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Big Brother 14, Aug. 23 – The Best 2 Moments of the Season So Far

In Boogie's goodbye messages, Frank tells him “those flip-floppin' jokers duped us, Man.” Boogie worked so hard to get him out of some tight spots, and Frank wishes he could have done more for Boogie. One thing Frank has going for him is that Boogie and Brady will be at home rooting him on.

Britney is surprised to find a “phone” in the DR, answers the “bring bring” and tells “Janelle” that Mike Boogie isn't there, but she's leaving a message for him if there's something she'd like to say. She then gets in a good laugh. That is the best moment of this season so far. Even Boogie cracks up.

Dan tells Boogie that entering the game he had a high respect for him in the game, and he wanted to work with him. He promises he wasn't the one who ratted him out. Boogie seems to start to realize the bad things he said about Dan might not be true.

Ian has watched Boogie on the show since he was 10 and had nothing but admiration and respect for how he played the game. “Now for the hard part …” He admits that since the reset, he's been in the Quack Pack alliance. He is the one who told Britney and Shane Boogie was coming after them. He masterminded his demise. He learned from one of the best, and that's why he's sitting with Julie. Boogie finally has to give it to the kid and tips his hat. And now he isn't mad at him, he's proud of him, and he did learn from the best. Perhaps this is the second best moment of the season.

It's a Q&A Head of Household competition, Before or After. You know the drill. 1. Did the houeguests dress as lemons and limes before or after Baby Zingbot was born? The correct answer is Before. Ashley is out. 2. Was Willie expelled from the game before or after Janelle won her first coach's comp? After is the correct answer, eliminating Joe, Jenn, and Dan. 3. Did the breaking news bulletins keep them up all night before or after JoJo hosted a comp? The answer is After, and Frank is out. 4. Was the game reset before or after the Have Nots got candy canes and cod? Everyone gets it right. Before.

5. During his eviction speech, did Wil say I love you and adore all of you before or after he said this is a win-win situation? The correct answer is After, eliminating Britney. It's a tiebreaker between Danielle and Ian. How many seconds did it take for the lime team to win the Exsqueeze Me comp from the start horn to the finishing bell? Danielle guesses 1200, and Ian 1000, The correct answer is 419, meaning Ian wins.

Ian talks to Joe and works a deal saying he'd go up against Shane if he doesn't keep him safe for the next week. This probably means Frank and Ashley are going up. Joe agrees. They rejoin the others. Ian hates to do this, but things were said after the eviction that have his heart racing. He hates to do it, but he's nominating Frank and Ashley.

In the Power of Veto competition, those playing will run across the yard and search for two clovers in the yellow balls representing gold at the end of their lanes. After, they need to retrieve the power of veto symbol, and the first person to do that and buzz in wins the PoV. They can only return one clover at a time.

Frank, Ashley, Joe, Ian, Danielle, and Shane are playing. Ian gets the first clover. Frank is the next to find a clover. Joe finds the next one, followed by Danielle ad Shane. Frank gets his second one. He quickly gets the POV symbol as well and wins, yelling something at Ian. He keeps going, saying that Ian made the wrong decision.

Frank talks to Britney and Shane and tells them he told them beforehand that he has their back and is still going after Joe. He thinks Ian will replace him with Joe. Everyone gathers for the veto meeting, and Frank takes himself off the block, and Ian, drinking coffee, replaces him with Joe who had a chance to play, and tells him to “pop a squat, Man.”

Ashley pleads her case, saying that she thinks they know it's been a rough game for her. The house is pretty separated, and she chose her side because everyone underestimated her. She's obviously not articulate (her words, not mine) and can't express herself like others. She does know she has heart and talent, and just because she made a decision to work with … she rambles about Ian and is cut off by Julie.

Joe stands and says nothing. He just gives some hand signals zipping his lips, crossing his heart, and throwing Ashley out and keeping him. This is because he's still having a hard time breathing after the comp.

Jenn votes Ashley out, returning the favor. Shane does the same, as does Britney. Frank votes to evict the terrible chef, Joe. Danielle votes out Ashley, and Dan votes her out as well, since she didn't ask for his vote.

With a vote of 5-1, Ashley is evicted from the Big Brother house. Ian gives her a big hug, and she follows that with hugs from everyone else. She tells them she'll see them later on the jury. She walks out and joins Julie, telling her she loves her side pony, meaning her hairstyle.

Frank tells Joe he voted against him because he knew he wouldn't play for him and knew Ashley would. He also mumbles about everyone else “sending that poor girl home,” just because she was trying to hide him and Boogie, the way Britney and Danielle are hiding behind Shane and Dan.

Julie asks Ashley why she's sitting there and not Joe. Ashley thinks it's because she made the house very mad because she has been considered a floater. She never had a good team she trusted. Janelle was a good coach, but she always felt expendable. She thought she had an opportunity to work with a team that had her back, because obviously she wasn't winning comps. She thought she had a little strategy, but she made the wrong people mad. She wasn't sure if Jenn ever had her back.

Well, everyone left is definitely hoping Frank doesn't win the next HoH. They'll play that one out soon, and we'll see the results on Sunday. If Frank wins, he's definitely putting Ian and Dan up, if not through a backdoor even. If anyone other than Frank wins, he's up and will have to go for his fifth power of veto in a row.

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