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So You Think You Can Dance, Aug. 29 – Jesse’s Fanboy Heaven

Chehon Wespi-Tschopp grew up in Switzerland, but was born in Chicago. They started the family by adopting him and his two brothers. The family might look different than others' families, but he couldn't have asked for better parents. He is thankful for everything they've given them. Around the age of 14 he said goodbye to his parents to go to the Royal Ballet School of London. It was hard for his parents to let him go, but they knew they had to. It's his biggest wish for them to come to the show to see him dance.

Tonight, Chehon dances to On the Nature of Daylight by Max Richter. There is no way his parents could be regretting their decision to let him go. And there his mom is in the audience. This solo gets a standing O from the judges. He admits to Cat he tried so hard with this because it's the first time his mom has been here to see him.

Lindsey joins Alex Wong on another Sonya routine, this time jazz. The story is about tension between two people. They're sultry and smouldering and have a lot of sexual attention between them. It's going to be about attacking it. They dance to Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye feat. Kimbra. It's not sexy in the way you would expect, but still sexy nonetheless. In the only way it could be with Sonya attached to it, probably.

Nigel thinks it was terrific choreography and loved the song, as it had all the tension in it. He thought Lindsey and Alex had great technique, but he personally didn't feel their sexual tension. He didn't get the feeling that they were really frustrated with each other, and the only way he can help them with that is to tell them to look at Allison's performance. Lindsey has the ability to be a fantastic dancer if she can now add on that second layer.

Mary agrees and begs for the boos. It's a no in the chemistry department for sure, but what it was was a lot of really great dancing without a doubt. There is an intensity and clarity of movement, and good partnership as far as connection with lead and the follow, but it was missing that extra element they need to push Lindsey into in that next step up.

Jesse tells Lindsey she's ding dong dorable and is so cute. Looking at her parents, they're so proud. Utah is empty, as they all seem to be in the studio right now. He's in fanboy heaven with two Sonya routines, and Twitch and Allison. He echoes the opionions about the chemistry, feeling it was only seventy-five percent there. Technically it was one-hundred percent with gold stars plus plus plus, but they want to see her let lgo and have that emotional connection.

Will gets a chance to work with Lauren on a Christopher Scott hip hop. The choreographer explains Will's character has a lot of problems and is going to dance away his pain. Lauren's character is that little piece of his mind that gets him through it. Will knows one of his problems has been showing the serious side to him. The guy just can't keep a smile off his face. He attempts to tonight with a song backdrop of Dance My Pain Away by Wye Oka. He dances in front of a couch, with her being behind him, literally as his spirit. It's a frustrated pain, not so much a physical pain.

Mary loves the routine; it was very intriguing and had great musicality. She just loved the feel she got from the two of them. Will is outside his style, too. She's harped on him, and they've harped on him, that his style is too big. But tonight it was articulate and precise. When he was sitting on the coffee table, all the movement was so perfect. He had it really tight tonight. She saw his parents with signs saying “Will Power,” and he does have the power. He just has to believe in himself.

Jesse says ironically it's the same way he breaks in his living room furniture. Will is ridiculously adorable like an adorable puppy covered in puppies that are like stickers that say I'm an adorable puppy, wearing a hat that says I'm an adorable puppy. Sometimes he plays it up a bit, but to see him be more seroius and stripped down, and watching his package earlier that said danced saved his life, he's an example of why arts are so important in school. It touched Jesse to hear that and thinks his story will touch a lot of people.

Nigel mentions it was a tough routine to do because he wasn't dancing with his partner, as his partner was a part of him. They never got to actually shadow each other; they were just focused on what they were dong. It was tough to carry on and do. Sometimes Will's personality is so terrific, it can appear cheesy on occasion, but he really contained that this week. He loved the concept of the routine and the concept that when you're feeling down, a little part of your brain sparks up and Lauren appears. He'll be down later and hopes Lauren appears. He predicts that Will won't be feeling down tonight.

Witney is from a small town in Utah and lives with her parents, brothers, and sister, and has a huge family. Her mom explains she was the life of the party as a child, and that's why she put her in dance. She's been dancing ever since. Her dad struggles a little bit watching her in these sexy dances and doesn't like the hot tamale thing so much. She dances to Where Have You Been by Rihanna. Well, he's probably not enjoying her solo.

Cole grew up in Honolulu with his parents and two older siblings. He was shy and awkward as a kid and was picked on. After he was bullied, his parents put him in martial arts. It was his savings grace and the one thing he was good at. Medaling in the Junior Olympics gave him the confidence he needed. His mom explains Cole got into dancing because he wanted to be an actor, and this is where he came up with the martial arts fusion style. He dances his fusion to Arise by E.S. Posthumus. He's as terrific as always.

Cyrus “Glitch” Spencer got together this week with last yaer's champ, Melanie, on a Mandy Moore jazz routine. Mandy explains it's a fast-placed routine about two cool people strutting their way through town. Cyrus had no idea jazz could be this athletic. They dance tonight to Badder Badder Schwing by Fresh feat. Fatboy Slim. They are amazing together and have fantastic energy.

Jesse tells Cyrus he's dancing with one of the show's most magnetic dancers, yet his charisma and spirit, as well as his pants, kept his eyes on him. He doesn't know if he'll win this whole thing, but he's one of those people like Twitch, Legacy, Mark, and Chelsie who will be synonymous with the show forever. He's so unique he rises to the occasion like a lot of dancers will do, but no one can do what he can.

Nigel agrees it's the personality in Cyrus that grabs us. He's a little people magnet. He just grabs everyone. He's never been in the bottom three, so America must love him. He thinks he's improved tremendously, and in the end he still won't be the best dancer. It's never about the being the best; it's about being America's favorite dancer. Nigel points out how Fosse-esque the dance was, and Cyrus doesn't even know who Fosse is. Nigel tells him to do some homework to not lose the heritage. Mandy is told it's a fantastic routine.

Mary mentions how they called Melanie the beast last season, and she still is. They have to remember Cyrus is an animator, and every week he's outside of their style. They're not going to have that style, as what he does is so difficult, that they're all in complete awe wen he dances. Everything wasn't completely perfect, but what he does is extraordinary. That he can have the type of spirit to even remember this choreography blows her mind.