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Fly the Friendly Skies with Paris and Nicole

“Fly the Friendly Skies with Paris and Nicole” The Simple Life – Episode 2

Paris and Nicole arrive in Ambler, Pennsylvania to stay with the Ritchey family – no relation to Nicole. Ready to greet them are Tim, Sue, Janice, Jason and their wacky cat. Nicole and Jason hit it off when they discuss his hockey playing and her medal winning ice skating career. I can’t say the same for the wacky cat and Foxy Cleopatra who immediately get into a fight. Poor Foxy gets an eye scratched and has to be taken to an animal center for repair.

Even though Nicole is worried about her furry baby, she and Paris are ready to go to work bright and early at Lehigh Valley International Airport. Larry the supervisor hands out the uniforms and then after an interminable wait, takes Paris and Nicole to the tarmac. There the girls learn how to wave the planes in and do surprisingly well. Even Larry is impressed.

After such strenuous work, the girls take a break with the flight attendants on the plane. Conversation revolves around clothing and then turns to the infamous Mile High Club. Nicole wants to know if the flight attendants are members. No answers, just blank looks and then embarrassed grins. Larry comes on board and shouts for their return to work. Nicole has last minute advice for the flight attendants; she thinks they should wear roller skates to make their job go faster.

The next job is unloading the baggage from the plane, which provides a great opportunity for their natural curiosity to get the best of them. The bags are heaved to the ground and opened for scrutiny. Can’t be too careful with security, you know! Paris and Nicole rely on their modeling skills to put on a show with the pilfered clothing in front of the passengers on the plane. Larry the supervisor is no longer impressed.

Paris and Nicole get down and dirty by cleaning the waste from the airplane. They are completely sickened as the awful excrement rushes through the tube. I think most of the human race would agree with their response.

For the last task of the day, they get to drive the baggage cart and are instructed to drive only between the orange cones. But you know Nicole, she felt the need for speed and left the orange cones in her dust.

Back at the Ritchey house, Nicole is concerned for her pooch and requests Tim and Sue’s bed for Foxy…and they actually go for it! What people will do because they’re on TV!

At the airport the next day, the girls get to help out customer service. They have another uniform, but no longer overalls, it’s an actual dress! Polyester, yes, but it’s a dress! Paris proceeds to remake the garments into a chic fashion statement. The skirt length goes shorter, and the girls use the extra material to create headbands for their hair, which truly adds that extra something!

Paris and Nicole wow the travelers as they check in and reduce one man to a quivering mass of nerves. Later, on the plane, Paris and Nicole give a rundown on all of the passengers and then instruct them to “put their cans in their seats.”

Later that night, Paris writes a song for Foxy Cleopatra to make her scratched eye feel better, and Nicole goes ice skating with fourteen year old Jason. Nicole discovers that Jason just broke up with his girlfriend Kayla. So Nicole plays matchmaker and calls Kayla. When Kayla comes to the rink, Nicole makes Jason give Kayla a hug. It is unknown whether the two get together or not.

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