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Project Runway Season 10, Ep. 6 – Real Women and a Real Jerk

Last week on Project Runway, the designers had to work in teams to make collections suitable for a professional woman.  More specifically, they had to make a collection suitable for a professional woman who reads Marie Claire.  The designers also had to do their own photoshoot.  Team 6 won the privilege of having their photoshoot published in Marie Claire.  Melissa won individual immunity while Raul was sent home.

The next morning the designers get up.  Dmitry tells us that he really wants to win a challenge– and that he’s starting to lose confidence in his abilities.

On the runway, Heidi greets everybody and then tells them they are going to have different clients.  A group of men and women troop onto the stage, and Heidi explains that they are not the clients, but the friends of the clients.  These people all have a friend they believe is in dire need of a make-over.  With that news, Heidi sends everybody to the workroom to see Tim.

Tim starts off by introducing the designers to Johnny Lavoy, a hair stylist.  He and his team have been working on the models’ hair all season.  He explains the challenge is a hair and clothing makeover.  The designers, of course, will provide the clothes, while Johnny and Co. will do the hair.  Part of the challenge is to make sure the clothes and hairstyles complement each other.

Tim explains the rest of the rules.  They’ll have thirty minutes to talk to their clients, thirty minutes and $150.00 to shop at Mood, and the usual day to complete the challenge.  The designers don’t get to pick their clients, as they’ve already been randomly assigned to them.

Sonjia gets Amanda, a tomboy who likes sweatshirts.  She describes herself as “short and pear-shaped.”  She also dislikes shopping.  She and Sonjia eventually agree on a dress.  Elena’s client is Jenna, who wants something colorful– and is wearing a top that could just about make one’s eyes bleed.  Christopher meets Kate, who wants a jacket and a dress suitable for work.

Ven gets Terri, a mother of four who wants a “business casual” look suitable for the office.  Ven is not at all happy to meet her, and sneers, “You know these women have wide waistlines and hip lines.”  Excuse me?!  Have you looked at yourself lately, pal?!  You’re no skinny Minnie, either, buster.  He goes on to add that he’s used to designing for models.  It figures.  Every time Project Runway does a “regular person” challenge, there’s always at least one designer who balks at having to make clothes for somebody who isn’t five feet ten and rail-thin.  In Season 9, Olivier actually needed an education concerning bra sizes because he was so flummoxed by his client’s sizable chest.

Dmitry’s client, Angela, tells him that she likes comfortable clothes with contrasting colors.  Alicia gets Martina, who wants something that will help her meet a man.  Melissa’s client, Kandace, asks for a dress.  Nathan’s client, Lian, is an R&B singer who wants something sexy she can wear on stage.  She’s delighted to hear that Nathan has a musical background himself.  Fabio’s client, Ko-Rely, is an androgynous woman who doesn’t want anything too sexy.  Gunnar gets Kim, who tells him that she’s nervous and excited.  Gunnar tells us that he thinks this could be a fun challenge and that he likes designing for the average woman.

The designers then head out to Mood for their traditional thirty minutes of shopping.  Fabio has decided to do color-blocking and hunts down as many shades of gray as he can.  Ven tells us that buying fabric for a plus-sized woman is challenging.  Dude, get used to it.  The average American woman wears a size 14.  Nathan tells us that his client wants a form-fitting dress with an exposed midriff and cut-outs.  Oy.  He’s got my sympathies, for the judges are not going to like that at all.

Back at Parson’s, it’s time for the clients’ hair makeovers.  Melissa thinks her client would look good with red hair.  Ven thinks Terri needs more volume in her ‘do.  Fabio asks for an asymmetrical bob for Ko-Rely.  Tim pops in to tell the designers they have until 11:00 to finish their looks.  Ven whines that Dmitry has a thinner client than he does and goes on about how “unfair” that is.  Act your age, not your shoe size, Ven.  You’re 28.  Act like it.

Gunnar talks about his younger brother.  They’d had a strained relationship until the latter joined the military.  Fabio takes time to call his lover, Jason, and to say hi to their calico cat.

Tim comes in to make his rounds and he starts with Nathan, who tells him about his client wanting an exposed midriff.  Tim shudders when he hears this and warns Nathan against vulgarity.  Christopher is making a jacket and dress, while Elena is working on a high-waisted garment.  Gunnar tells Tim that his client, Kim, had asked for something bold.  Tim approves of his efforts.  Ven tells us that he thinks Gunnar’s construction skills need work.  Whatever, pal.

Fabio shows off his color-blocked dress and Tim seems to like it.  Sonjia is making a draped dress.  She’s a bit worried since her client, Amanda, is shorter than her usual clients.  Tim agrees she will have to watch her proportions.  Ven, still upset, tells Tim that he’s never made clothes for a “real woman” before.  He goes on to say that Terri has no shape and no sense of style.  He calls her “plus-size,” and Tim tells him that size 14 isn’t really plus-size; it’s “on the cusp.”  Tim then adds that clothes can provide an “optical illusion.”  That means that the right outfit can make a heavy person look slimmer.

Alicia has been cheerfully working on her look and Tim is surprised by the pink fabric she’s chosen as it’s not her usual style.  Last up is Dmitry, who is making a blue dress.  Tim thinks it might be too conservative.

With that it’s time for the clients to come in and try on their duds.  All of them have their new hair-dos.  Fabio and Elena’s clients are both pleased with their new outfits.  Alicia’s client loves the pale pink dress she’s made.  Nathan’s client likes the color scheme he’s chosen for her look.  Ven does compliment Terri on her new hairstyle– and then humiliates her by having her try on a bunch of belts, all of which are too small for her.  Oh, come on!  Belts come in sizes, too.  Try checking them beforehand, idiot.  Ven then complains that the accessories are all too small for Terri– whiles she’s standing right there.  Jackass.  Gunnar speaks for everybody by DRing that Ven is being rude to his client.

The following morning, the designers get ready to leave their apartment– and Ven is still complaining about his client’s girth.  He complains during the prep time, too– and Terri tells him that he’s embarrassing her.  Christopher tells us that he thinks Ven is being very rude.

On the runway, Heidi introduces the guest judge, Alice Temperly, an English fashion designer.  With that, it’s time to start the show.

Nathan made a mini-dress out of shiny, royal blue satin.  He wove strips of the satin in a diagonal pattern across the front.  The shoulders and long sleeves are made of a translucent black material that looks a bit like pantyhose.  The dress also has black panels down the sides.