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Paranormal Witness, August 22 – Theatre Haunting

Before Blair could push any buttons, the basement button lights up! He freaked out and wondered what was wrong with the elevator. He got off the elevator and yelled out “hello,” but there was no one there. It was dark and creepy, and he was alone. Blair was very alone and very nervous. He got back on the elevator and headed back his office while something flashed on the camera. Brief and quick.

As if Blair’s night wasn’ strange enough, his filing cabinets all began to open and slam shut, one after the other. Officer Murphy realized no that he was not crazy. Dave was near the end of his training period and on the second tier with Officer Matthews. He asked him “Do you ever get the feeling you are being watched?”

The two officers began to share their stories and experiences. Officer Murphy wanted to bring his friend Greg in. He had a gift! Greg Gittens was called in by Officer Murphy and did not tell Greg anything. He came into this “cold.” Greg walked around and examined the old theatre.

Greg looked a bit freaked out; well the reenactment version looked freaked out! Greg stepped on the stage and told the officers that there were many people in the theatre and stairs that led down underneath the stage to the actors’ dressing rooms. They walked down the hall to a room with a door that was open about a foot. It suddenly slammed shut!

Both of the officers reached for their weapons. The door handle started to rattle. They were both rattled and shook up! How do you explain any of this? They continued to make their way down the hall, and Greg said it began to get “warm” in the same place where Officer Matthews kept smelling smoke. Greg asked if there was ever a fire and if anyone ever started a fire in the theatre. He then saw a young man in the corner of the room.

This was their validation! Greg had seen and felt what they heard and saw. This was not in the job description for the officers. Officer Matthews was pushed over the ledge when the county installed new cameras that could see in the dark, and after Greg had left, things got crazy! The infrared camera began picking up everything imaginable.

One night Officer Matthews noticed a figure sitting in one of the rows that had looked like he was “enjoying a show.” Suddenly the figure 
shot across towards the theatre. That was the final straw for Officer Matthews. He no longer wanted to work there.

You always feel comfortable if you have a partner to back you up, but  now Officer Murphy was alone. He would come in and lock up and turn the lights off, then hours later the lights would be back on and the doors would open! He did not feel safe or secure and did not know what was going on.

He was guarding this massive old haunted theatre by himself. He hears old music one night, “rag time music” as he described it! He looked around and inspected everything, but there was no one around. This was insane! He made his way down the east side stairwell, and the music was getting louder. He heard the piano playing until the piano cover slammed shut! He inspects the piano because he saw and heard something!

He did not want to be in the building anymore. He told his sergeant that if he ever put him in the theatre again, “I’ll quit!” Officer Murphy was done.  Officer Josh Thomas replaced him in the theatre. The first night he worked there he had cleared the building, locked the doors and turned off the lights. Officer Murphy was in his patrol car and decided to check on Josh.

Josh told Officer Murphy the elevator was moving. He turns his sirens on and races to the theatre. (This is like CopsI meets Ghostbuster) Officer Murphy had no desire to go back in that theatre, but Officer Thomas met him at the door with wide eyes. They went in to investigate with their weapons drawn! They should have called Robocop, then Officer Murphy would have got his ghost!

Officer Thomas saw something run by him and asked Officer Murphy if he saw it, but he didn’t. Officer Thomas heard whispering. Officer Murphy assured him that he did not say anything. Officer Thomas looked at Officer Murphy and told him there was something behind him (cover your eyes! Ohhh so scary!)

Murphy slowly turned around and he saw … nothing! Officer Thomas saw a figure of a person with sunken eyes. Officer Murphy decided he wanted to answer. No one wanted to talk to him, but a man walked up to him and handed him a piece of paper, telling him to contact him if he was still alive. Officer Murphy went to meet stagehand Doug Morgan, a bearded light-hearted man who was prepared to give Officer Murphy answers.

Doug started working at the theatre in 1948 and was an usher at the time. One day he was running a few errands, and when he returned to the theatre it was surrounded by fire trucks. The fire had started in the basement. There was a movie being shown, and a boy by the name of Richard Duffin who went back in to help the people had died. About six hundred people had to be evacuated.

Richard had been trapped in the basement and was overcome by the smoke as he tried to help get people out. Doug believed Richard was a very brave man. Officer Murphy knew now he was not crazy and everything started to make sense. Officer Murphy was told by other officers that he needed to learn to “shut his mouth” but he couldn’t! He needed to tell his story and tell others what he and his fellow officers went through!

Doesn’t it make everyone want to see a show? Until next time, sleep well folks and don’t miss next week’s episode of Paranormal Witness, Wednesday at 10/9c on the Syfy channel. May your nightmares inspire you.

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