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Paranormal Witness – August 15 A Brooklyn Haunt

On tonight’s episode of Paranormal Witness Elaine Mercado tells her frightening story about her haunted Brooklyn home.  Elaine recounts what she went through during the period of being haunted. The events took place over fourteen years in Brooklyn, NY. Elaine and her family looked for the right home that fit their budget and they took a chance. Elaine’s brother Joe Bevilacqua wanted to tell her not to buy the house, “I wouldn’t if I were you” is what he wanted to say but he didn’t have the heart to tell her.  Elaine said her children Karen and Christine were just “overjoyed” when they first moved in.

Elaine’s daughter Karen’s room was downstairs in the basement and Elaine and her husband decided to put the washer and dryer in the other part of the basement. Elaine began to notice doors that were about “five feet above the ground” and part of the dug up and unfinished basement was behind those doors. Elaine did not want to open them. Joe said it was a strange area to place doors and why would you need doors there. Elaine began to feel a strange presence that was “right by my back.” Basements do tend to be creepy! Elaine’s daughter Christine was curious and wanted to know what was behind the doors? She did not want to be in the basement alone and the dirt room was at the far end of the laundry room so Christine and her sister decided to explore anyway!

Christine opened the doors and it was very dark and spooky. The room was not tall enough to stand in so they had to crawl in it. Christine said it smelled “decayed” and she did not go all the way but there was nothing but dirt! The girls called for their mother and they were covered in dirt and Elaine was angry because they went into the dirt room. She yelled at her daughters and told them never to go in the dirt room again.

Elaine was in her kitchen washing dishing and she heard footsteps but she was alone in the house. Elaine ignores it and goes back to her dishes and then the door to the basement opened and Elaine says “who’s there?” (Didn’t she watch SCREAM? You never say who’s there!) But something made her go to the steps and there was nothing there.

She distinctly heard someone or something walking down about seven or eight steps and whenever she was in the house alone she felt she was never actually alone in the house. She described feeling that something was always right behind her. Elaine would hear her daughters calling her and they were not calling her.

Her daughters would hear their Mom calling them and she was not calling them. Elaine was in her living room and heard “Mommy” several times. Christine heard her name shouted and then maniacal laughter afterwards. It was intense and scary! Elaine froze and they both listened as they heard Christine’s name being called from the basement.

Christine said the voice sounded “evil and mocking.” Christine begged her mother not to go to the basement door as the hissing voice continued to say Christine’s name. Now would be the time for them to get the hell out of the house.

Elaine and Christine slowly make their way to the basement as the menacing voice continues calling. Christine begins to feel sick and is frozen with fear. Elaine continues to ask “who’s there?” Elaine says “the house became extremely uncomfortable.”

They never showed what or who was in the basement but they cut to Elaine asleep and she felt something push her down in her bed and she felt a sense of pressure. She felt the springs in her bed go down. She surrendered and felt completely helpless. She could not scream and her husband isn’t even moving while she is gasping for breath.

He finally wakes up and tells her to “turn the light off.” She tells him she had a nightmare and gets up.  She had nights where this would happen all night long and she was an emergency room nurse and she was not sleeping. She couldn’t tell anyone what was happening. She didn’t know what was going on, she would walk around all night to prevent the suffocating nightmares.

Elaine thought there was something wrong with her and she did not have an answer. It is bad when you don’t know and people think you are crazy right away. Elaine’s daughter Karen is downstairs sleeping and Elaine hears her daughter scream “Mom” and she is sitting on her bed while her quilt is being pulled off the bed!

Elaine stood in the doorway and watched her daughter’s quilt move itself off of her bed and onto the floor into a perfect square. The basement had become a living nightmare! Elaine would find Karen sleeping on the couch and Elaine felt the basement was inhabited by something. Elaine did not want anyone in the basement anymore.

Joe said it was becoming dangerous and the phenomena was becoming too much. Elaine needed an open mind and she needed to explore what was happening in her house. She knew there could be something “otherworldly” in her house. Things continued to happen as Elaine was awakened by a loud bang and she looked around and her daughter’s also heard the loud bang.

She said it was like someone went from the back of the house to the front of the house banging on something. There is something in the attic. (Don’t go in the attic!) Elaine knows that no one is upstairs so she decides to call her husband. They left the house and sat on the stoop and she called her husband who came home to check the attic.

They tried to describe the house and her husband thought it was “nonsense” but he decided to go and check anyway! The family headed upstairs to check all the rooms and her husband thinks Elaine is being ridiculous and as they were walking down the stairs they all heard the loud bang and he said “I have to go to work.” He didn’t believe it because he could not see it! Elaine’s marriage dissolved because of the otherworldly activity.

Her husband could not see what was happening and he left. Elaine had decided to give the house a makeover! She changed some things around and painted the house. Her daughter decided to move into the attic. Good move from the basement to the attic! Elaine noticed while her husband was gone and there was no arguing the house was “full of light” again!

Her daughters noticed a door in the wall of the attic and you could walk through it and there was stuff in the little cubby hole behind the door. The girls found a wedding dress dated from 1952 and Elaine said it was for someone very short and very thin with a small waist. Elaine examined the dress that was wrapped in newspaper from 1952 and she felt that it was very negative because of the way it had been wrapped and hidden.

Elaine tells her daughters they should leave the stuff in the attic alone. Elaine did not want anything to do with the dress so she took it out and threw it in the trash. After Elaine was divorced she was enjoying and evening with her daughters and Matthew whom she dated for a short time. They were sitting in the living room when the banging started again but this time it was almost like the “house started to shutter” and Elaine felt dread and like she was being watched again!

Christine heard her name again and the girls yelled at their Mom to “be careful and don’t go in there!” Elaine decided to call Matthew Mercado and they told him the truth as she called him to come over and check it out! Matthew believed Elaine and stayed in the living room as Elaine headed for bed. Matthew slept in the living room and started dreaming vividly and felt like he was being weighed down.

He continued dreaming that he tried to open a door and finally did and saw a skeletal man lying on a dirt floor. Pretty creep! He felt it was like a flash of “picture!” He woke up sweating and he was in shock. Elaine was not happy he had that horrible dream but it felt like validation for her that she was not crazy!

Christine was in her room and walked through the hallway and thought she saw her Mom sitting on the steps and it was not her Mom. She saw a woman sitting in a wedding dress. Christine freaked out and realized it was not her Mom she saw and it was a person at all. Elaine wondered now how much worse things would get!

Halloween and Christmas at Elaine’s house was and still is huge! Elaine had a Halloween party and told everyone to have a good time. Her house was full of people and Elaine noticed a friend of hers staring down her basement steps and her friend Lisa tells her that her house is haunted. Lisa asks Elaine if she saw the “little lady” and she should have her “house cleaned!”

Elaine begins to freak out and realizes the little wedding dress she threw out could be the spirit or “otherworldly” person they are seeing! Christine and her sister decide to sleep in the same bed out of fear the night of the party and Christine wakes up and sees a shadowy figure over her sister. Christine said it felt like a figure and she rolled over and forced herself to go back to sleep!

Elaine went to sleep and felt a presence and as if something was in her bed. She felt her head and shoulders being pushed down. She felt it so intensely that she now felt it was a female presence and she was angry! Okay so why not get the hell out of the house!

This time it had “scared the hell out of me!” Elaine had nowhere to go and she did not know what to do. She can’t sleep anywhere and she feels she is losing her mind! Elaine called her brother and told him she needs to do something! She can no longer live like this!

Elaine sees her neighbor and asks if he ever saw anything weird happen in the house? The neighbor begins to tell her that he used to babysit the children of the couple who lived in the house and the old man had a son who got married very young and his wife died in the house. They lived in the attic and the wife died in the attic. The neighbor pointed to the window where the woman died.

The house was so large that they communicated by knocking on the pipes for help and the woman had fallen and hit her head so he was knocking on the pipes for help. The sons wife died right on the floor in the attic and the neighbor told Elaine that she was very tiny and there was an actual little lady wearing a white wedding dress who died in the house.

Elaine had been deeply affected by the story the neighbor told her. She felt differently and she felt like her house was sick and it could be healed. (Dr. House? Maybe?) Elaine called someone to come in to “heal” the house. In 1995 she called a medium in, (no not Patricia Arquette!) The medium came in and headed directly downstairs to the little doors in the basement!

She opened the doors and Elaine said you couldn’t have paid her to go in that little room but the medium went and sat in the little room! The medium told the spirit that this is not her house anymore and she must go to the light. Is she the Ghost Whisperer now? Okay I digress. The medium continued with her chanting for a while and then Elaine and her family headed to bed after she left.

Elaine woke up the next morning and something felt different! The atmosphere felt lighter! Things felt better and the air was not heavy anymore. Elaine looks back now and feels like “we experienced a piece of the unknown” and there is so much in life we don’t understand! There is more out there than people know! Until next time folks, may your nightmares inspire you and don’t miss next week’s episode of Paranormal Witness, Wednesday at  10/9c on the Syfy channel.


My name is Janel, I have been writing and published for many years. I wrote two poetry books. I was the Associate Editor of my college newspaper. I hope to write my life story one day and finish it.