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Top Chef Masters 4 – Episode 4 – I’ve Got Me A Canyon, It Seats About 20…

With Lorena immune, it means Art, Clark or Kerry is going. I thought Kerry would get the boot based on the sauce problem, but instead it was Clark for his bland dish. Goes to show once again that timidity in the kitchen often leads to Top Chef downfalls. So, Clark gets to be reunited with Mark in sequester and Kerry and Art live to cook another day.

Quickfire Hits
• It seems Kate and Fred are well-known vegetarians, which makes their big hit, “Rock Lobster,” a bit ironic.
• Why couldn’t we get a nice TIIIIIIIIN Roof, Rusted, or a Bang, Bang, Bang on the Door from those two? If you’re going to book these guys, get the catchphrases!
• Art comments about how much he loves “Rock Lobster” and “Love Shack” because they “came out when I came out.” So, I guess it took Art 10 years to come out of the closet, as those two songs were released 10 years apart.
• I’m with Takashi – you’d have to pay me a lot of cash to walk across that clear glass bridge above the Canyon.
• Instead of the B-52s, the show should have brought in the Brady Bunch cast to take part in the Grand Canyon meal.
• Art on Lorena – if I were straight, I’d marry her. That would be a fabulous couple.
• Way too much disingenuous spirituality in this episode. Waaay too much.
• Also, Bert pretending to ask one of the Native American women if she was single? Yeah, not fooling anyone.
• Ruth to the tribe – “you’ll be making fun of us for years to come.” Well, if I have something to say about it…
• Loved the moment where Yeo commented how she didn’t want anyone to go home, and Takashi said he wanted The Hat to go. You can tell the deep friendships in these chefs’ backstories just by the teasing humor that comes out from time to time.
• Extra scene – So You Think You Can Dance, Top Chef Masters style. Except less exciting.

Next week – Holly Madison, lots of T&A, of course. Plus more Art vs. CC foolishness and Bert doing pushups.

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