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Wickedly Perfect Episode #6 – The Remodeling Challenge

It’s day 16 at the Connecticut estate. Denise says she wants to ‘ramp up’ her crew on Team Artisan for the next challenge. Meanwhile, Darlene from the Crafty Beavers is having an impromptu sing along while her teammate Mitch plays piano.

The Wickedly Perfect contestants assemble in the kitchen where Joan Lunden meets to tell them about the next challenge. Both teams will remodel bedrooms in the estate’s carriage house. There is also a “great room” in the carriage house that is divided in half with a curtain. On Team Artisan’s side of the divided room they will create a dining room and fitness center. As for the Crafty Beavers’ side of the room, they will design a home office and media center. The teams have to create at least one piece of original art, and a bed with a custom headboard made from scratch.

This time the teams will be sharing tools in the shop in order to complete their projects. Each team has $15,000 to spend on supplies at Sears. This challenge will be judged on creativity, ingenuity, and overall craftsmanship. For the individual projects, the contestants will have to gift wrap a box. The catch is they can’t use wrapping paper. With 48 hours until the judges arrive, the teams get to work.

Darlene, who was moved from Team Artisan to the Crafty Beavers last episode, says she feels like a newcomer. Mitch says Darlene has a lot of energy and is like a ‘jumping bean’. Dawn and Kimberly start working on fixing up their team’s bedroom. While scraping old paint off a couple of doors they discover that the doors are made of really nice wood. The ladies plan to spend hours meticulously scraping and refinishing the doors. Their teammate Denise worries that they will waste too much time on the doors and not be able to work on the other projects. Denise wins out and they end up covering the doors with a fresh coat of paint.

In the shop, Kimberly and Mitch are working separately on their teams’ projects when Mitch realizes he’s out of staples needed to finish making his ottoman. He asks Kimberly if she would give him some of her staples in exchange for some of his wood molding. She agrees because she needs more molding to complete the headboard of her bed. Kimberly’s headboard is coming along nicely, but Team Artisan’s Denise and Dawn joke that Mitch’s headboard, which is covered in pink fabric, looks like the top of a casket.

Judges Candace Bushnell, David Evangelista, and Bobby Flay arrive and check out the Crafty Beavers’ work first. Candace says she’s not crazy about the textured wall in the home office that Darlene worked so hard to create. Candace says she likes the stripes Mitch painted on the walls in the bedroom and the ottoman he made which can be opened to serve as a storage area. However, Bobby says he thinks the rooms are too monochromatic. The Crafty Beavers’, who have been called by the judges ‘all flash’, say they went with a more subdued color palette this time to show their diversity.

The judges visit Team Artisan and all agree that they love the headboard Kimberly made. David says the bed they built is very comfortable, but that the colors used in the bedroom are a bit flat. Bobby and Candace are not impressed with the home gym because the only type of exercise equipment in the room is a treadmill. The team had bought a weight machine at Sears but couldn’t figure out how to put it together so they didn’t use it. Oops.

Time for the verdict and the judges pick the Crafty Beavers as the winning team. They decide that Kimberly’s and Denise’s individual projects are the weakest so Dawn will have to vote one of them off the show. Before Team Artisan heads out to the Rock Garden, Mitch pulls Dawn aside and tries to convince her to kick her good friend Kimberly out. He tells her to play with her head, not her heart. It turns out Dawn voted with her heart instead and voted Denise off the show.

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