promised Shane he would stick with him, and he had his back until the end, and he's still sticking with him. Shane knows he has the final decision on who's walking out the door.

Julie Chen goes live to the houseguests, and everyone is wearing endurance comp clothes, except Britney who is wearing a pink dress, so this one might have already been decided, and she's smart enough to know the score. Julie mentions to Ian about the explosion between him and Frank and asks what the mood of the house is right now. Ian thinks it's gotten better, but it's more tense than a few weeks ago.