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Big Brother, August 9 – “Screw You, Mike Boogie”

Tonight on Big Brother, the demure Alabama nurse Danielle is about to either get out one of the biggest players in the show's history or the one of the biggest players this season. It will either be Janelle or Frank. Why those people are leaving Boogie in the house is beyond me. The Secret 6 were targeting Janelle with the replacement nominee, but I'd sure like to see her turn it around. She's handled much more in her other two seasons, but I'm just not so sure if she still has it in her now that she's a wife and mom.

After Janelle's nomination, she admitted being extremely shocked, as Danielle wasn't even on her radar. She's still going to do whatever she has to do to stay. Britney mentions the obligatory hugging that always takes place after every ceremony, and this time everyone is standing around in shock and horror. Yet no one is truly shocked other than Janelle. Wil sings out in support of Danielle and is going to bake a cherry pie and have a celebration.

asks Britney why Danielle thinks she's coming after her, and Britney keeps up her feigned shock and says she doesn't know. Boogie tells the camera he'd like to take a bow. He says Danielle may think she's the HoH, but right now he just took over and got everyone to do what he wanted. Danielle says this current pairing on the block of Janelle and Frank is because it's kind of funny because they hate each other, and for another, she doesn't want it obvious she's working with Frank.

Janelle goes up to the HoH to talk to Danielle and asks her what is going on. Danielle lies through her teeth, saying everyone was telling her that Janelle was coming after her. Janelle has never said that to anyone, so she knows some lies have been told to her, as Danielle couldn't have come up with this on her own. She's shocked, because she wanted to work with her and Dan. Danielle claims she hasn't even talked to Dan. She thinks Janelle will probably stay over Frank anyway. Janelle just can't believe Danielle did this, because she was not coming after her at all. She tells her if it was Boogie and Frank that got to her, they have a motive to say things like that. Danielle explains it's not just them.

Dan goes in to talk to Danielle, saying she just graduated from the BB School of Dan, because she just made an enormous move in the game and didn't bat an eyelash when she did it. She felt like everyone could feel her heart beating out of her chest and she could feel Janelle glaring. Dan tells her she's about to get out one of the best players to never win this game out of the house.

Dan goes to find Janelle in the bathroom and asks if she wants to talk. She asks what the hell happened. He says he was surprised and tells her he thinks it was like a girl instinct thing that Danielle felt threatened, despite the fact he's onboard. Janelle wants his support, and he says if he does roll with her, Danielle is going to be pissed. Janelle figures she has the votes of Ashley, Britney, and Dan, but she needs two more. He tells her they're screwed if she goes home. Almost on cue, Boogie walks through the Storage Room to get some supplies.

Janelle was shocked to get put up on the block, but moving forward, she's just going to try and talk to everyone and try to sway their vote. She asks Joe and Wil if she has their vote, and Joe more-or-less poo-poos the thought there was even any question, while Wil counts up the two of them, plus Ashley, realizing they need two more. She figures Britney is a solid vote. She asks Jenn for her vote, and she says she's definitely thinking about it. This would mean going against Boogie for her, but really, what has he done for her? Who even knows she's playing (which could be bad or good)?

Janelle corners Britney and she says she for sure wants to keep her. Don't ever play poker with Britney, as she seems to have the best poker face around. She tells her she has four votes for sure. Britney says she feels nervous about something, just about the possibility. Janelle asks if Danielle has said something, and Britney says no. Janelle tells her someone got to Danielle and said she was coming after her or something. She asks Britney if she thinks she's staying, and she does. She tells her they have to stick together, otherwise they're just going to go through the house and they have no shot.

Britney is now feeling horrible about agreeing to vote Janelle out. She's not going after her; she's not going after the coaches. Why is she voting someone out who is an ally and asset in the game. She literally runs upstairs and talks to Shane, Danielle, and Dan and tells them she can't take it anymore. She can't lie to her face. If they're not going to vote for her, they have to just tell her, because she can't keep up the charade any longer. She feels like a bad person.

Britney wants a reminder again on why they're voting Janelle out. Shane tells her she talks [bleep] about everyone in the house, and Danielle adds in she avoids Britney and treats her like crap. Dan isn't sure how this one is going to play out. Britney tells the DR she's having to work so hard to backstab and cheat and lie and scheme and game, and she doesn't have it in her to be this mean person.

Going live, Julie Chen tells Frank he's looking good in his spiritard. He tells her she knows she's his home girl, and he's her home skillet. She asks for a cheer, and he gives one for the colors purple and white. Boogie is proud. He's asked about the game reset, and he's feeling better now, after some work this week. They came as coaches, but could leave with a bigger check.

Jenn talks about the coaches walking in with a ton of experience, some for their third time. She's just going to live on a prayer and hope for the best and just go out and do her thing. She thought the reset was great for her and her game, so she's going to roll with it.

The houseguests get a look at the new pet they had for a day, Ian. They get to see him doing tricks for his food, walking on a leash, and sleeping in the doghouse. Julie mentions he's been on slop for three weeks, and instead of taking a trip to Maui or a veto ticket, he chose to live the dog's life. He's still loving every minute though, and it wouldn't be the full experience without the penalty costume.

Ashley and Ian actually grew up thirty minutes apart. Their mothers weigh in on their time in the house. Ian's mom mentions they've been watching the show with him since he was 10. They knew he was intelligent, as he could read when he was 2, and at age 3 he could identify all the moons of the planets and all the flags of the world. She thinks his intelligence isn't a good thing on Big Brother, and the people are scared of him because of his memory. He's never had a serious girlfriend, and while Ashley is a cutie pie, he wants a goodlooking girlfriend with brains.

Ashley's mom chips in and says her daughter isn't as ditzy as she seems. She is a free spirit and reads books about meditating about things to make them come true. Her favorite part of the show was Ashley and Ian's slop date. They were toasting each other with stars in their eyes. Ashley likes goodlooking hunks, but they don't treat her the way Ian would treat her. She adores Ian and wishes she could tell Ashley to get into a secret alliance with him. It's the nerdy guy with the hot girl, the real-life Leonard and Penny from Big Bang Theory.