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Big Brother 14, Aug. 16 – “See you, Jack”

Jeff is back to lend his thoughts on the season. Julie Chen asks if he's itching to go back n the house and play. It's nice to be there and not be so fired up. He'd be willing to go in there now, but he needs some more clothes. He and Jordan have just moved to Santa Monica and things are going great. Things are rolling very nicely regarding a wedding, and he has a deadline from Jordan for June 5.

Jeff thinks what has surprised him so much so far has been Janelle leaving and Boogie spearheading it. It tells him not to go back on a third time, but it also means anyone can win the game and it's up for grabs. As for a pick, the strong players seem to go, and he's pulling for Ian. Jeff tests out his interviewing skills and asks what type of player Julie would be in the house. She thinks she'd be a combination of Janelle and Boogie and not a floater, as what's the point of going in then. “If you're gonna go in, you gotta go big.”

Going live with the houseguests, Julie is putting them through a current event pop quiz. 1. There was a big celebrity engagement announcement this week. Jennifer Aniston or Jennifer Lopez? The vote is split and of course it's Aniston. 2. With the Olympics ended, which country won the most medals, China or the U.S? They all say USA, except for Boogie who says China, and he's wrong. 3. There was a big NBA trade sending Dwight Howard to the Knicks, Mavericks, or Lakers. Boogie is shocked the answer is Lakers. 4. Which of the current events are true? For the first time a woman referred an NFL game, NASA successfully landed the rover on Mars, or Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have split. All three of course.

Will is first to plead his case and tells them all they are snoops and liars, then says he's kidding. It's a win-win situation for him, as if he stays he gets another week with some of the most awesome individuals he's had the pleasure of being with, and if he goes home it's to the most amazing parents, brother, and friends. If he walks out, he knows he's played the game himself and not anyone else. He encourages the others to do the same and promises he's a team player.

Joe says he heard Wil's campaign. Others have said Joe is loud, but he's taking classes at night called Human Whispering. He's also heard that Wil has said he has a Sharon Osbourne game going on and believes Wil could possibly be her son. Julie tells him not only is he loud he's longwinded. She needs him to cut to the chase. He wants everyone to keep it real and promises to keep feeding everyone.

Ashley is the first to vote and votes to evict Joe. Boogie votes to evict Wil and says hi to his little boy Brady. Danielle votes to evict Wil, and Jenn votes to evict Chef Joe. Dan votes to evict Wil, and of course Britney does the same. Shane follows suit, and Ian does as well.

It's official. With a vote of 6-2 Wil is evicted. He hugs and kisses everyone on the way out with true class, then dances his way out to Julie. He tells Julie he thinks it came down to bigger threats this week. He performed better and thinks everyone thought he was more likely to win than Joe. He came into the game to be real and genuine and didn't want to throw anyone under the bus and put more targets on himself.

Joe leaves Wil a goodbye message saying he knows he's from the heartlands of Kentucky, but going against Janelle and his team broke his heart. “See you, Jack. You're out of here.” Dan is sorry Wil had to see this, as he wanted to work with him as he thought he'd go after Frank and Boogie. He thinks Wil is a good player, but emotions got the best of him.

Ashley is going to miss Wil, as he's her best friend in the house. She thinks he doesn't like to kiss butt, but it's the name of the game and the reason he's out there. Out of all of them, Wil is the guy Boogie wishes he could have coached. All he had to do was be the funny guy and could have coasted to the final 5. He got antsy, and that's why he's there. Julie spills the beans to Wil about the Silent 6.

Julie explains the head of Household competition. It's one of those where they have to fill a jug with a tiny little cup and traverse across a slippery lane to do so. However, if they fill a smaller jug that says “Safety” first, they'll be safe this week. And the fans voted to give them another option of $10,000 rather than a Have Not Pass, and if they fill that one first, they can win some money. If they win the temptations, they're out of the running for Head of Household. I say you go for the win first, and if it looks like you have no chance for winning, start a temptation.

Ashley is walking so slow there's no way she can win. Ian chooses just to crawl and slide the whole distance. Others take his lead. What they don't know is that there is more on the line this week than they realize, as it's a Live Double Eviction Week. Checking back in with them, Boogie is going for the cash, four others are going for safety, and four others the HoH.

The best case scenario for the Silent 6/Quack Pack is for one of the common members to win HoH. If Ian or Boogie win, it's going to create some questions over who gets nominated. But if Danielle, Britney, Dan, or Shane win, it keeps them in control with no questions asked. Pretty soon the floaters are going to be in trouble when the numbers start to dwindle down. Jenn, that means you. Joe is an easy target again, but it could very well be him facing her in the nomination chairs next week. But, Jenn and Joe would be wasted votes. They need to get someone in power out. And with a double eviction? Who knows what will go down.

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