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Paranormal Witness, August 22 – Theatre Haunting

On tonight’s episode of Paranormal Witness, we meet a Salt Lake City man and his partners. They find themselves investigating a crime of a different kind! The supernatural kind! No matter who you are, when something otherworldly occurs, not every person knows how to handle it. Even police officers have their own approach.

The events on tonight’s episode took place around 2006 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Officer Dave Murphy of the Sherriff’s Department said, “I always wanted to work in law enforcement. It’s kind of a cliche thing, but I wanted to do it ever since I was a child.” Dave’s numerous assignments included keeping watch over Salt Lake City’s numerous county facilities, and one of his first assignments was the infamous Capitol Theatre.

Dave had met Officer Matthews, who was familiar with the theatre and was assigned to work with Dave.  Despite the bright exterior, the theatre was old and is a part of Salt Lake’s history. 

Dave began his shift with Officer Matthews, who essentially was training Dave until he could work alone. Officer Murphy said the first thing he noticed in the theatre was the view from the stage when the house lights were turned on.

Officer Morgan Matthews said Dave was “eager to learn,” and he wanted to get right to work. There are surveillance cameras throughout the entire theatre. The officers were able to sit in the control room and watch everything that goes on. When their shift began, the first thing the two officers would do is lock down the entire theatre and check every nook and cranny to ensure there were no intruders.

They headed downstairs to what the officers referred to as “the catacombs.” (Oh yeah lets go right there! No thank you!) The basement was massive. They would walk around and inspect everything, but the two officers did not say much to each other except for details about what the job entailed for Dave.

Dave felt like he was “holding something back” when he talked about Officer Matthews. Dave decided one night he would just work on his own! “I can do this!” (Oh Lord, turn on all the lights and grab a flashlight, just in case!) Dave made his rounds and thought he had this down pat! The building was locked down. Dave headed back to the control room and locked himself in the control room (smart man!!!) He watched the security cameras, took some notes and of course something happened!

Dave decided to do rounds again and heard a noise! He made his way to the rehearsal rooms and stuck his head in quickly to make sure no one was there. Everything was all good until SLAM! The door slammed loudly and Dave looked around to see if anyone was around him, then radioed to Officer Matthews that someone slammed the door.

Dave started to overthink, then realized the doors were on hydraulics and couldn’t be slammed. He drew his gun (can you shoot ghosts?). Where is Bill Murray when you need him?! Back in the control room, Matthews was checking the cameras and saw “nothing!” Matthews headed to where Dave was already locked and loaded.

Dave’s adrenaline was going and he was armed and heading towards the room where he now had a strong impression that someone was in the room. This was his duty, and he was going to protect and serve! Matthews was on his way to the men’s room where Dave was still armed and by himself. He said he felt sick, and the hair on his arm was standing up. 

Dave said he felt a cold go right through him, so he decided to identify himself. He yelled, “Sherriff’s department, come out now!” That didn’t work so well in POLTERGEIST! He felt pure evil. I would like to know one thing. Why doesn’t anyone ever turn on the damn lights? Seriously folks. Officer Murphy was joined by Officer Matthews. They kicked the other stall open and no one was in there! Okay now what?

They decided to investigate and check things out and did a full sweep. The officers headed to the second floor. Officer Murphy had just turned off all of the lights and locked the doors, but to his surprise (go ahead an insert a shocked gasp here!) the lights were all on and the doors all open! Officer Murphy admits now that he may have held a few things back (ya think?) but he needed to maintain his credibility!

Officer Matthews was back in the control room and started to hear voices. The voices were whispering and almost as if they wanted to keep their conversation private. The hairs on the back of his neck were standing up and his heart racing! At the time, he thought, “something or someone is messing with me!” He knew he was not crazy and believed what he heard.

He headed to the dressing room where the voices were coming from, and it just happens to be the creepy basement! He no longer heard the voices. There were no windows and no way in or out from the basement. Officer Murphy smelled smoke. A pyromaniac ghost? Really, let’s hope not!

Officer Matthews was second guessing himself and had started his shift. He spotted a man at the end of the hall talking to two women and heard the word “ghost!” Officer Murphy introduces himself to the man, Blair Fuller, who had some previous supernatural experiences at the theatre.

Officer Murphy began to question Blair who began to tell him his stories. Blair would work late at the theatre, and just outside of the main office was an elevator. He was alone, mind you! Blair got in alone, and the elevator opened to his floor. He knew that it would take thirty to forty seconds for the alarm to go off if the elevator stayed open that long. Blair checked the elevator and decided to get in.


My name is Janel, I have been writing and published for many years. I wrote two poetry books. I was the Associate Editor of my college newspaper. I hope to write my life story one day and finish it.