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American Idol 4 – The Story So Far…

By Carlo

We are definitely well into the fourth season of American Idol and the Idol craze is bigger than ever. The preliminary auditions and the first two phases of the Hollywood auditions are already complete. The initial auditions always bring out the craziest people America has to offer among the ones who can actually sing and this season has been no different.

Usually I don’t pick any faves until the Top 32, or Top 24 as it is apparently going to be this season, have been chosen. I figure that it doesn’t make too much sense to pick a fave in the preliminary round or even in the Hollywood round since there really is no way to know whether or not they will make it past the Hollywood round. However, this season, there are a few people that I like and there were some that I disliked already.

The Molfetta twins didn’t bother me initially. They had their first audition and they did not get the gold ticket to go to Hollywood. I thought that would be the last time they would be seen but that was obviously not the case. Both of them returned for a second audition, allbeit individually this time, in the preliminary round. It’s been my understanding since watching this show that each person only gets one chance to audition in front of Simon, Paula and Randy. So, it really surprised me that both Molfetta twins got a second audition. Even worse was the fact that Rich Molfetta got through to Hollywood the second time around.

The ones I dislike the most are those that come out and emphatically state that they are the next American Idol. Everyone knows that 9 out 10 times the person that was just shown saying that is going to be sent home by the judges. I applaud people for being confident in themselves but that kind of confidence borders on arrognace and the judges can see it a mile away without a doubt.

There has also been a historic moment this season and we aren’t even half way through it yet. Marlea Stroman made AI history by being the first person to ever voluntarily walk away from the competition even after the judges put her through to the next round. She made it to the Hollywood round and got through the first phase of that round but then she decided it was too much for her to handle. So, she quit the competition, just like that. I’m sure there must have been thousands of people that were watching who didn’t make it past the preliminary round thinking that she must have been crazy to do that.

Only three people so far have stuck out as contestants that I’d like to see make it further in the competition. The first two were Carrie Underwood and Lindsey Cardinale, who I liked right from their first auditions. The third person is Jaclyn Crum, who appealed to me in the first phase of the Hollywood round. I think Carrie is almost a guarantee to make it to the Top 24 unless she messes up really badly, but the other two I’m not so sure of.

It’s still hard to say whether the girls or the guys are stronger this season. In previous seasons, one or the other almost immediately emerges as the dominant group. Of course, it could also have a lot to do with the editing.

This season is certainly far from over but it should be very interesting to see how the rest of it plays out especially with the new changes that are soon to come. If the winner trend of AI continues, then that would mean the winner of this season will be a guy; but we all know that can easily change.


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