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Big Brother 14, Aug. 16 – “See you, Jack”

No matter how you look at it tonight, Janelle's old team is falling apart quickly. After she left last week, now either Wil or Joe will be evicted. It all depends on who the others decide to vote out – someone who is irritating to all or someone who is a big threat.

After Frank keeps Wil and Joe on the block in the power of veto ceremony, Dan is completely relieved, as he was worried about being backdoored. He won his season and figures he'll have to worry throughout the rest of his time in the game. Frank didn't use the veto because he was worried it could rock the boat too much. The decision could make or break his game later down the road.

Wil can't believe Frank didn't use the veto. He feels that Frank had a golden opportunity to get rid of a major player in the game in Dan and thinks he just chickened out. Wil's plan now is just to play it cool. Joe sometimes digs his own grave, so Wil's hoping he does his job for him. Joe says he may be on his knees this week, but he's going to give it everything he's got to stay. Ashley tells Wil that things change all the time, despite it seeming like the odds are against them.

Britney tells Danielle and Shane that they need to win HoH next week, but she doesn't think they'll get that lucky again. She doesn't think it should have been a concern this week. With Frank having considered backdooring Dan, she's worried, and thinks the Silent 6 are crumbling already. Dan walks in, and she asks if he's going to win HoH. He tells her it's not in the foreseeable future. He tells her he always tries. Who is he kidding? Everyone knows that's part of his schtick, not winning.

Ashley tells Joe she guesses that Frank just didn't want to use the veto. Joe assumes he just didn't want to rock the boat. He asks her how she's going to vote, but she doesn't know and says it's so hard. He explains to the DR, “I went looking for a yes, and I got a maybe, and a maybe means no way Baby, so I gotta get my buttocks to work.”

Frank surprises Dan who is in the HoH listening to music. Dan knows it's difficult to trust in these situations, but he appreciates it, because he knows Frank probably could have backdoored him. Frank admits he's thinking about it, because he wants Dan to be able to trust him moving forward. Dan tells the DR, though, that this means he can't trust Frank, and he knows it could be an option later in the game. If he gets an opportunity to “shank Frank,” he's going to do it. They discuss the vote, and Frank thinks sending Wil home is the best bet, because Ashley will be by herself, and it will be easy to send Joe home the next week.

Ashley wants ice cream, and also wants info from Frank to see how the vote might be going this week, so she asks Frank on an ice cream date. Dan respects her making a move and not waiting for the guy to guy come to her. As it is, Ian never asked her out after the slop date. Ian says he was going to make her dinner, but Dan doubts him. Ian tells the DR that this is supposed to be his flirtmance.

Frank and Ashley have their ice cream date, but there's no ice cream around, so it's just beer and wine for them. He remarks it went from G-rated to more of a PG or PG-13 date. She tells him it sucks because she thought Wil had it pretty good, but now he's not looking good. She's trying to support him. Frank says Wil's problem is he wears his emotions on his sleeve. Ashley agrees he gets paranoid. She feels alone, as he has “Boogs,” and she has Wil, but she needs some testosterone in her life. Frank tells her when they finish their drinks they can make out on the couch. She cracks up, then says she doesn't want anyone thinking she's doing this for game purposes. It's simply a nice getaway.

Britney tells Ian he's apparently dumped and asks how he's feeling. He's worried with Ashley on a date with Frank. And Frank's not going to miss the opportunity. He jumps onto the making out thing right away, perhaps calling her bluff. He asks if she wants to and she says let's do it, then asks if he's serious. He says this is one of his favorite moves, and it works most of the time. Ashley thinks he's Channing Tatum-esue, is manly, has nice lips, and a very soft tongue. She laughs and tells him she can't believe he did that, but admits she liked it.

Ian is upset, saying he thought he and Ashley were exclusive. Ashley tells Frank this is exactly what she wanted. He's a little upset, thinking about Ian. She tells him that's all fake and that he's not really all that upset. Frank disagrees. Ian's outside playing badminton and thinking they're probably doing “I don't know what.” Ashley's plan was to get closer, so her plan works. She got a lot more than she bargained for than ice cream.

Wil asks Britney, Shane, and Danielle if they're still contemplating about Thursday. He doesn't want to pressure or annoy anyone, but he can guarantee Ashley will work him, yet in this house a person's word is worth nothing, and for all he knows, there could be some big group targeting, him, Joe and Ashley. Shane knows he only has until Thursday to figure out what's going on. Britney calls it awkward after he leaves.

Britney thinks their Quack Pack group just needs to get on the same page. It's hard to not raise suspicion among others in the house. Joe is trying to put the word out about himself but doesn't want to go against Wil directly. He can be extremely loyal and straightforward, and he cooks a lot. Dan says the bottom line is their alliance has the numbers and they control it. It's good to be the king.

The show must be worried that Joe will lose out tonight, as we get to meet his family tonight in Schererville. His four kids can't wait for him to come home as the only good thing their mom cooks is crab cakes. Not long after they met, they realized they'd be together forever. He admitted to Dan in the house recently that he was actually dating his wife's mom at first. One of the kids calls him Joe, and he said he and his wife have been together eight years, so some are possibly his stepchildren. None of them like Mike Boogie and want him gone. They think he's full of himself. Joe's son would like America to talk Joe into getting that white thing off his face. His wife just wants him to stop yelling in the diary room. We all do, Hon.