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Survivor Palau – A Preview of What’s to Come

by aurora

The premiere of the highly anticipated tenth installment of Survivor is less than 48 hours away. We’ve been promised some new twists and ‘never-happened-before’ events, including a shark fight and three castaways leaving the show in the first hour. Here’s a quick look at what we know so far.

** Spoiler Warning! **

Although this article doesn’t contain any information that hasn’t been published elsewhere, it does contain some material that people could consider spoilers. If you hate finding anything out until after the fact, then don’t read any further!

To kick things off in the islands of Palau, twenty Survivors (the most in one season so far) will be abandoned, literally. Jeff Probst will drop them off, bid them farewell, and leave. The group will have to fend for themselves right off the bat, with only the clothes on their backs, and try to survive the elements as one very large tribe. After that, things will really get interesting.

Presumably after a challenge, tribes will be picked. The tribe captains will be the winners of the challenge, and the last two people remaining after two tribes of nine have been chosen will be asked to leave. No votes, no choice; just gone.

Challenges this season will be tougher than ever, and will mostly take place in the water. According to Canoe.ca, Probst has said “The visibility underwater was so good we decide to pull out a lot of challenges we have been sitting on. In the first three or four episodes we have some of the most physical challenges I think we have ever put on in terms of endurance and needing to be physically fit.” This bodes well for those of tired of seeing the strongest players eliminated early.

On top of all this, there have been tales of a shark attack, where one survivor battles a shark and eventually kills it. The shark is apparently a bit larger than the one Richard Hatch caught in All-Stars.

Probst has also promised that the “underlying theme” this season is choices and their consequences. With the setting a backdrop of World War II heritage, expect another theme of war and a tribute to the area and the heroes who fought there.

Personally speaking, I’ll be happy if there are more people who are there to play the game than to promote a future, obscure acting or modelling career. This is Survivor, and strategy, cunning, and planning will always win out over a pretty face and self-righteous attitude.

We have also just learned that there will be another premiere this Thursday night. The Survivor Talk Show, hosted by WeLoveBigBrother.com, goes live to air immediately following Survivor, from 9-9:30pm ET. It will be rebroadcast in each time zone after the premiere airs in that area. The special guest for the first show will be America’s favourite Survivor, Rupert Boneham.

To listen to the broadcast, tune in at mms:// – and if you have a question for Rupert you can e-mail info@welovebigbrother.com, or call 1.866.697.2256 toll free and leave a voice recording.

For more information on the Survivor Talk Show, visit www.welovebigbrother.com. And for weekly boot predictions, episode recaps, and weekly commentary on Survivor: Palau, keep visiting us here at RealityShack!

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