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Big Brother, August 9 – “Screw You, Mike Boogie”

Frank is the first to plead his case to stay and tells them all it's day 34. Out of those days, he's spent 20 on the block. But, he thinks everyone will admit he's continued to play the game as a gentleman, even in a unitard, thanks to Danielle. He has to thank Nana who told him to keep it classy. Even though his name has been dragged through the mud, repeatedly, he's managed to do just that one piece of advice, keep it classy. Julie thinks he sounds like Ron Burgundy.

Janelle says it's been such an amazing summer, and she loves all of them. If she can help their game out in any way, she is asking them to vote to keep her. If they can't do that, there are no hard feelings, as she totally understands.

Boogie is up first for the vote. He votes to evict Janelle, dedicating it to Will and Erin. Jenn votes to evict Janelle as well. Joe votes to evict Frank, but Wil votes to evict Janelle. This isn't going to go her way. Ashley even votes to evict Janelle. It looks like someone didn't fill Joe in. Britney calls it an odd feeling to vote to evict the person who is her personal favorite in all BB history, Janelle. Shane votes the same, as do Dan and Ian.

Julie makes it official to the houseguests, telling them with a vote of 8 to 1, Janelle is evicted. She hugs everyone on the way out, assumably going by Nana's words to Frank to stay classy. Britney cries afterwards.

Julie notes the same thing I did, that Janelle kept it classy. She asks Janelle what she thinks happened. She thinks everyone wanted to backdoor her as she's a strong player, which she does take as a compliment. Her heart is pounding, yet she's not surprised. She wanted to hit the reset button just because she wanted to play. It was so hard not to play. She's wanted Frank out since the beginning, because she can tell by talking to him how strong of a player he is. It may have hurt her game, but there were others focused on him as well.

When they had that last coaches meeting, Janelle hesitated about being willing to lose Joe, because she didn't want to throw him and Wil under the bus. She knew they would use that information against her, and wanted to protect them. Janelle doesn't think Boogie can win again. He's good, but she thinks the target on him is too big. She's rooting for Dan to win, noting she loves him, and who doesn't.

In Janelle goodbye messages, Dan tells her it wasn't supposed to work that way. After she refused to sacrifice Joe, the Secret 6 was formed with the sole reason to backdoor her and there wasn't anything he could do. He wishes her and her husband and baby the best of luck in Minnesota. Britney is sad to see her go and is sorry she was part of the whole plan. She thinks she's a great person and will miss her.

Joe is distraught, and if it's within his power, he will avenge this eviction. Boogie pleads with Janelle not to be mad at the others, as it was all him. For the third time, always the bridesmaid, never the Big Brother bride. He displays a Chill Town shirt, and Janelle calls him a loser, then a douchebag. Yeah. Julie asks her for some final thoughts, “Screw you, Mike Boogie. I hope you lose.”

In the HoH competition, it's Battle of the Bands. Two at a time they will face off at the podium and hear a short song describing a competition from this summer. They need to identify whether it was HoH, Coaches, or Veto. If they win, they choose the next two people to face off against each other, while the person they competed against will be eliminated.

It's Jenn vs. Wil first. With lyrics of “mattress that turned.” Wil rings in that it was HoH and is correct. Jenn is out, and Boogie and Joe are up. With lyrics of “no midday siesta,” Boogie knows it was veto. Joe is out, and Boogie picks Wil and Ashley. The lyrics are “breaking news, black and white.” Ashley rings in and says it was an HoH and is correct. Wil is out. It's Britney and Shane next. The lyrics are “slippery trail,” and Britney says it was a Coaches competition. Shane is out. It's Ashley vs. Ian, and the lyrics are “”cold hard cash,” and Ian guesses correctly it was Coaches. Ashley is out.

Dan and Britney are up. The lyrics are “what the stick is for.” Britney guesses correctly with HoH, and Dan is out. Frank and Boogie face off, and the lyrics are “victory requires a good tongue lashing.” Boogie guesses veto and is out, intentionally, as Frank stays in. Britney and Ian are up, with lyrics of “Big Top Circus.” Britney gets it right that it was a veto, and Ian is out. It's Britney vs. Frank for the final time up. With lyrics of “a wet, sudsy ride,” Frank guesses veto and is right and is crowned the new HoH. He's the first repeating HoH, I think.

Frank calls it exhilarating to have one more week to not have to worry about packing his bags. Julie thinks the secret is in the unitard.

Unless Frank is backdooring someone or breaking the Secret 6 alliance, it has to be Joe vs. Wil this week. They could make a good case for backdooring Shane and breaking the alliance, as they have to get him out in a week he won't play for veto, because he usually wins them. It seems on the outset that it will be a quiet easy week, but when Boogie is included, it never is.

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