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Real World Philadelphia, Episode 22 – We All Hate Mel Anyway

by DrivenAmbition

This weeks’ dramatic episode opened with Mel walking in the house with those strange friends of hers from that bar that none of the other roommates are allowed to attend.

MJ, Sarah, Landon, and Shavonda talked about Mel, behind her back of course. Sarah’s thoughts were, “She’s the most self-righteous person I know “, and Shavonda’s thoughts were, “her personality bugs me”. Soon we would find out that Shavonda was holding back.

When the roommates return to work for the first time since the Fiji trip, they find out that they only have 5 ½ weeks to complete their playground project.

Karamo tells his new love interest, Eddie, that he would rather spend more time being a mentor to the children, rather than having to put things together. I’m sure a person who thinks that all white people are the enemy, is the perfect role model for young impressionable minds.

Meanwhile, back at Drinkers (which is the name of the Club that Mel loves more than life itself), the camera catches her laughing, flirting, and dancing with a few of the club’s resident roughnecks.

When Mel comes home drunk, she ends up in the phone room with Shavonda and MJ. When the other two roommates try to talk to Mel, she gets in Shavonda’s face and it sets Shavonda off. The events that followed were at best melo-dramatic, but to summarize what was said, Shavonda told Mel that none of the roommates can stand her. This was definitely the dramatic highlight of this week’s episode.

Once Mel sobers up, she calls her father and has an emotional conversation with him, explaining that she wants to go home and that none of the roommates liked her; which was true, but I personally wouldn’t have let Shavonda, someone who doesn’t know her head from her ass, tell me off to the point of me wanting to leave a house that is as much mine as it was hers.

The work that the roommates were doing changed when Landon, Mel, and Karamo didn’t show up for work. Landon’s relatives were visiting, but Karamo and Mel just didn’t show up, and didn’t have an excuse.

The next day, at work, the playground equipment arrives, and the roommates get a new car and two new cell phones, to be used only for work-related activities. Karamo received a written warning. The boss told him that if he is late or doesn’t show up for any reason, he is fired, and the new Real World rules say that if a roommate is fired from their job, they must go home.

After Mel talks to Sarah and Willie, she promises to change. I wouldn’t have promised anything ecxept to make their lives in the house much more difficult, but then I hold onto things.

The next day at work, the roommates receive a phone call on their new handy dandy phones, from ING Direct. The company wanted to donate $5,000.00 to the Northern Home Project, which is the project the roommates are working on. At least they ended the show on a high note!


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