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Big Brother 14, Aug. 23 – The Best 2 Moments of the Season So Far

Will the houseguests be successful in getting Mike Boogie out of the house tonight? And if they do, can one of that group win Head of Household to make it a double whammy and get Frank out as well in the double eviction? No matter the outcome, it's going to be an exciting hour.

After Shane put Jenn up on the block as a replacement nominee, Dan tries to shake hands with Boogie, only for Boogie totell him to “save it.” He admits in a DR session that he was heated and knew Dan was just trying to look like a nice guy, when in reality he was trying to say “Gotcha Sucker.” Jenn is on fire on the block as she leans back and likes to chill, but at this pint she plans to be a force to be reckoned with.

While it's a relief for Frank to not be on the block anymore, at the same time it's bittersweet. Mike is still up there with Jenn as a pawn, and he knows the others want Mike out of the house. He knows they need to figure out how to get the votes and “keep my boy in this house.”

Frank and Boogie gather after the PoV ceremony, and Boogie talks about how much he hates Dan. He thinks he was a piece of [expletive] to try and extend his hand to him. He asks why Dan is jerking them around like that and wonders if he just gets off on it. Again, let's remember that this is Mike Boogie saying all this.

Ian enters the room and asks Boogie if he's alright. Ian tells them it's going to be tough for him to have to choose between two teammates. Boogie and Frank can't believe he would say that and that he would actually consider throwing his vote to Jenn. Boogie asks, “You're not [expletive] kidding me?” Ian covers, telling him he's sure he's voting for Boogie, but it's just not easy to do that to Jenn. Ian tells the DR he can't blow his cover and let Boogie know he's been working against him. It will be safer for everybody, especially him.

With tension in the house that a knife could cut, Britney talks to Ashley and Danielle in the Billiards room and says “it's so frickin' quiet out there.” Boogie calls out Shane in the kitchen, asking him why he gave them the runaround just to make that decision. Shane defends himself, saying he honestly went through all his options. Frank mentions they feel like yo-yos, and Shane apologizes for them feeling this way. Frank tells him, “Stuff your sorries in a sack, Man.” Must be a Southern saying.

Boogie keeps hammering away, telling Shane he's just “looking like Dan's bitch right now.” The girls in the billiards room are incredulous. Britney notes it's not right, because if Shane doesn't do what Boogie and Frank want, then he's a bitch. Danielle is upset that they're terrorizing the house. Boogie tells Shane he should be worried, as he'll be sitting on the sidelines at the next HoH competition with the key dangling around his neck. “You're in a lot of trouble, Son.” He hopes Shane's “boss” wins HoH. Shane asks if this is a threat. Frank promises it's the truth. Boogie tells the DR that Dan is like Satan, though he likes to pretend like he's a Catholic schoolboy.

Boogie goes out to Dan and asks if he's just going to ignore him all week, as it would be much more fun if they got to have some laughs about the whole thing. Dan claims to not be ignoring him, but Boogie continues, saying he tips his cap. Frank and Ian are there too, and Jenn joins. Boogie mentions that he wonders why she was put up and not Joe or Ashley and wonders if she thought about that at all. He encourages her to ask Dan who's right there, but she doesn't want to interrupt his reading.

Dan explains to the DR that while Boogie is bullying him, he's not one to crack under pressure. The interesting thing is Ian is sitting there watching the whole thing, and Dan wants him to realize how much heat he's taking for him. Boogie keeps going as Danielle walks through, saying he's trying to think down the road for her and Dan. It would be great for them to keep the others so that when it's final three, Dan can throw the last HoH and won't have to slash Danielle's throat on national TV. Dan claims to have not thought that far ahead. Boogie disagrees, but begs him to please not do Ian wrong. Frank's a big boy and will go to battle, but he doesn't want Dan to do Ian wrong. If Boogie only knew.

Jenn tells Ian later that she's so pissed off and is just going to raise hell. It makes her sick. She's fired up. On the block, they're going to have to meet a new Jenn City, as she's just arrived. She promises Ian, “If I'm going out, I'm going out kamikaze style, Kid.” She goes up to talk to Shane who tells her anyone who is put up in Frank's spot doesn't have to worry about going home, but she knows pawns go home too. She later tells Dan that she feels like Shane opened up Pandora's Box the minute he said her name. Dan could tell she was pissed. Ya think? She promises him that she'll be out for blood.

Jenn next finds Danielle and tells her Shane should have thought this through before he made a new enemy. She's such a friggin' wild card that anything could happen. Jenn just keeps going, telling some of the others that Shane is stupid. If she does stay, that means she's going to jury, and she won't be forgetting this. Ian recognizes that she is completely overreacting, as she couldn't be a bigger pawn right now against a legend in the game. She needs to chill out or will get herself voted out, and the plan will blow up in his face.

Julie Chen goes live and tells the houseguests about the double eviction plan. She warns them the second person eliminated will be the first jury member. Jenn pleads her case first. It's one of the last places she would have imagined herself this summer, but she is extremely grateful to do it with all of them. This week was stressful for her to be up against one of the biggest players in history and a former teammate. She feels her play in the game speaks for itself. She doesn't want pity, but wants them to keep their loyal and trustworthy homey Jenn City.

Boogie thanks his business partner and sends hugs and kisses to his little boy, telling him “Hopefully Daddy won't be home in an hour.” He knows people speak in generalities at this point, but it's down to brass tacks, and he needs a vote. He turns to Joe and tells him he came to him every day last week as they shifted the target to Wil. He promised him he'd be safe, and someone else voted against him, Jenn. His family and friends are watching, so he wants him to go in there and do the smart thing to help his game. “Let's go New England Patriots. Mike, check 1 and 2, I'm out.” Someone backstage is laughing through this.

Ashley is up to vote first. She votes to evict Jenn. Britney, by no surprise, votes to evict Mike Boogie, as does Joe. Frank of course votes to evict Jenn, or Gin, as he says it. Dan votes to evict Mike for Janelle. I'm sure she appreciates it. Ian completes his blindside and votes sadly to evict Mike Boogie. Danielle votes to evict Mike.

Julie announces a vote of 5-2, and Boogie is evicted. He hugs Ian who whispers to him, but Boogie only says that ain't cool. He tells everyone it's a good game and even hugs Dan on the way out. Frank is the last one, and Boogie tells him Ian is not to be trusted. He again tells Ian it wasn't cool. He walks out to cheers, and poses.

Julie asks Boogie what Ian whispered to him. He explains Ian had said Boogie would see some things he didn't like, apparently he didn't get his vote, and referenced something he said to an evicted houseguest in All Stars, “Get to Steppin'.” He said it with a bit of conviction, leading Boogie to think he might be playing for the other side. Boogie thought he had enough people against him, but now he realizes he might have another.

Boogie knows when you come out to the live evictions you haven't seen anything and you don't know what was going on behind your back. No one is to be trusted. He loved “the kid” and looked out for him every step of the way. If Ian did him wrong, it will only reflect on him, and he's not ashamed of anything he did wrong.