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Paranormal Witness August 8 Get out of the Attic

Syfy has a parade of new series but one in particular returns tonight! Syfy’s, Paranormal Witness made it to season two as a family is tormented by a ghost in their attic. The stories on Paranormal Witness are all based on eyewitness testimony so let’s see who will testify tonight!

There is also photographic evidence and real life video from some of the haunted witnesses. Just a warning, you may want to turn on all your lights and lock your attic door. Tonight’s event took place in California between 1988 and 1990, “I was twenty three years old and I had a two year old son and I was about six or seven months pregnant with my daughter.”

Jackie Hernandez was separated from her husband and she was looking for a small place for her and her two children. She settled into a small bungalow and it was private. Her ambitions were to get her degree and find a job to support her family! She liked it right away and it was the perfect place to start a “new life.” She was studying a lot and doing a lot of work!

She had a thought that everything would turn out perfect! Well not “all that glitters, isn’t gold!” After about one month of residing in the house, Jackie heard what sounded like “pebbles coming down in the wall.” She would hear a variety of odd sounds around the house. Jackie had shivers and she began to realize a lot of the activity was coming from above her.

The sounds began to get very high pitched and Jackie began to hear the sounds to the point of having ear pain. Jackie went to check the attic door and she was a bit skittish as she noticed the trap door to the attic was open; Jackie adjusted it and closed it promptly! That is what you do with crazy attic doors! You close them and lock them!

Jackie heard a knock at the door and no it wasn’t the attic, but an actual human visitor! Jackie’s friend Susan got an earful as Jackie described some of the things that were happening in the house. Jackie and Susan were sitting in her living room when she heard a “big bang coming from the kitchen.”

A large photo that had been hanging on the wall was propped up against the sink and the nails that were holding the photo up had them neatly placed on the kitchen counter top. Nails cannot come directly out of the wall and the wind up directly on their heads. “Somebody or something did that!”

Tina the neighbor who would babysit Jackie’s son Jamie who was asleep. Tina decided to check on Jackie’s son while babysitting him one night and the door opened by itself. Tina closed his bedroom door and then the door opened  by itself again! Tina thought “oh that’s weird!” Yes it is!

Tina tried to logic and reason or “explain it away!” She could not explain it so the next day Jackie and Tina were in the kitchen making something to eat and they turned around and saw odd lights. They showed the actual photos and she only managed to get a few photos before the camera stopped working! Jackie handed the camera to Tina and told her to try and Tina pointed it towards the window to test the ghost when she looked through the viewfinder (Insert Alfred Hitchcock moment here folks! Just kidding!!!)

Tina saw the face of an older emaciated man and she screamed and dropped the camera. The man was almost skeletal and Tina had to run! This is why people should not babysit, you know because of ghosts and people calling and asking “have you checked the children?” It is pretty much right up there with camping!

I guess it’s time to call in the exorcist! They show the photos again to reveal the strange lights and Jackie seems overwhelmed and baffled at what she has been seeing! Jackie’s ex-husband Al came to visit and Al said Jackie told her about some of the strange things going on in the house but Al did not believe her. He thought something was wrong with her or she was exaggerating.

He advised her to “call it out!” Al began yelling “show yourself!” Nothing happened… yet! Al decides to leave and Jackie is by herself again after her ex-husband has provoked the ghosts in her already haunted house! (Houseguests, geeeeezzzz!!!) After walking Al out, Jackie opened the closet door and the letter AL were written hundreds of times on the walls and the door.

Susan suggested that Jackie should tell the landlords but Jackie didn’t want to tell anyone because she didn’t want anyone to think she was crazy! Jackie was about eight months pregnant and taking a walking with Susan. They just happened to run into the landlord and Susan bought up the topic of the paranormal events Jackie had been experiencing!

The landlord asked Jackie if she had any objections to him bringing in a priest! Jackie did not have a good feeling and she noticed that the priest and the landlord were being judgmental and cynical about the whole ordeal! The priest tells Jackie “I see you like horror movies!” So right away she is a crazy person with an overactive imagination! (What was that noise??? Oh wait never mind, just Paranormal Witness)

Jackie quickly said they were her ex-husbands horror movies. Jackie had a big aquarium and at the bottom there was an ornament of a skeleton and the priest told her she was bringing “death into her home!” Oh Dear! The priest had advised Jackie that she was bringing this all on herself and even her doll collection had been singled out and the priest told her they were voodoo dolls.

Jackie’s son was crying and the priest suggested that her son was “possessed by the devil” and she would need to have her son and “unborn” child blessed. Jackie was not convinced that the priest was doing any good. Did the priest help in THE EXORCIST???  The next morning Jackie had an assignment and Social services decided to show up!

The priest had made a report that Jackie was on “hallucinogenic” and she was pregnant and Jackie had never taken drugs nor was she drinking and she was scared they would take her kids. She decided the best thing to do was “never to say anything to anybody ever again!” Shortly after this she had her daughter Samantha! She was hesitant to bring her home but she had no choice.

A few days later Jackie went grocery shopping and carried the bags in the house and she discovered a message in magnetic letters on her fridge that spelled “Get the hell out!” Jackie was now scared to sleep and receiving messages on her fridge (kind of like DEXTER!) Jackie would scan the room for things and she would hear loud, “distinctive breathing!”

She walked through the hallway and saw someone sitting on the bunk bed. Jackie was freaked out! Please remember these stories are based on eyewitness accounts. Jackie was terrified and she looked away and then looked again and he was gone but every single shade went up at the same time.

Jackie did not sleep the rest of the night! She trembled in fear and held her baby. It was important for Jackie not to show fear in front of her kids. She is in tears telling the story and you feel a genuine fear and feeling of sadness for her. She felt like an intruder in her own home. Susan advised Jackie that she had the number to a parapsychologist and Jackie did not want to call because of what the priest had done.

Jackie began doing dishes and looked at her gloved hands which were now covered in blood. Jackie had thought she cut herself but it was coming from everywhere. “It was infecting my kitchen!” Jackie quickly called the parapsychologist and the paranormal team showed up.

Jackie’s ex-husband Al showed up and he was ready to wipe his hands of the whole mess. The parapsychologists and a paranormal team showed up along with Barry Conrad, a professional videographer. They set up cameras and were prepared to document everything!

Jackie did not want to document anything, she wanted it gone and she wanted to go back to “normality!” One of the paranormal team members was skeptical and right when Jackie began her interview the whole team lost power. Jackie knew the ghost was angry that there were people in the house.

Barry asked his friend who was skeptical and a still photographer to take some pictures and Al was lying in bed wide awake and he has goose bumps as he tells the story. He heard someone whisper “get the hell out of here!” Second later, he heard someone yell from the attic. Now all hell breaks loose and the naysayers become believers.

Barry’s friend is flying down from the attic and he is visibly shaken and says “someone grabbed my camera right out of my hands.” Barry heads up to the attic after his friend complains he needs to get his camera back. Barry uses a one thousand watt light bulb so he can see everything and the camera is on for a few minutes and then it does not work at all again!

Barry changed the battery and finally the camera works again and they find the body of the camera, it was lying face down in the bottom of a crate and the lens was face down behind the trap door. They gather their equipment and make their way out of the attic and all of the sudden it sounds like someone is walking around in the attic.

Barry concludes that no one is in the attic so he and his friend are less skeptical and they decide to do one final interview and Barry wanted to leave right away! They were frightened. Barry headed back to his apartment and began reviewing footage and he heard the footsteps. He was extremely frightened.

The very last night Jackie stayed at the house she was watching the television with her kids and she begins to hear noises from the kid’s bedroom. She sees a beach ball is thrown from the room and Jackie decides to close her eyes for a minute and all of the sudden she turns over and something or someone is holding her down.

She could not move or breathe. Jackie sees the face of the man and is being held down in a panic. Jackie couldn’t breathe and she tried to get up, she was worried about her kids. The ghost finally let go of her. Jackie got a baseball bat and she had finally had enough! She is going for the big leagues now!

She had expected him to appear everywhere. She decided to fight back and she entered the attic, the creepy man’s domain, land, turf! She was by herself and calling him out! She heard small sounds and then he showed himself. She fell to the floor and got herself out of the attic. She ran downstairs and she grabbed her kids and flew out of the house like a “bat out of hell!”

Jackie called Barry terrified and she screamed and dropped the phone. Barry decides they better go and see what is going on. The paranormal team heads back into the house and Jackie was worried about the ghost killing her or her kids. Barry wanted to head back up to the attic and the same photographer heads back up to the attic.

It was pitch black in the attic and the photographer did not see anything in the attic. Barry was yelling for updates and Jackie heard a “snapping sound!” Jackie begins yelling that they must get out of the attic and all of the sudden the photographer is thrown backwards. Okay time to leave! The paranormal guy was attacked and thrown!

He was not standing upright, he was off the floor and the showed he actual photos. His eyes were open but he was not there and there was something on his neck. It was a noose. The photographer still has the noose around his neck and Jackie wanted to go! Just leave. IT was her last night in the house. Barry believes they were dealing with some type of entity and Jackie’s ex-husband now has an open mind as he witnessed some of the paranormal events. Jackie and her kids have since moved away! That is a good thing! Jackie no longer experiences paranormal events. The San Pedro house is being rented by other tenants and very few have stayed any longer than four months. So Jackie and her kids are safe! That is what matters so sweet dreams folks!

Make sure to watch next week’s episode of Paranormal Witness, Wednesdays at 10/9c on the Syfy channel and may your nightmares inspire you.


My name is Janel, I have been writing and published for many years. I wrote two poetry books. I was the Associate Editor of my college newspaper. I hope to write my life story one day and finish it.