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What’s Hot on TV Tonight – Republican National Convention

No matter what side you're on, liberal, conservative, or refusing to take either of those two choices, the Republican National Convention tonight should be interesting. Some viewers will be happy; some will be definitely angry. For those who don't care, watch the season finale of Teen Mom. Catch up with all the TV you may have missed at TV-Links.

1. Live! With Kelly. Jerry O'Connell is the guest cohost, and Ben Stiller and Michael Ealy are today's guests. Syndicated, check local listings.

2. America's Got Talent. The first twelve semifinalists perform. 7:00 PM CT NBC

3. Pretty Little Liars Garrett's murder trail begins, turning Rosewood into a media spectacle, and someone close to Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer turns out to be working with “A.” 7:00 PM CT ABC Family

4. Craft Wars. Kitchen supplies are used to make food-and-wine themed display. 7:00 PM CT TLC

5. MasterChef. The cooks group into two teams to make a meal for the judges and three well-respected chefs, the losing team then competes against each other. 8:00 PM CT Fox

6. White Collar. An enemy of Peter's hires a political fixer to sabotage the trial. 8:00 PM CT USA

7. Face Off. The artists create pirate makeups, competing to win $5,000. 8:00 PM CT Syfy

8. TV Guide Magazine's Top 25 Best Oprah Show Moments. Moments 25-18. Unforgettable guests, the Sound of Music cast reunion, Mattie Stepanek, Oprah's favorite childhood teacher, controversial moments, James Frey, and Little Rock Nine. 8:00 PM CT OWN

9. Beverly Hills Nannies. The nannies are rattled by Kristin and Amber's battle. 8:00 PM CT ABC Family

10. Mysteries at the Museum Special. Don Wildman revisits the most fascinating secrets tucked away in New England museums. Whether it’s a hatchet said to have been used in one of the most infamous murders in the country, a dress that may be proof of an alien encounter, or a catalogue that holds the key to winning millions, these are some of the most mysterious stories in the Northeast. 8:00 PM CT Travel Channel

11. Top Gear. The guys head to the narrow streets of New Orleans to try out small cars, and also hunt and survive amongst the Cajun country locals. 8:00 PM CT HISTORY

12. Dance Moms. A newbie and her mom arrive at the stdio, and Paige's doctor lets her dance in a competition. 8:00 PM CT Lifetime

13. Republican National Convention. From Tampa, FL. 9:00 PM CT Major Networks and News Channels

14. Covert Affairs. Annie goes on a trip with Simon to Cuba to find out more about his plans. 9:00 PM CT USA

15. Collection Intervention. Joe and Rebekah who own 30,000 comics, and Dahveed discovers his toy-selling business isn't going well when Elyse arrives to help him earn a profit. 9:00 PM CT Syfy>

16. Abby & Brittany. Series premiere. In the first half hour, the girls celebrate their 22nd birthday with their friends. In the second half hour, the girls visit family and friends in the Lone Star state and get ready for their first job interview ever. 9:00 PM CT TLC

17. Counting Cars. In the first half half hour, Danny takes on his first boat and goes all out on a custom trike frame, and a look at the Plymouth Sunbird, and . In the second half hour, a visit from Elvira, and a custom Ford F-100 isn't done in time for it to be picked up by a couple who have traveled cross country for it. 9:00 PM CT HISTORY

18. The Week the Women Went. The men renovate the town's train station with help from the nearby Oyotunji African village. 9:00 PM CT Lifetime

19. All the Right Moves. Teddy flirts with Kyle's girlfriend, breaking the bro code, Taja threatens to quit, and Travis faces his solo-dancing fear. 9:00 PM CT Oxygen

20. Teen Mom. Amber has second thoughts about giving Gary full custody, Catelynn and Tyler reflect on the adoption, Farrah misses Sophia, and Ryan discusses the custody arrangement with Maci. 9:00 PM CT MTV

21. The Burn with Jeff Ross. Jimmy Kimmel, Jim Norton, Mary Lynn Rajskub, and Bobby Lee help Jeff roast the week's topics, and they he roasts nightclub bouncers. 9:30 PM CT Comedy Centralp>22. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The guests tonight are Lisa Kudrow, Owl City, and Carly Rae Jepsen. 10:35 PM CT NBC