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So You Think You Can Dance, Aug. 29 – Jesse’s Fanboy Heaven

Eliana is from Palm Beach, Florida, and from a big family, although once her parents divorced, it was just her and her mom, and they are extremely close. She got an opportunity to go to New York when she was 16 to go to Joffrey Ballet School, and she went, but it was hard to leave her mom. It was hard from her mom as well, but she wanted Eliana to start living her dream. They feel her time on the show solidifies that experience. She dances her solo to Infra 8 by Max Richter. This is another person whose solos we hadn't gotten to see, because she's never been in the bottom group of contestants.

Chehon is paired iwth Anya on a tango. He was really confident when he came in the room, then decided he didn't know anything about it and that he'd have to learn it step by step. They dance to Breathing Below Surface by Jesse Cook. I don't have a trained eye, but I would never guess he wasn't a ballroom dancer. They are amazing together and have that chemistry that Alex and Lindsey didn't have. They get a well-deserved standing O from the judges.

Mary remarks that there was something really special about this moment, and says the hair went up on her arm. It was quite a different Argentine tango and was brilliant. It was like the perfect storm with quietness, then was building and building and then got to the lift. It was just amazing and is her favorite number of the night. They've been after Chenon all season about performance, and now he's on the train.

Jesse asks how insane the performances are tonight. He's stressing out and needs another drink. It was such a strong performance with strong footwork that he wrongfully calls nachos. He is inviting Chehon on his hot jalapeño bus.

Nigel has to congratulate Miriam and Leonardo for the routine for taking beautiful, classical lines and putting it in the routine. Chehon was certainly in his element, because of the things he learned in classical. What Nigel loved was the connection that he's asking for from everyone else. At one point Chehon and Anya just looked in each other's eyes, and Nigel saw the connection. And to do it in front of his mother, it must have made her very proud.

Cyrus was born in Dallas and lived with his mom and siblings. His parents separated, so he'd have to visit his dad in the summer. He loved him so much, but he passed away when Cyrus was 10, and it was the worst thing that ever happened to him. His mom helped him out and even showed him his first dance “wave.” It made him feel good to dance, and she supported it one-hundred percent. Going through all this has made him who he is today and and allowed him to mature. He dances his solo to Existence (VIP) by Excision & Downlink, and does the whole thing in his own unique style. Jesse claps for him robot-style.

Tiffany and Adé are combinging for a Mandy Moore routine tonight. They'll be doing the routine to an epic song everyone knows, and it makes Tiffany want to just sing and not dance. She dares us not to sing along. They're dancing to Celine Dion's Power of Love. Their partnering here is just terrific. Then again, it's Adé. They're definitely celebrating love. It's another judges' standing O, which seems to embarrass Tiffany.

Jesse sings “That was amazing. Those moves are insane.” He moves on to speaking, calling out the lifts and saying the partner work was insane, and it made his rotator cuffs hurt just watching it. He's so sick of standing and has no idea how they're going to do this. He wants to leave.

Mary tells Tiffany she's extraordinary. On this show, that is her best performance of the season. It had a lot to do with her extraordinary technique matched with Mandy Moore. The choreography built the structure that she could dance a fabulous number. The assisted lift just seemed like it was bouncing off the clouds, and she made it seem so effortless. Mary wants Tiffany to know how special she is.

When Nigel saw this pairing with Adé, and little Tiffany, he knew it would be fantastic. And it was. She's a beautiful technical dancer and a beautiful performer. To quote One Direction, she doesn't know beautiful she is. There's such a humbleness to her, that she just gets on with the work and just does it. There's no boucning around and asking people to look at her. There's focus, and it's beuatifully done. She's a real credit to the program.

All the dancers take the stage to find out who is in the bottom. Witney is called out first, followed by Eliana, Lindsey, and Tiffany. Lindsey and Witney step forward and are the bottom two. Eliana and Tiffany have made it through.

Moving on to the guys, it's between Cole, Will, Cyrus, and Chehon. Cyrus and Chehon step forward, but they are the two who are safe. Will and Cole are the bottom two. Wow. That's a tough choice. No wonder Jesse wanted to leave.

Going to the ballroom girls first, Lindsay and Witney, they've known each other a long time and grew up together in competitions, and have been in this situation before. Nigel tells them they've both had incredible seasons, and Mary is thrilled that two ballroom dancers have gotten this far. He looks forward to seeing both of them on the tour. They have decided to keep Witney, meaning Lindsay is going home. She laughs and cries at the same time. That's how you know it's been a good run.

Moving on to the guys. Nigel mentions there couldn't be two more diverse characters than Will and Cole. It's the last week of judging, as next week it's up solely to the viewers to decide who makes it to the finale, leaving the judges with the toughest decision tonight. They have spoken with the judges and choreographers and are deciding to keep Cole. Will is laughing of course, as Cat calls him the giant puppy that they couldn't love any more than they do.

Meanwhile, Cole looks like he is about to barf. Whether it's because he feels badly that he stayed, or because he's so relieved that he came so close to leaving is unclear. But if you look at the girls, it's clear the female winner is going to be either Tiffany or Eliana, and if you look at the guys, it seems like it might be Cyrus. He's the only guy to not fall into the bottom group yet. It could still go another way, but that seems to be what America is deciding so far.

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